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  1. I recently received this email from RC that indicated South Beach will be closed. Is that where the good snorkeling is? I think I remember reading it was off the floating bar? Also, I am assuming this will make the day feel much more crowded? I am sailing on Allure.
  2. Loving the review 🙂 We sail Allure in November this fall.
  3. I broke down and called them. The internet form didn't work for me for some reason. They offered a discount of about $400 off of current rates (which included the $150 free play as a discount). Cruise price was $2500 on the website. I actually had a better rate from my TA once you factored in the OBC received and prepaid gratuities from them. Wasn't a bad deal but not what I would call "deeply discounted".
  4. Thanks for all the responses! We are going to chance it 😲
  5. Yes sorry for not being clear. We are sailing out of Port Everglades. Thanks for all the responses. I need to decide if the stress is worth it...
  6. Hi all, wanting some advice on if I am absolutely crazy for considering a 9:40 AM flight from FLL the same day as Allure disembarkation? Based on price, it is either then or at 8:30PM. We would do self assist off the ship and we both have global entry with Pre-check so hopeful airport security will be fast. Does Global entry work for customs for disembarkation? I would never really consider this time other then seeing previous reviews with early departures, but not sure this early. Thanks for any direction you can provide.
  7. Thank you! I filled out the form and will see what they come back with
  8. On my first cruise on Indy in March, I spent some time in the casino on the slots and have received an offer from Casino Royal for a "deeply discounted cruise" and $150 in freeplay. I only achieved the base level for rewards. Is it worth calling to check on the offer? How deeply discounted could it be at a minimal level? I HATE calling for these things (due to an outbound telemarketing job in college , LOL). The phone is my least used app on my phone and I prefer to keep it that way 🙂
  9. Where is this GGG flyer? I've never heard of it before. Thanks!
  10. We cruise next Thursday on Indy and I have been watching the cruise planner since we booked 2 months ago and the ER has never shown up. We definitely want to sign up for it. It is isn't showing, does that mean it is sold out?
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