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  1. Probably already posted but I didn't see it on the first couple of pages. https://news.yahoo.com/chloe-wiegands-grandfather-pleads-guilty-164311633.html
  2. Most likely off topic but the first thing I've learned on Cruise Critic in a very long time.
  3. Pretty sure that's not the way it works. They can charge whatever they want but getting people to buy is not based on what a company needs in revenue.
  4. Auto example is wrong on so many levels. Transportation deaths would still occur no matter how you choose to travel. Bicycle, horse, plane, skateboard, walk, camel...deaths would occur with all these.
  5. I think I get the math, two more investments like that and you get a free cruise ? 🙂
  6. Anybody look at the difference in price between you pick the room and we pick the room for cruises in the near future ? I think we all know why, just kind or funny to see the big difference.
  7. With room for 20-25 of those purple loungers only 50 people will get the experience of a Premier Inn.
  8. What does "probably over 10-25 million" even mean?
  9. I'm still waiting for the announcement that alcoholic beverages are no longer included with your drink package on the private islands. I put the under/over at 18 months. The pay venues for food don't bother me much because food is not that important to me. I like to eat but I can always find something to satisfy me.
  10. Exactly as it should be in a civilized society with a legal system in place. Would you prefer we go back to the wild west and people meet up at high noon in the street ?
  11. OP, if you want actual information look at Hoopster's response and ignore this.
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