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  1. I remember the '90s as wall to wall awful boy & girl bands with the odd awful solo artist thrown in for good measure,if I didn't know better I'd say that was when I started getting old!
  2. To this day I am immensely proud of how my knowledge of music allowed me to accurately predict Madonna's career path,when listening to 'Holiday' I said " with a squeaky voice like that she won't last 5 minutes",so glad I didn't give up my day job😂
  3. Wow now we are heading in another new direction,wonder who will take offence at the mention on 50 lashes with a wet noodle😂
  4. Well that can easily be turned around to whatever somebody says somebody could claim to take offence,certainly seems to be the case more & more these days.
  5. Don't know which is more annoying,that somebody found such fault with the original post or that they apologized for it!
  6. Yes,you shouldn't talk about us drunks like that😎
  7. Viking have had 3 of their cruise ships together in Belfast for some weeks now,one of them,Viking Sun, did actually take time for a few days in Liverpool
  8. Just to show how different people can be we much prefer a chat & people watching while having a drink in the bar,we have been on P&O's Britannia a couple of times & thought that Brodies was a beautiful room for that unfortunately it was hard to find a moment when there wasn't either bingo,a pub quiz,karaoke or a dreadful turn on!
  9. Interesting problem for the cruise lines,the likes of Venice & Amsterdam have already taken measures to restrict visiting cruise vessels,could smaller cruise ships be considered a better way to go before it becomes difficult to find places that still welcome the bigger vessels?
  10. In light of Anthems history of storm problems RCI almost build on that by reducing the stops on her proposed repo cruise to the UK in April 2020 because,in RCI's words,'the Atlantic can be rough in Winter',seemed such a lame excuse,any body of water can be rough at any time of year,made me wonder if they doubted her seaworthiness. We were on Quantum last October,she was superb
  11. Don't know if things in the USA have changed but here in the UK deposits on cruises are nearly always,if not always,non refundable,obviously meaning that once booked getting your money back is difficult to say the least. This becomes IMO really annoying when the cruise line decide to mess around with the details of the cruise,we did our first Royal Caribbean cruise last October,booked nearly 2 years before,soon after booking one of the cruise stops was withdrawn,soon after booking that cruise we booked a second cruise with RCI,soon after booking we were informed that once again one cruise stop had been cancelled,this time it was the one stop that we really booked the cruise for leaving us with a cruise of no interest to us,faced with losing the deposit we paid the fee to change to a short cruise in March 2021,all sorted,not on your life,just before Covid reared it's ugly head we were told that our short cruise had been changed to a 2 week cruise,with our experience with RCI it saddens me but doesn't at all surprise me if they are taking bookings for cruises that have no chance of going ahead,annoyingly it seems quite normal for RCI!😎
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