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  1. Apologies,took my info from a new series about the Vietnam War on PBS America a couple of years ago where Stephen Stills supposedly told how Neil Young wrote the song!
  2. Thanks for the message,he is hopefully clear now but all the covi d restrictions have meant that he sadly hasn't had the usual aftercare so his mobility is poor,hoping it will improve soon,take care.
  3. For those unfamiliar with the circumstances think Vietnam & shootings at Kent University which prompted Neil Young to write the song. I find it quite amusing watching reactions on Youtube to the video where people are surprised that there were demonstrations all those years ago,just like now!😒
  4. Love it,still an amazing song after all these years IMO,wonder how many don't get it!😁
  5. With my Brother battling a brain tumour for much of 2019,2020 was a better,if frustrating year!
  6. It's a personal thing I know but I wouldn't agree about it tasting had elsewhere but on our last visit to the Storehouse we arrived at the bar for our free pint just as a large group of Americans were leaving,most had taken no more than a sip leaving dozens of near full pints lying around,we were followed in by a Dutch rugby team,they thought it was Christmas!😄
  7. One quote made me think of an article in a newspaper some years ago,a local amusement park had new owners & they announced that they were to flatten some of the buildings for new development,one of the units being flattened housed a Clairvoyant who was quoted as saying: "I've been here 40 years,I didn't expect this to happen"😂
  8. We had an aft corner suite on Britannia's repo from the Caribbean a few years back,boarding was brilliant,the suite was roomy,the balcony amazing,the butler we had limited use for,we like our privacy but he was useful when we needed a new bottle of Jamesons brought to the cabin,the canapes yes do vary to put it kindly! We did have breakfast in the Epicurian on the first morning,very nice,very civilized but after that we used the buffet,we like wandering around seeing what is available & 'pick & mixing'.
  9. OMG now I do believe in miracles,refund finally arrived today,taken over five months but we got there,hope all you guys still waiting get a similar event soon!
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