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  1. IME mystery seems to surround much of what goes on with Quantum,beautiful ship though!
  2. Sadly that is not what we were told at the Customer Services desk,we were assured that reducing the amount was no problem.
  3. Don't know if I would agree with that,I felt like I had been robbed when I was charged £11 for a pint of lager in a bar in Abu Dhabi airport last month!
  4. Totally agree with that! Not really people being rude but something that made us feel a little uncomfortable happened a number of times on P&O's Britannia was when we were being served our meals a number,anywhere between 1 & 4,officers(I assumed they were as they were wearing white uniforms!),would watch the waiters serving the food rather closely,can't have been much fun for the waiters never mind us!
  5. We decided on our recent cruise to reduce to daily amount as we felt that for a near 2 week cruise it was too much,we thought we had done that with a quick trip to CS but when we got home & checked the bill it had been removed completely,bit sad about that as it wasn't what we intended.
  6. We have often encountered rude people in the buffet areas,no intentions of joining lines,adds to the problems of people not looking where they are going(or are they not going where they are looking?),added to kids running running around,can get very interesting to say the least!
  7. Exactly,soon after we booked our recent cruise on Quantum they came up with a BOGOF offer,still worked out at more than we had booked our cruise for!
  8. On the Quantum cruise we had 5 port days with pretty much full day tours we had 6 full days on board plus the half(ish) day we boarded so the £1100 was pretty much for the 6+ full days,I know some 'went for it' well & truly as one lady who we spoke to for about half an hour on the subject while she downed 2 Pina Coladas & a large whisky while telling us that the drink package didn't make her drink more,goodness knows what her drinks bill must be when she is at home!
  9. At the price they charge for them I can't imagine that they are any sort of mony saver! You are right too,they have to be ordered in advance whereas with P&O just pick up your phone anytime & it is delivered to your cabin,&,like I say,cheap! Never ceases to amaze me how they are all the same company deep down but can have such wildly different ways of doing things!
  10. So much depends of course on what you want to drink as well,I don't drink alcohol(doctors' orders) but enjoy low alcohol/alcohol free beer so on our recent cruise 2 deluxe drink packages seemed in order. But for the 12 days the price was going to be over £1100,despite them pricing it per day,not only has the 18% got to be added but you have to buy for the whole cruise,not by the day & every other day was a port day. Once on board my we tried to buy for just my Wife but not only did they want £700 just for her I had to buy a package too,I don't drink soda or coffee so I was pretty much paying for nothing IMO,as it was we bought drinks as & when we wanted & ended up with bills for around $200 each,quids in!
  11. OK if you just drink that but IMO the price of buying bottles of spirits on board to go with it are,let's be kind & say,not good value!
  12. It has been done to death but as new cruisers come on board you just know that it is one of the main thing that they will be interested in so it will keep coming up. Totally agrree with Andy,especially with drink prices as they are on P&O,for us as a couple it just doesn't make any more economic sense to have a drink package on board any more so than when at home,if you are thinking budget we always find we are spending less by buying drinks on board than the coast of a drink package. Not just at bars on board but you can order spirits to be delivered to your room at prices you just won't find in supermarkets at home.
  13. Quantum has been sailing from China for some time so 'working out the kinks' may be wishful thinking,there are plenty of bad reviews knocking about from people who have taken these cruises & been disappointed at their experiences,they had expected a regular RCI cruise & it hasn't been so,they have been well outnumbered by the locals &( for some reason) didn't understand why the majority were being catered for. At least getting into China shouldn't be as big a problem as those on Quantums' repo cruise to Singapore in October as their probably won't be quite such an influx of foreigners to China for these sailings.
  14. We have just returned from Quantums' repo cruise from China to Singapore & decided beforehand that a drinks package was not worth the money,although $48 isn't a bad price but of course you have to add 18% onto that & the shore days make reaching your quota more difficult! As for buying on board,we found that cost ridiculously high,can't remember what the price was offhand but we would have ended up paying far more for a half bottle of scotch & a few bottles of coke than we did for a litre of Jamesons Irish Whiskey on P&O,not a good deal!
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