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  1. The perks were exactly the same before as they are now. The 4th rep we spoke to finally did it. Issue resolved. its just sad that I had to waste a couple of hours calling back over and over until one rep did what the right thing to do is.
  2. But it does bring awareness to the issue so others that are in the same boat know it’s not just them. Also, it could discourage others from booking the NCL promo knowing how many issues could arise from it. It also doesn’t do any good to be a constant NCL cheerleader...
  3. Another great example...same sailing: Oh look a studio for $259 - Then you click on it and it's $259 but when you go to actually select the studio category...boom...oops...we're charging you $359 now. No explanation.
  4. Correct - and since some cruises do have the air promotion and some don't...they already have all the templates ready. It's mostly a matter of copy/paste plus a little coding. The reality is that it's just NCL doing what they do best...mislead customers. False advertisement is illegal last I checked and you can't hide behind the "well my IT department couldn't get to it...".
  5. Don’t they have to make a change to the website to show that no flights are available? NCL has an IT Department...it doesn’t take but 15 minutes to change the promo on a specific sailing. For Pete’s sake...quit trying to justify the actions of a multi billion dollar corporation. This isn’t some mom and pop shop...jeez.
  6. So they’re misleading their customers by saying free or reduced airfare is a perk they get...
  7. The free or reduced air promo is still available to that booking...but no city is available when you select it. Looked at all major cities and all say the same thing.
  8. So now it still offers the “free or reduced air” as a promo but when I put in the city it says no flights available from my city for that sailing. Time to call NCL back...
  9. Every major city I’ve looked at is under $499 by quite a bit. Houston, Dallas, Denver, Chicago, Minneapolis, New York, Atlanta etc.
  10. They do actually get better than published rates. They just sign corporate contracts with the airlines that allows the airlines to basically choose the flights that have the lowest demand to get you there which reduces the possible revenue loss on their side and in exchange they give the cruise lines a discount on the fare. Very similar to what Priceline was doing before they got rid of the name your price for airfares.
  11. You're absolutely right. That's what they like to do. So my question is...isn't this considered false advertisement? In which was is this airfare considered free or reduced? It's a 60% markup. Maybe i'll submit a complaint with the FTC and see if they say anything.
  12. We booked directly thru NCL for this one. We usually use a TA but we also never use the air promo...I guess for this exact reason. This time it was free so we figured what the heck...
  13. It's what it says for this specific sailing. We already have the airfare and already have our reservations. They don't have to touch it at all. The "free or reduced" airfare promo inside of 2 months is usually messed up pricing. They ask $499 for airfare but the same exact flights if purchased directly from the airline are 60% cheaper. Isn't this technically false advertisement? There's nothing free or reduced about it.
  14. I just spoke to 2 other people on the cruise that did this and they found someone that did it. I guess that's what's even more frustrating. Everyone gives you different answers.
  15. Agan, for all the cheerleaders...not asking for a discount or refund. We want to pay the cabin fare difference to get a different cabin.
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