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  1. Board next Saturday….keep the posts coming Thanks for the livish or lavish review
  2. I'm no expert on immunology but I can't wait for my vaccination on Thursday! I also feel very fortunate.
  3. You must be kidding me....are they encouraging the hanging of swimsuits just anywhere?
  4. St. Martin We used our first 35 cruises window shopping for a place in the Caribbean to vacation. We have spent a week or two in St. Martin each year since 2010. We will apparently miss this year but can't wait to return.
  5. I have sold this stock several times over the last month..still taking cash out
  6. Your heir will receive a stepped up basis making dealing with gains easier.
  7. Could it be that we are inching toward normality?
  8. Thanks for the update...can't wait.
  9. Haven't cruised X since 2017. We have booked the Apex for April 2021. One activity we really enjoyed was the silent disco. Is the silent disco happening on the Edge? Thanks in advance.
  10. Based on today's market movement...it will take a vaccine to get the industry moving again...
  11. Thanks for all the useful info
  12. My most recent adminstrative fee for my upcoming cruise on the Encore (7 days) Total Guest 1 Guest 2 Admin Fees 280.00 140.00 140.00
  13. Super review Thanks for taking the time
  14. Thanks so much for the review Sailing on the Encore on 02.02.2020 I appreciate positive minded providing informative reviews Thanks again
  15. We booked an inside cabin on the Encore Bid both an OV and balcony Our bid ( I believe it was the top of the poor range) on the balcony was accepted about three weeks ago
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