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  1. I did actually realise that, I was being ironic.
  2. I was just thinking Spain did not look like this the last time we visited !
  3. Part of the fun of trivia is watching the people who take it far too seriously.We love trivia, it’s a good way to pass the time and meet new people if non of the team take themselves too seriously. We also enjoy having uninterrupted reading time, (except for endless eating and drinking in between!) but also it’s great to meet new people from all over the world and share experiences. Unfortunately the casino is no more but we won’t open that can of worms again! We are still in touch with many people we have met from various cruises. One of the best joys for me on sea days is it’s that’s my itinerary no one else’s and I can dictate how the day pans out depending on how I feel when I get up in a morning.
  4. Completely agree, and they may find that there is more uptake.
  5. What a fabulous idea, this would work in many cities in the world, ( and maybe it does) as a tourist it would feel as though you were giving something back to the country. Will look into this.
  6. I agree totally, sometimes I feel very uncomfortable getting off a luxury ship and seeing such poverty, but I suppose we are helping to support the economy, which would be worse without tourism. I often wonder what the waiters and other crew think privately while on board when you see how some people waste food, while they are all sendIng most of their money home to support their families, although most are too professional to let their distaste show.
  7. Hi Tony, what a small world we live in! Jerusalem was a good trip, great guide and great company, we also made a great trivia team too. Hope you are both well and still happily cruising. I have just received your e mail thank you. Chris
  8. I agree, the slums would be somewhere we definitely would not want to visit, I think ethically it would be difficult to justify. How long ago did you do this trip and did you have any problems with bureaucracy as described on the posts above? Incidentally are you the same Tony who did the Jerusalem trip I organised in 2016, although I guess there may be more than one Tony in Australia! If you could give me the name of your guide, I would be interested in looking at all our options. Thanks Chris
  9. Thanks everyone and good advice re bureaucracy. I think we will take a look at what Azamara is offering. They have a tour called ‘shades of Mumbai’ which seems to incorporate some of the stops above. Must admit the outdoor laundry sounds fascinating.
  10. Has anyone who has visited Mumbai with Azamara any recommendations of what to do or indeed what to avoid. The time has been reduced from 13 to around 8 hours, we are there from 8.00am to 4.30pm happy for either Azamara or arrange a private tour. We are aware time is limited but looking for something that will give us a little flavour of the place. Thanks
  11. Sorry an e mail takes how long to send? Azamara took the time to make sure the itinerary was changed not only on their web site but also on other TA websites, surely it’s not beyond the wit of them to also send out a generic e-mail to all their booked guests to inform them of the change, without them needing to discover this from each other. It’s not a standard that I am happy to accept although others seem to this standard of service is ok.
  12. Unfortunately flights are booked separately so we would lose a lot of money. It’s only a few hours shorter in Mumbai and an overnight in Dubai ( we think) but I’m more unhappy with the lack of information/ communication from Azamara.
  13. It’s confusing says arrival sat and Sunday?
  14. Did you still disembark the following day? We are not sure if we need to start looking for a hotel, but as we have had no notification from Azamara we don’t know what the change entails yet.
  15. We feel very dissatisfied with Azamara at present. We have a cruise booked Singapore to Dubai in April next year and have just discovered that we are spending less time in Mumbai and arriving in Dubai a day early. Not only have we lost time in Mumbai which is a place we were looking forward to exploring but it seems to be for what appears to be a facile reason, that immigration into Dubai is lengthy? Surely then knew about this before as they have done this cruise many times before. Even more irritating is we have not even been notified, only found out today via our Roll Call. This really is not a good way to treat guests. Has anyone else had this experience?
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