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  1. But why would you place any further business with a company that has treated you so badly, no matter how much they try to persuade you that guests are their number one priority? The cruise lines ( many of them) have been found wanting in customer service. I understand it’s difficult for everyone at present but to deliberately sell cruises until the day before cancellation, expect people to pay in full and then wait for refunds, a process they make deliberately difficult, is not in the long term a good business model. People have long memories, and will vote with their feet. I’m not a bank and
  2. It would be better if guests in suites pay a refundable deposit, refundable if they actually turn up to the booking, this may preventing the selfish act of taking up all the slots.
  3. I don’t think it’s just the speed of refunds that has caused the problems. It’s the complete lack of clarity with regard to the refund process and the lack of communication from the cruise lines, together with the disregard for the truth in some instances. Had cruise lines been transparent and open with customers there would not be so many people feeling upset and angry and looking to change brands. It appears not just with RCC but across other cruise lines. The difficulty they may face in the future is convincing guests again, how important they are, which is the advertising hook used by so
  4. We very stupidly paid by bank transfer and not CC so I had no recourse under section 75. But we were happy that the claim worked very quickly under the package travel and linked travel arrangements 2018 regulations. I think we are luckier than some, although we don’t have the same flexibility as the US market with regard to changing or cancelling cruises with no penalties, we do have laws in place to protect us in cases such as this. Good Luck.
  5. I think we were probable also with the same company, waited for months with no sight of a refund, following cancellation of our April cruise. Eventually had to resort to considering legal action under the package travel regulations 2018, with letter threatening court action if not paid within 14 days. We had a full refund on day 13. There are lots of template letters available on the web. https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/consumer/somethings-gone-wrong-with-a-purchase/if-you-want-a-refund-because-of-coronavirus/ The law is on your side and you are entitled to receive the money in 14 d
  6. We did this with a large online TA after waiting over 60 days after endless e mails, and hours waiting on the phone, with a variety of excuses. I asked for a refund within 14 days of receipt having sent the letter as ‘signed for on receipt’ . The money was back in our account in full, on day 13. Wouldn’t hesitate to do this, the law in on your side. You need to write your letter claiming under the 2018 package and linked travel arrangements. https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/regulation/package-travel-regulations
  7. I hardly think people waiting waiting upwards of 70 days shows lack of patience. Guests who have bookings have been extremely patient and tolerant with Azamara. Accepting excuse after excuse, waiting for promised refund dates to come and go with no sight of their refund. Tolerating exorbitantly long waits to speak with someone on the telephone and putting up with the shocking lack of communication from this company. Azamara are not backed into a corner, they are just displaying a total disregard for their loyal customer base. As Riocca says Customers are not banks they shouldn’t be expecte
  8. https://www.rclinvestor.com/press-releases/release/?id=1469
  9. They have to by law give you a cash refund if this is what you request. Also as your package was booked by the TA ( not mentioning names) they have to provide the refund not Azamara so you don’t need to wait.
  10. You may find this article helpful also https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/letter/letter-before-small-claims-court-claim also don’t ring, e mail with an expected time frame for reply as you will need evidence of communication between you and the TA
  11. https://www.iatatravelcentre.com/international-travel-document-news/1580226297.htm Can anyone see any reference to the U.K. on this list?
  12. I think having a wide experience in a variety of cruise lines is important when making assessments. Too much experience of one particular line leads to a blinkered view. The ability to compare lines to see why each may or may not be viable by comparison within this brave new world we are entering is useful.
  13. I suspect looking at the celebrity website, Azamara refunds for Azamara cancelled March 14/15 th cruises embarking first few weeks in April will start to filter through within the next two weeks, if they are handling them jointly.
  14. Has anyone received refunds for the experience more packages yet?
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