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  1. Hi, I know that Shadow was updated from sister Whisper. How is the storage now? If you have time, please post a picture of the closest and new layout. Mysty, do you need anything I can get you before I see you Jan14? Maxine
  2. Safe travels Mysty. Do post on your way to San Francisco!
  3. Hello, I had wonderful time on the Silver Moon and departed there on November 29. If you happen to have Zalmar as a waiter, please say hello for me. Thank you! Maxine
  4. Hi, check out what's in port on web, for Honolulu. Appears that there is a free shuttle to Walmart. From shopping center near our docking spot.
  5. Hi, does anyone know if there is a shuttle from the pier to other areas in Honolulu? Exciting, count down to days aboard!
  6. I have been informed that NO P2P transfer to another cruise is possible without losing the deposit. Has anyone actually been able to transfer a P2P and transfer the deposit? If yes, who was able to side step the requirements of P2P? Thank you.
  7. I've signed up for Angkor Wat mid cruise excursion. It does include some time in Vietnam.
  8. Hello, which cruise are you taking and what dates were supposed to be in Marrakech? Tangier tours still active? Agadir? Thanks.
  9. The passengers awaiting departure on August 20th were miserable as we arrived to board Endeavour. I feel for you all. Stuck in that information building. So far, passengers have already had two Zodiac tours with another one avail possibly this afternoon. Wonderful service, food, cabin etc on this cruise.
  10. Endeavour is incredible, service outstanding, food mostly good. Exercise room is nice. All good. Awaiting better weather but no control over it.
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