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  1. Interesting! This will probably be a good deal for me, although I see I'm in the minority here.
  2. Hi Lois -- good for you!!!! My daughter and I sailed Alaska on the Muse and loved eery bit of it. By the time we got to Wrangell, we'd had so many big adventures that we just wanted a quiet day to wander around the cute little village. Their local history museum was impressive, and everything was very walkable. Wrangell is a terrific departure point for more active wildlife excursions, but we were so happy to have a day to just wander at a sleepy pace. I'm pretty sure I bought some yarn there for my knitting stash. Enjoy! Until the Muse makes her way to Australia (*if
  3. Across the fleet, it is 120 days prior for the venues that allow reservations. It sounds like you make SALT reservations once you are onboard -- the morning of? Does anyone know how that process works?
  4. Hi scottjeanne, you won't get the VS days if you took the cash refund -- it is only for rebookings, and only for cruises cancelled specifically due to COVID. We did not get credit for a cruise that was cancelled because of being shifted to a charter (and then cancelled due to COVID), but did get credit for later rebookings and their subsequent cancellations. Tracking those days did require lots of time, patience, and the remarkable persistence of my truly terrific agent.
  5. Hi Les, I'll do you one better: my cancellations resulted in 65 accrued VS days 🥰 I kept optimistically re-booking voyages, both solo and with my mother, some of which were B2Bs. As each re-booking got cancelled, falling like dominos across my calendar, the credited VS days added up. I did need to follow up with good record-keeping to ensure they were counted properly. As with you, some of them appear on my statement with odd labels (like a currently re-booked cruise in 2022), which I think was a work-around in their system. The numbers are correct, though. When I fina
  6. Oooh, I really like this idea!
  7. Hi pasca, I sailed the reverse of a similar itinerary a few years ago, and would happily consider doing it again in the future. In fact, I would only do this route on the Shadow or Whisper. The other ships are too large to dock right downtown in Ho Chi Minh City. For the Reunion itinerary, several highlights stand out: an overnight in Ha Long Bay would be a dream come true; DaNang is one of the better jumping off places for a day trip to Hue; two overnights in HCMC while docked downtown; and an overnight in Bangkok. For your first trip to Asia, this is a lovely it
  8. Spins et al, thank you so very much for spending time during your cruise to give us these updates and photos. My heart is happy hearing about your experiences! Over the Moon, indeed!
  9. Fortunately for you, it is unlikely you would be invited. If what you say is true, kudos to Silversea for respecting values, beliefs, and norms that are different from their own.
  10. My understanding is that upgrade offers are based on VS days. For example, If you have a GTY, and somebody with more VS days is in the classic, they would be offered the chance to move up to a deluxe. If you, the holder of the GTY, have more VS days, you would leapfrog over them into the deluxe. In my experience, once my GTY suite has been assigned, it hasn't changed. Also, it's important to note that they wouldn't "upgrade" anyone without a GTY without the consent of those passengers.
  11. swindy -- please let us know what you learn. I'm shocked that you weren't informed in early May at the latest.
  12. Hi swindy, My recollection of the dates was a bit off, but here is what I found in my records: On April 30 we were informed by our SS agent that our 5 May expedition was cancelled due to charters. We were offered the chance to rebook one or both of 2 reconfigured ones: 11 - 21 May or 21 - 31 May. I see now that none of those options are currently listed on the SS website. Yours, the waitlisted one, is the first one after that gap from 5 May to 31 May. Interesting! Sometimes a waitlist is truly a waitlist, and this seems plausible since it follows a stretch
  13. Hi Lois, I sailed for Thanksgiving on the Wind in the Caribbean last year, and am booked to do it again this year on the Whisper (fingers crossed that all goes well). There were no children at all on my Wind voyage, and very few US citizens. The vast majority of passengers were from the UK, and were a bit confused about what American Thanksgiving signifies. The crew tried to make the day special for the U.S. passengers, and the kitchen prepared a special Thanksgiving dinner that was so popular it caught the kitchen off-guard. I was at a hosted table that night, an
  14. Agreed, Observer. We dined there more often than anywhere else on the Muse last year.
  15. Hi worldtraveller99, When we sailed the Muse last year, the included transfer was a gorgeous bus ride to the coast, which some say is more scenic than the train ride. Coaches left from the Captain Cook in 15 minute intervals starting around 10:00 am, each one about 1/3 full so that it felt spacious and everyone got a window seat. Substantial snack packs were also provided. Luggage was taken directly to the ship, so we could have explored Seward if we had wanted to, but we chose to board the Muse for lunch. My understanding is that the train transfer was more
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