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  1. Unibok

    Silver Muse vs Seabourn Encore

    Very helpful and interesting -- thank you!
  2. Unibok

    Athens to Muscat - The Middle East with a Muse

    That's good to hear, Silver Spectre. Thank you for the report!
  3. Unibok


    Hi Bob, I was taken aback by that comment as well. When I sailed on the Wind last spring, there were several multi-generational families traveling together during what was clearly spring break for the school children. There were more than 20 small-ish children on board, and although SS doesn't cater to children, the kids were nearly always engaged by their doting families and some of the crew. It was delightful to have them onboard. They behaved well, their parents kept an appropriate watch on them, and their excitement and energy was infectious. It seemed to me that most of the passengers enjoyed their presence. I don't see any reason why you and your family shouldn't have a wonderful time on a rare and lovely holiday together.
  4. Unibok

    Athens to Muscat - The Middle East with a Muse

    Wow, Silver Spectre, I didn't realize that you are in Sri Lanka now. An interesting time to be sure, with parliament dissolved and the government in chaos. From what I can tell, the protests seem to have been non-violent so far? Is that the case, or is that just what it looks like from a distance? I'm especially curious because I leave for SL in 6 weeks -- with a group of 15 students!
  5. Unibok

    Silver Galapagos Mini Cruise 11/7 - 10

    Thank you for telling us about this short jaunt, Gourmet Gal. Wishing you a smooth re-entry back home.
  6. Unibok

    Caribbean cruise on the Spirit

    One of the lovely aspects to cruising with Silversea is that there is no priority embarkation for upper-tier suites. We are all special 🙂 To echo what others have said, boarding is generally between noon and 5, even though they advertise it as 2-5. Enjoy!
  7. Returning to this thread to say that yesterday I changed my mind about the mid-voyage journeys after attending a lecture that made me want to visit the genocide museum and the killing fields (I know, that is a sentence I never thought I would write). So, I'm doing a 1-night mid-cruise land journey to Phnom Penh after all. We leave the morning we dock in Sihanoukville, and return to the ship just about the time it is getting ready to leave port the next day. Stumblefoot: did you and your family decide to do either of the mid-voyage journeys you were considering? Stumblefoot and Observer: The sailing I'm on has been sold out for quite some time now. Concerned that it might have been filled with a charter or large group, I asked my SS guy. He looked it up and said it was definitely not a charter, just a very full cruise. Relieved! Edited to add: I think I mistakenly posted this on the wrong thread, but I hope the sentiment reaches the right people 🙂
  8. Unibok

    Hong Kong: Lantau or Lamma?

    Thank you so much, Sky Shield! The day I'm trying to plan is a Friday, which I'm assuming will act more like a weekday than a weekend. Your point about solo seafood meals is especially apt. Hmmm, lots of thinking to do ....
  9. Unibok

    Just Back from Silver Spirit - Disappointing

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I’m so sorry to hear your experience was so sub-par. As you note, these seem like fixable problems, and I hope they fix them! I’m scheduled for 26 days on the Spirit in 2020, and I certainly hope they address these issues long before then. My best wishes to you,
  10. Unibok

    Hong Kong: Lantau or Lamma?

    mking8288, WOW! Thank you for the incredibly helpful and specific information! I'm curious: would you recommend one over the other for a solo traveler?
  11. Unibok

    Hong Kong: Lantau or Lamma?

    Thanks for this good info, Philob. We won't arrive in Hong Kong until early March, so we'll probably miss those holiday-goers. Globaliser, thanks for your input! I'm leaning toward Lamma Island for the reasons you suggest.
  12. Unibok

    Hong Kong: Lantau or Lamma?

    Seeking your advice on experiencing these two islands: Lantau and Lamma. My February 2019 cruise ends in Hong Kong. We have a full day and an overnight in port, before debarking the next morning. I will be staying an additional day, leaving late afternoon on the 3rd day. For the full day on my own (disembarkation day), I am considering Lantau Island via cable car for the Big Buddha and monastery, or Lamma Island for an off-the-grid experience and walking the trails. Boards, I seek your wisdom: which would you recommend, and why? Alternately, should I do one of those through the ship's excursions the day before, rather than on my own? With thanks in advance,
  13. That does help, bobolz -- thank you! I've signed up for a few "highlights" type excursions, so I'm glad to hear you found them helpful. There are street food tours in both Ho Chi Minh City and Hong Kong as well. We have the option of two overland trips in Cambodia: a multi-day trip to Angkor Wat (rejoining the ship in HCMC), and an overnight to Phnom Penh. I've decided against the mid-cruise overland trips because I'm in Asia often enough that I can return on my own without taking days away from a cruise. By the time the pre-cruise Angkor Wat journey was posted, I had already committed to 5 pre-cruise days in Singapore. So, I guess I'll just have to go back in 2020! Again, I'm so glad that your experience on the Shadow was mostly positive and better than you expected. Stumblefoot and family are on the sailing right before mine, so I'll be following those posts closely 🙂 112 days to sailing!
  14. Unibok

    Live Whisper 18 - 31 Oct.

    Welcome home, and thank you for taking us along!
  15. Thanks for your review. I assume you were in Asia? I have been curious about sea days in Asia — is there any chance you have a Chronicle from a sea day you could share with us? I would also be interested in hearing about the excursions, since Silversea’s Asia itineraries include many of them in the fare. Did you go on any? I’ve just selected mine for my February Shadow cruise, and would love to hear if there are any I shouldn’t miss.