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  1. Yes we heard that the UK had sent us some as Europe totally let down their side of our contract, so thank you. Trouble is that we have now announced that no-one under 50 should get AstraZenica and people are starting to panic, even older people are frightened to get it now (not me I might add). I believe we have now ordered 20 million Pfizer doses, but they will not arrive until the last quarter of 2021. Australia will not be fully vaccinated until well into 2022 unfortunately.
  2. I have read that they are working on a world wide app that everybody will have to have. That would seem the most sensible, if we could get everyone to agree to it. It will be a long time before everyone in Australia is vaccinated, at least the end of this year or possibly early next. Before international travel can really open up again properly, I do thing we need the majority of the world vaccinated. I think it is great news that the UK population may not be able to travel over summer, it is really the best way of stopping this.
  3. Finally, the vaccines are starting to be rolled out here in Australia. My parents are both booked in to get their first shot next Tuesday, which is fantastic, as they are both almost 80 and have other conditions too. Under 70s, which is hubby and myself, will probably have to wait until June, but we have only two cases right now in our state, so that is fine for us.
  4. Happy 50th Anniversary Canal Archive. A magnificent achievement for you both, congratulations.
  5. I am literally currently listening the radio here in Australia and they have travel "experts" discussing the future of overseas travel in light of the vaccine rollout. This gentleman said he fully expected that it would be early 2024 before overseas air travel is back to the 2019 levels!! I have heard that from other sources too. He means that we can simply decide where to go and book a ticket, without being concerned about quarantine and so on. If this is actually the case, I would wonder how many river cruise companies could survive another three years, particularly
  6. Yes, I remember last winter here and wearing the mask outside was quite pleasant in the chilly air. We have been in the 30sC here for the last week though and it is truly awful in the shopping centres. My face is a sweaty mess once I finally get to take it off in the car. At least now we don't need to wear them outside, so long as we can socially distance. Stay warm!
  7. As you no doubt already know, our lockdown ends at midnight tonight. We still have very strict mask restrictions, which I hate in summer, and also restrictions on visitors. We can only have five at any time. How lovely to visit Tasmania. I would be too scared of going interstate due to the constant border changes. Dictator Dan has an alarming habit of locking we Victorians out of our homes when there is an outbreak interstate. Hopefully things will improve once the vaccine is rolled out.
  8. Our Melbourne lockdown is due to end tomorrow, Wednesday, at 11:59pm. The powers that be still haven't decided whether it will or not. I suspect that the full lockdown might end, but we will still have very strict restrictions, such as mandatory mask wearing everywhere, very limited, or no, visitors to your home etc. We are only getting 1-2 cases a day, so it is somewhat over the top compared to the northern hemisphere and people are really starting to get angry, so I hope something changes tomorrow. Unfortunately travel is the entire issue. We would have
  9. Australia has just received its first shipment of the Pfizer vaccine and vaccinations will apparently start next week. At first will only be front line workers and quarantine staff, as well as aged and nursing home residents, as it should be. At least we are starting now. We are still in lockdown in Melbourne, with lots of rumours that it will not end on Thursday, but will continue for another three weeks. Let's hope that those rumours are wrong.
  10. Yes, our restaurants are still open for take out. To my knowledge though, they are not allowed to sell alcohol, although bottle shops are still open.
  11. Here in Melbourne, Australia, we have gone back into a Stage 4 lockdown. At this stage it is only for five days, but last time it was for six weeks and went for 115 days, so I am not feeling confident. To me it is somewhat of an overreaction as we only have a total of 19 cases, but the state government has gone into a panic as apparently it is the "dreaded UK" version. For the next five days, only essential shops can be open. We can't travel more than 5km from home, no visitors whatsoever, we can only leave the house for food, exercise for a maximum of 2 hours or medi
  12. The Australian cricket team requested priority vaccinations before their upcoming tour of India so far, that request had been declined so the cricketers have refused to go. At this stage, the Indian government has offered to vaccinate them so that the cricket can go ahead. I would have thought it might be better if the Indian government worried more about vaccinating their own people.
  13. Here in Australia, we have now had three cases of this so-called UK strain. All three have come out of hotel quarantine, one in Brisbane, one in Perth and one here in Melbourne. Our governments have cracked down hard on these, especially the Perth one where the entire city went into a five day lockdown. Here in Melbourne, we just reduced gathering numbers and increased places where masks are mandatory. The very surprising thing is that even though this new strain is supposed to be so much more infectious, not one single person has caught covid, even though these three
  14. All the best for your daughter, Canal Archive. My daughter in London just had her test prior to boarding her escape flight to New Zealand. Thank goodness she and her partner tested negative, or else they would have been left jobless and homeless in London for another three months, waiting for a New Zealand quarantine spot. Now we just have to pray that the flight isn't cancelled.
  15. Thanks for the explanations everyone. We will not even start vaccinating until late February, and I doubt that will really happen with the shortages that are starting now. My husband and I are in our 60s, so presumably will have a very long time to wait. Good luck to you all.
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