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  1. The Krazy Lobster’s beach is the same as always. Just ask to sit on the right hand side - no need to go over a bridge - you walk right into the water from the beach.
  2. Yes - the taxis run constantly. You will be able to easily get a taxi. The taxi ride is probably 10 minutes long and absolutely no traffic.
  3. There is no shade on Top Sail on the Seashore. There are few “pergolas” with slotted coverings. The sun shines right through the open areas. The bar is very small. The Seaside did have a little more shade created by a wall on one side of the ship. We have decided not to book Aurea any longer. My husband does not like that the spa is dark and very wet.
  4. Oh my, I’m going to edit my post. No one knows if they are interlopers or not.
  5. Perhaps they weren’t interlopers. We don’t have any idea if they were or not.
  6. Perhaps they aren’t interlopers at all. Maybe they are traveling with other people who aren’t in Yacht Club and they have chosen to eat with other people who aren’t in Yacht Club.
  7. According to the senior officers on the Seashore there will not be two ships at Ocean Cay at one time. They are increasing the size of the dock to accommodate the World.
  8. jamon- I think the expectation is that you order food as well. We always order a bucket of beer, a couple of cokes from Mexico and something to eat. Our bill is about $30. The taxi fare there is $4 per person.
  9. We walk the path c-legs is talking about. We exit the port and take the walking path straight ahead. We have walked there many times - most recently at the beginning of April. You will be walking the same route as the taxis take. The walking path ends at the main road to the beach so you have to walk along the road. The road is wide and both sides have a shoulder for walking. One side now has a barrier between the car lanes and the shoulder. We walk every day when we are home and we live in a hot climate. Bring water with you for along the way. There are a couple of places where you can get a drink along the way but we prefer to bring water from the ship. I would only try to walk there if you are used to walking a couple of miles without any issues. It will be hot.
  10. There isn’t a charge for the lounge chairs at Krazy Lobster. A bucket of beer is between 7 and 10 dollars depending on the size. The Chicken Nachos are big enough for two and are $11. Look on their page on Trip Advisor. There is lots of information on there.
  11. Grantbob - we have been going to Sunset for years. Great place to have a few beers and delicious Chicken Nachos. Getting in the water can be a little dicey depending on the wind but we always take a swim.
  12. Aurea is the Manhattan Restaurant on deck 7. There are tables for 2. The entire dining room staff is wonderful.
  13. It looked the same as always. I think the area the other post might have been talking about is the area to the left when facing the water. That area was not part of the original Krazy Lobster and as I remember (which could be incorrect) that area always had a rock wall and steps into the water. We will be back there in September and I will try to remember to ask Mauricio about any erosion.
  14. Just returned from another fabulous time at the Krazy Lobster. Absolutely no seaweed in the water. We walk to the Krazy Lobster from the port so we see the coastline along the boardwalk. There was minimal seaweed on shore and absolutely no smell. The water was gorgeous.
  15. Thank you for the fantastic review. Great tip section and pictures.
  16. bob10173 - we feel the same way. We are seasoned cruisers and enjoy the food (especially because it is not heavily salted) and the entertainment. How do you like your cabin? We love the extended balconies on deck 9.
  17. Oh, I apologize. I didn’t mean to imply that different nationalities can’t be found among passengers in Yacht Club. But, I do get tired of Yacht Club passengers making disparaging remarks about the “gen pop” or the “masses” as if there is something distasteful about mingling with the “gen pop.” We find people on MSC are generally very friendly and kind. I think it’s a shame that you think passengers in Yacht Club are more “well behaved.” I invite you to come and hang out in the gen pop with us sometime. You might have a surprisingly good time.
  18. Thank you for taking the time to write your positive review. We like MSC and find the crew to be accommodating and our fellow passengers to be fun and polite. We are pretty easy to please and have not experienced any of the issues others have had with service or other passengers. We don’t sail in Yacht Club by choice, not because we can’t afford it. We enjoy being around lots of different nationalities and ages. They make our cruises so much more enjoyable.
  19. Thank you CruisingWalter for the knowledgeable explanation. For us, safety always comes first.
  20. Homosassa - I agree with you about enjoying the Italian culture and international passengers. This is what made us MSC fans. Many items at the buffet change everyday especially the cheese and cold cut offerings and the desserts. I love the food but I eat a more Mediterranean diet even though I am an American.
  21. Jeal

    Venchi Chocolate

    Thank you! Morpheusofthesea - I don’t think I can sail on the Explora! I’m looking forward to your review.
  22. Is Venchi Chocolate provided each evening in Yacht Club?
  23. Thank you for posting this - we upgraded to Premium.
  24. Thank you Heartgrove for the information. I called and found out more information. We aren’t sure we want to upgrade because we love the big balconies on deck 9. Yacht Club only has regular size balconies for the category we would book.
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