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  1. Our 9 year old granddaughter loved it this past June on the Equinox. There were lots of activities and the counselors were great. She usually went in the afternoons and after dinner. I
  2. We used them last year at the new location. The location is so much nicer than the old location. It is a covered garage near many shops. Very close to the port. The only negative is there can be a wait for the shuttle to get to the port.
  3. Thank you! I didn’t think so but thought I would check.
  4. Do I make reservations for shows/entertainment on the Edge?
  5. We were on the Equinox in June and didn’t see anyone in formal clothes. A few men had on suits or sports jackets. Some women wore dresses (not formal but there were a few cocktail dresses) or dress slacks with a nice blouse.
  6. The dolphins do not push you through the water on the Dolphin Encounter. Our Celebrity excursion included everything but food and souvenirs.
  7. We swam in once - about 10 years ago and wouldn’t do it again. As others have said if the water is rough or the under tow is strong the swim can be exhausting. We went again with Celebrity this past week - took a ferry to Virgin Gorda then a safari taxi to the beach. The walk through the Baths was fun but strenuous. The snorkeling was good right off the beach. Fish are swimming around you as you walk in the beautiful, incredibly clear water.
  8. We just got back from a Celebrity cruise and booked the Blue Lagoon Dolphin Encounter through the ship. Normally, we don’t book through the cruise line but we had our 8 year old granddaughter with us and I didn’t want to worry about getting back to the ship independently. We had a great time both with the Dolphin Encounter and swimming at the beach. We had great interaction with the dolphins - kisses, holding the dolphin and feeding it a fish and they took lots of pictures which are available on line for 30 days. The beach had loads of lounge chairs, a inflatable water park, tubes, kayaking, a
  9. The description doesn’t mention an age. We have been before and didn’t find it extremely difficult to manage. Are you traveling with a child or considering it for yourself? We are both over 65, walk about 4 miles daily and hike whenever we can. She gets hot quickly but since there is lots of water to cool off in I think we will be fine.
  10. Wpgcycler - I agree. We are seasoned cruiser and rarely take a ship’s excursion when it is just the two of the us. This cruise (to the Caribbean) we will have our 8 year old granddaughter with us. So, for peace of mind, we are taking Celebrity excursions in Tortola to the Baths and in Nassau to Blue Lagoon to swim with the dolphins. Both excursions require boat transportation. If it were just us and we got stuck somewhere and missed the ship we would be fine. But it will be much more relaxing not having to think about getting back to the ship on time with our granddaughter along.
  11. What day are you arriving? You can do an internet search to find out which ships will be at which dock on the day of your arrival.
  12. We take the open air safari every time we go to Sapphire. It’s $2 a person. It does get crowded in the morning and afternoon- residents traveling to and from work and school. As long as you avoid those times you will be fine. They drop you off on the road above Sapphire Beach and you have to walk down and then back up to catch the bus. The hill is fairly steep but doable if you are used to walking.
  13. Jeal

    Kids Cub

    Thank you for information. I think we will take her with us on Celebrity in June.
  14. Jeal

    Kids Cub

    Pier - thank you for the info! We are considering taking our very well behaved, quiet granddaughter on the Equinox this summer. I’m sure she will enjoy it.
  15. I tried searching for this info but kept getting info about other cruise lines. How is the kids club on Celebrity? Please respond only if you have personally had children attend the kids club recently. Thank you.
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