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  1. My son and I did it a couple of weeks ago and it’s in the tourist areas. The locals are used to the race and can even be helpful. The race is very well run and the staff keep a close eye on all the teams. I highly recommend it.
  2. We dove the GBR out or Port Douglas in June 2023. We were surprised that most of the people on the boat didn’t bring their own gear, maybe mask and snorkel. When we dive in Florida, almost anyone who isn’t new to the sport has their own gear or at least the basics. I asked our private guide about it and that’s the norm there. Most of the people are coming from a distance and don’t bring their gear. We had masks, fins, wetsuits and computers. In hindsight, we could have left the fins at home as they took up a lot of space.
  3. Has anyone used a dive company, probably from Placencia would be the closest, to dive when at Harvest Caye?
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