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  1. We have also just got our written confirmation of Covid rules for our next booked cruise in September (which I very much doubt will go ahead) and to us that is not cruising. Fred has done the best he can I'm sure but its not for us, so, as we are both in our mid 70's and have taken 30+ cruises over the years we have decided to hang up our cruising shoes. We have cancelled our booked cruise, yes its cost us, but the risks are just to high. We love GB and have wonderful countryside to enjoy. We will miss meeting all the wonderful and interesting people but that appears to have gone anyway, all very sad! We also like to do our own thing in ports and we cant see ourselves sitting on buses be taken to all the busy hot spots. So after a wonderful cruising career which has taken us from the Artic to Antarctica and all the stops in between we will now live off all the rich and colorful memories of our cruising years. Good luck to all of you who have decided to carry on cruising we hope it all goes well for you. Michael
  2. The easy way to transfer the cruise to the TA of your choice is to leave it open when you book onboard ship and then when you get home give your chosen TA all your cruise details, booking references etc. and they then contact FOC and transfer the cruise to their books. That's how I have done it it seemed to work ok for me. regards Michael
  3. I have found FOCL to be very responsive each time I have Emailed them they have telephoned me within a couple of days. Sadly I cannot say the same for our TA they have told us several times that they have requested a refund from FO for our cruise due to sail on 28th April 2020 from Liverpool but when I spoke to a FO representative last week they told me that the TA had not requested a refund. So FO offered to deal direct with me and credit the refund directly back to my account cutting out the TA. Unfortunately because of the TA's lack of action FO said it would be around 8 weeks before I get the refund so we will be into August by then, 15 weeks after our cruise departure date. I do find it a little odd that it takes 8 weeks to process a simple bank transfer but as long as we get the money back I don't suppose we can grumble. These are very difficult times. We had booked two cruises for later in the year while on Black Watch in March and FO refunded the deposits for both of these fairly promptly. In future I will deal directly with FO at all times, I have lost trust in TA's completely it is all very sad it's not the first time we have had problems with various TA's.
  4. Hi Lottie A Thanks for your reply and the info on the meeting we will try and get to there on the first day (I don't do any of the SM sites all a bit risky for me.) though there are often some excellent talks or music recitals on sea days which I love so that could very well take priority for me. Anyway, hopefully our paths will cross over the thirteen days, I am 6Ft tall with a full beard do speak if you see me. Regards Michael
  5. Hi Lottie A Delighted to hear you talking so enthusiastically about FO we have done lots of cruises most of them on Celebrity which we absolutely love. We did our first cruise on FO last year, Norwegian Fjords on Boudicca we had a great time. Sailing from uk ports and some very interesting itineraries are what attracted us to FO initially. We now have two trips with FO booked this year both on Black Watch. In two weeks we will also be on Black Watch around Andalusia, lots of interest including the Cadiz Carnival. We might even see you around the ship?? We love to start a cruise with a couple of days at sea a nice relaxing lead into the trip. Regards Michael & Janet
  6. Thank you ovccruiser and Pentlands for your replies I thought that might be the case.
  7. Hi All we are new comers to Fred Olsen cruising although we have done around 30 cruises with other Cruise lines, mostly Celebrity. We did our first Fred Olsen cruise on Boudicca last year and we had a great time cruising the Norwegian Fjords. We have a further two cruises on Black watch coming up this spring. I seem to remember last year while on Boudicca that there was an offer on for people wanting to book a future cruise while onboard "Book two cruises and get a third one free." Does anyone know if this offer is on all the time for onboard bookings or was this a special one off?? Regards Michael
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