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  1. We are on the Edge now and yesterday was chic night. The majority were not wearing suits or sports coats.
  2. Before I forget I wanted to thank you for your observations, tips and humour. I have been following you for awhile now and it has paid off wonderfully. We are currently sailing with you and I am still getting great info from you. I am in the Retreat but spend little time there. As you have said, Luminae is the best part worth the price of admission. My favourite plaace on the ship is not in the Retreat area. I think it was you who suggested going up the stairs by the Eden Bar. It opens to the most quiet, tranquil spot on the ship. Comfortable chairs and sofas and a great view aft. Thanks again. Loved all your observations. Cheers, Edward
  3. We are being tested today on the Edge at 5 pm. uThis is for non US citizens. Results by Friday evening.
  4. Yes, I remember those days but believe me it works. We are on the Edge as we speak. Could someone else try and verify. I had $900 OBC and now have the cash. Hard to believe but factual.
  5. Way to complicated . We are now on the Edge. Had $900 in non-refundable OBC. We now have $900 cash. Put your card in the slot machine. Your pin is your birth month and day. Go to “personal banker”, then “transfer funds” then “room charge”. Input amount of OBC. You will see this amount appear on the slot machine. Press cash out, collect ticket, bring to cashier. If I missed something, see the cashier and they will explain it. There is no service charge. Now we can use it with cash tips, or keep it to spend at home.
  6. Would you mind indicated where the needle landed on your upgrade wins. Weak, fair….etc.
  7. Ottawa Shoppers Drug Mart - Rapid COVID Antigen Test $40 results in less than one hour.
  8. Thanks for all the great tips and insight. I am curious as to why you rated Le Grand Bistro as number 1 of the speciality restaurants.
  9. Graphic Guy Thanks so much. I don’t usually follow live threads but you were fantastic! My best friend and I will be celebrating our 50th anniversary on the Edge Oct 1. It will be our first suite so thanks for all the tips, pics and good humour. Like Countess5 said, I look forward to following your next live stream.
  10. Just confirmed on my Celebrity account that this cruise is no more. Very sad. This is our third cancellation of the same cruise. We were planning to come in a week early but now must cancel accommodations, side trips etc. This could not have been an easy decision by the Australian government or Celebrity. Safety of your citizens must be the priority. Hopefully we will still eventually visit your beautiful country.
  11. Good for you. We are sailing with Apex on November 27 with the exact same attitude.
  12. More than you asked for but this should help. https://www.celebritycruisespresscenter.com/press-kit/10/celebrity-edge-menus/
  13. You must admit the nom de plume is clever and probably accurate. I guess that Ionlycareaboutme was already taken.
  14. Add our family to the growing list that you will be crying for.
  15. I’ll drink to that🍹 Thanks for sharing.
  16. Thanks and love the mask. Go Sens Go!
  17. Your last sentence is exactly how I see it. I will wait and see. Thanks.
  18. Now if only Celebrity could sell it as well as you. I loved that you could not remember the last two drinks and it did not matter. Sounds like you had fun. Thanks Miched.
  19. Thanks for the replies. I do not know why Celebrity does not give up much info. No time length, no nothing. Just the name of the package. I will enquire on board but I have a feeling that my favourite bartender, on a quiet port day, may be more than happy to show me a few tricks of the trade for $35.
  20. Thats helps. You had more luck than I did looking for old links. With the drinks now included, I was just hoping to learn a bit and try a mixed drink I otherwise would not have tried. Thank you.
  21. Has anyone taken this “course”? What did you learn? Duration? Was it worth the $35. Thanks.
  22. Hopefully this not to late. Two more days to the 30th. We booked this same cruise through a TA and were denied the “lift and switch” because it was one day less. I phoned the TA and demanded to know why Celebrity would deny us when it is us who is losing 5% of our cruise with one less day! Don’t let anyone tell you there is nothing they can do. Ours was accepted today, Sept 28.
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