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  1. cruiseluvva

    A dilemma (albeit it a nice dilemma to have) !

    Fabulous. I don’t think you’ll regret your decision.
  2. cruiseluvva

    How to properly eat a scone?

    I don’t put anything thick on mine. A smear of lemon curd - jam is FAR too sweet - and a scraping of cream. No need to ladle anything on! The scone is the treat, not the stuff on top.
  3. cruiseluvva

    Roll Call log-in

    No, I don’t have to log in again at all. Just tried, and visited all my cruises.
  4. cruiseluvva

    Cruise ending in Dubai

    Thank you for that doghouse 2. We are transferring to a hotel for a few days, so hopefully things will be straightforward.
  5. cruiseluvva

    Cruise ending in Dubai

    Has anyone disembarked in Dubai, either flying home directly or staying for a few days? What is the procedure with Customs etc? Wondering how they will deal with the new ruling of needing to digitally register medications.
  6. cruiseluvva

    Welcome back

    Well, I’d just like to say thanks for all the hard work and it’s nice to be back. Any wrinkles can be ironed out I’m sure.