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  1. Sorry, I should have said I was in 5025 and NOT 5225!
  2. I was once in 5225 - the only inside I have ever had. The cabin was standard inside, and it was a convenient location, however, I felt enormous pitching in the stormy North Atlantic and one night it was so bad I was thrown out of bed, hurting my shoulder on the adjacent wall. My fault for sleeping near the edge maybe.... Personally I would not choose so far forward again - neither would I choose an inside, but that’s because I felt huge claustrophobia in there with no balcony.
  3. Presumably for those that WERE leaving the ship to fly home.
  4. I smiled at the “no cost” bit. Yes a refund is good.
  5. As soon as Cunard inform us of the changes to our QE voyage, we’ll be cancelling. I do feel for everyone - and for Cunard coordinating all this must be a nightmare, really I do, but I hope we hear soon, as our trip was for my husband's 70th so I need to arrange an alternative.
  6. It’s worth mentioning here that by the time you check-in, you will already have handed your bags to the porters for putting through the security screening, so you will need to attach your labels first. Unless of course you plan to travel with just a small carry on, in which case labels aren’t necessary. In other words, you do not hand in your bags at check-in like you do at an airport.
  7. I feel passengers should have the option to cancel with full refund. We would!
  8. I’m glad too. Very. As for “the cough” yes it often develops into serious chest infections, with raised temperatures - it has happened to me twice, with multiple courses of antibiotics being required. I just worry this may complicate matters. Personally, I feel all cruises in the area should be cancelled.
  9. Presumably any passenger displaying ANY respiratory symptoms, including the “Cunard cough” “Princess cough” etc etc etc will be denied landing at any port. This is going to be a fiasco.
  10. They reduce the amount of face touching, and there is some evidence they reduce spray from others sneezing and coughing, but not a lot of protection.
  11. To be honest what I think should happen is all cruises in S.E.Asia and the Orient should be cancelled altogether, until this is contained. But it won’t happen.
  12. But it may not be just Chinese passengers since it can be transmitted from person to person.
  13. It was very cold when arrived in HKG in March a few years ago.
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