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  1. We are on QE So’ton to Singapore, but haven’t had any notification…..
  2. Ah I see this is an ongoing issue with the unbelievable Carnival IT programme. Thanks for clarifying.
  3. Can anyone answer this conundrum which arose on another forum and has been driving me - and others - mad all afternoon? I have invoices for all our booked Cunard cruises, having booked the Cunard Fare, or Select Fare, whatever they call it these days, each invoice confirms the cabin number. However, the cabin number does not show ANYWHERE in My Cunard ( the old Voyage Personaliser) And it’s the same for some other Cunard passengers. No problem, except lots of people DO have their cabin numbers and grades showing in their My Cunard. It really doesn’t matter, I know I have my bookings and they are all confirmed, but why don’t any of mine - and others - show in My Cunard, while some people’s do?
  4. We have booked a Q5 for the January Caribbean roundtrip. Will it go ahead, who knows, but if it is possible, we’ll have the cabin we want. At the end of the day, it’s only used FCC that was sitting with Cunard, not any actual cash.
  5. We have been fortunate enough to have quite a few upgrades with Cunard in the past - not these days or indeed for quite a few years now, as we choose a higher grade of cabin. But we are very selective in our choice of location and wouldn’t/couldn’t take a guarantee gamble on anything longer than a couple of days. For those willing to gamble, it can be a definite financial advantage.
  6. We love the boxes too, there is more room and if I need to excuse myself it doesn’t disturb anyone. We have paid once fora Gala night performance, but wouldn’t do that again as the nibbles were horribly sweet.
  7. Since they are offered with OBC I would assume they are Cunard fares?
  8. We have registered for the January Southern route crossing. 🤞
  9. I really wish they’d get on and release them.
  10. We are on for the whole trip - or are we then?
  11. As someone that had an exotic cruise cancelled next March, it would be great if given the opportunity to book something new a little early. But I doubt it will happen.
  12. Not that one Stewart no, shame. Even more sad we had our QM2 World sector cancelled 🥺 Hope you’re both well?
  13. We have also been moved from QV to QE. We had one of the refurbished QG suites on deck 8, so rather disappointed.
  14. I registered with our Cruise Agent this morning before I even made breakfast. She feels fluid pricing will kick in very quickly so asked for my upper price limit. Fingers crossed we get what we want - I know she’ll do her very best and got us exactly what we asked for when Princess released their seacations earlier this week.
  15. Personally I would always choose QG. We have only been PG once on QM2 but didn’t like the restaurant nor the cabin as much as QG. And while I am not much of a drinker, the twice daily topping up of soft drinks have always been very welcome and enjoyed. My husband enjoys the alcohol.
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