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  1. Thank you, very clear and informative.
  2. Thanks, that’s what I imagined would happen. I will get my TA to check TA to check definitively at some stage, but I’m thinking you’re right 👍
  3. cruiseluvva


    We will be calling at Vietnam twice next year on our voyage. In the past the cruise lines have arranged the visa for Vietnam, but each time in our case these were single entries. Does anyone know if this applies to multiple entries or must we arrange visas via the Embassy?
  4. I would be very worried about keeping a packed lunch cool and therefore safe to eat! For us, eating something ashore, if we need it, is part of travel. And puts something into the local economy.
  5. We've done that and from HKG, this time our flight home from HKG is on miles.
  6. Yes I think the airline price is very good, although one way flights to Asia are always priced much better than one way flights to the USA. I fully expected Cunard to add a little to the price for providing the flights, but £800 seems excessive. So for us, it’s much better to book direct with the airline.
  7. We need to book one way flights to Singapore. Booking direct Business flights from LHR to SIN via Singapore Air £2213pp. Cunard quoted us £2620pp for exactly the same flights, some airline, same time, I don’t mind them making a bit of a profit, but that’s far too much. And no transfers because we are booking our own hotel. We’ll be booking direct needless to say!
  8. Do you mean a gift card of money? If so, then yes, it would just be added to your account for you to use as you wish.
  9. The first time this happened to me - and it has happened three times so far - I rang them and after arguing that no I shouldn’t have been charged for water in QG, they agreed to refund “on this occasion as a gesture of goodwill” It never arrived! Next time I made a big fuss, quoting the previous episode and they did refund. I wonder what incorrect charges our next trip will incur!
  10. We always travel with about five, and have been known to take seven on a longer voyage. Providing they nest, it is possible to fit them all under the beds. Even with the drawers under some beds, we can always squeeze four cases under, and nest any more inside.
  11. What a shame. Looks like it will be Oceania or Silverseas again for us.
  12. That is great news. Well done.
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