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  1. I was trying to make a reservation for our August cruise and it was only giving me an option of booking 2 or 4 people and we are a party of 3 including child. Does this mean it is sold out or do I need to call to see they can accommodate us?


    Also, I see that it say children can eat off regular menu for free or pay child rate at specialty restaurant and I am assuming I still include them on the reservation correct.


    I'm a "solo" on the 8/22 sailing so I picked two seats as it didn't give me a choice of one. I'll find someone to share it or see if I can release one seat once I'm on the ship.

    I suppose I will upset someone if I recommend you just book for four to make sure your child will have a seat. Sorry in advance if that is the case!

  2. We found the cabins to be very small. DH is not that tall, but he found the low sink in the bathroom and the shorter bed annoying. That being said, it was an enjoyable cruise. The food was good and the crew was great.


    Everything on the Spirit was tiny, beds were narrow and SO hard. I requested two egg crates and they still felt like concrete blocks. Chairs were small and low to the floor, bathroom was tiny. The crew could not seem to handle the smallest request in the MDR, it took forever to get seating for four and the service was routinely dismissive and slow. We made it a great cruise, but not because of the ship! That was years ago though, so hope it has improved for your trip.

  3. I never got any replies but did get some answers so I thought I would put them here in case others needed the info


    Starting today spa passes are on sale in advance for $129 not including the 18% but they will only sell a limited number. They also will be for sale on board (limited number) for $149.


    If you are in a suite and want to use OBC you can call the concierge number 1-855-625-4283 and they will mark 2 spa passes and reserve them for you. The concierge will then take care of it once on board.


    Thank you SO much. I just booked my pass for my August cruise. Saved $20 and the need to run to the spa first thing.

  4. <sigh> I'm looking for a cruise to the Caribbean, leaving from Florida (I'm in Ohio) and am flexible to go late Sept, Oct, or Nov, but am getting frustrated trying to find something that's not going to gouge me as a solo traveler. :(Someone had posted before that Carnival told them they would be offering good solo rates in July, so that's what I'm hoping for. Other than this, I'm looking at Apple Vacations for just an all-inclusive resort. <sigh> Anybody have any thoughts or advise?




    Google search for low single supplement cruises. There are lists with many lines and ports. That's how I found my August deal on the Gem.

  5. I just booked a solo on the Gem. I used a TA for the first time because they had rates without the dreaded single supplement. I found them from the Cruise Critic home page.

  6. I've been lurking here for awhile and finally found a solo to book. There is no single supplement for some categories on the two late August NCL Gem cruises out of NYC. I just booked a balcony mini suite for less than an inside on the Dawn. $1354 plus taxes and free UDP, UBP or shore Ex credit. I used a TA I found on the cruise critic homepage. Thanks everyone here for the information and encouragement. I can't wait!

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