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  1. The problem with "buying up" if you like a sparkling wine is the next real champagne by they glass is about $35, nothing between the $8 junk and an extra $20 a glass over the package limit.
  2. We were able to watch a bunch of Bruins games last April on the Breakaway TA. They were on at odd times, mixed in with the tennis and soccer that is on most often. Doesn't hurt to ask.
  3. I cruise solo in balconies. I prefer the service of specialty dining and the generally casual atmosphere. Crew is top notch and never make me feel out of place for dining alone. RCL was terrible for a solo but that was a few years ago so it may be better. I also like having choices so I only pay for what I want.
  4. I must be either really lucky because I have never been served anything on a ship that I would consider "slop". Breakfast at O'Sheehan's is quite good for a limited menu. I've had a few lunches there I didn't think were very good, but still, not "slop". The only consistency between ships is the inconsistency though. I had a horrible meal at La Cucina on the Gem, and then a meal on the Breakaway that was so good I went back a few nights later. The same for buffet desserts. Absolutely blah on the Epic, surprisingly good on the Breakaway. I will say I really disliked the Royal buffets on their older ships (Mariner, etc) and Disney's wasn't all it was exclaimed on here to be either.
  5. I commuted to work on SL2 for a few years. It is also the airport bus, and has a space just for luggage. It can get crowded at rush hour, and I wouldn't want to haul a steamer trunk on there, but general luggage is fine.
  6. This is a big part of the reason I book directly with NCL. I call them when I want, make my own changes and don't have to deal with any attitude. Totally worth giving up a few $$ in OBC or whatever.
  7. Another reason to take the drink package is that it includes soda. I don't drink soda at home, but I love a ginger ale or two in the casino at night. That adds up and combined with 2-3 drinks or glasses of wine, makes the package worthwhile. I buy a dining package because I don't eat in the MDR.
  8. I had a spa balcony on the Breakaway last year. It included the spa pass but anyone can buy that online before sailing or on the first day. The cabin is closer to the spa and has upgraded toiletries. That was about the only difference I remember.
  9. NCL did add additional busses for the Paris excursions on my TA last year. That being said, there are limited seats on a catamaran to Jost so it is unlikely. People do cancel so make sure you check in at the excursion desk first thing and make sure they know what you want. Another possibility for St. Thomas if it is available is the Kon Tiki. It is a really fun day, with a live band on the boat and a great beach stop.
  10. The cabins were clearly visible on the website for new bookings. The NCL rep did not show them as available for upgrading an existing reservation.
  11. Is it book on the ship only? It is not appearing as reservations available on the website.
  12. If anyone is considering the Getaway TA next month from NYC, there was a big price drop yesterday. The ship still looks to be barely half full.
  13. I just called to ask about buying an upgrade after I saw a big price drop for my cruise. I am looking at their website where 15 spa balconies show as available, and the NCL rep could not find one B9 or M9 open. He suggested that either they are blocking them all for bids or holding them for a group. I'm going to try again tomorrow just in case it is a system glitch.
  14. The only sleeping " campers" that bother me are the people taking up all the chairs in the atrium during an event there. The officers were trying to take questions and the first four rows were sleeping. The people who were interested in the topic were in the back or upstairs.
  15. They are not really sold out. They will pop up in a few months when they have a better idea of how many full price cabins are selling. They are not going to see a bare-bones priced cabin until they are sure they can't sell it for more $ first.
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