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  1. I am SO picky about my laundry. I won't put most of my tops in the dryer, I hang them in the laundry room on a rack. That being said, I have never had a problem with NCL laundry. Everything has come back the same size, same color, sparkling clean and neatly folded. I can't imagine wasting cruise time doing laundry in a sink, a bag or anywhere else!
  2. Take a look at the menu prices. They have increased significantly recently. If he likes more than mac and cheese, etc you will most likely be better off buying the package.
  3. If you go to Kim's website and look at her Tortola posts she reviews the Baths. I remember her having a difficult time on the paths and through the boulders. Kim, I hope you are better soon. Sorry to hear about your accident!
  4. Tanzanite is a real gem, as noted above. People will believe anything though. I thought I was being helpful on another cruise site when a woman posted about the best ship to purchase Larimar. I mentioned seeing pieces on Overstock and Zulily among other discount sites. She was adamant that ship stones were different! better! exclusive! Correct me if I'm wrong, but if it is genuine and the setting is real gold, silver, etc, it is all the same rock.
  5. Everyone's taste is different. I am picky and I enjoyed the dumplings, spring rolls and noodle soup on both the Breakaway and Getaway. The shrimp dumplings were over-steamed on the Breakaway but otherwise it was a pleasant dinner.
  6. I'm wondering if that is a placeholder price until booking opens? The price for my 21 day Bliss Panama Canal in April is also $249.
  7. There has been a big hiring push and a lot of new phone reps. Training is apparently not going well for the one you talked to. I have never heard of the internet upgrade selling out. There has been recent talk of it being offered before you board on some cruises. There is a 20% discount for booking the spa before boarding. It does sometimes sell out. Water is the same price but unless you have onboard credit to use, it is just easier to pre-order. It will be in your cabin when you arrive. They are correct that anything you pre-order is charged when ordered except meals and shore excursions booked by phone.
  8. Any time I have tried to "fix" it back to one they always say they already know. They can see your reservation. It doesn't hurt to check to make sure, especially for Teppanyaki where they have such limited seating, but I have not had an issue in five solo cruises.
  9. Use your waiting time at the pier to log in to the NCL app and book your dinners and shows before you board. Saves the rush onboard.
  10. I guess that answers my question about whether the quality has improved with the huge price increase. I didn't even see the crab cake on that plate at first. I'll stick to the lamb chops or the NY strip.
  11. Just a few things I haven't seen posted. I don't eat in the MDRs and usually have a late breakfast, "tea" at 3 and then a specialty or simple dinner. In the Garden Café at 3pm they put out delicious scones with jam and that amazing "crack" whipped cream along with some cookies and other treats. Much better than their regular desserts. In Le Bistro, if they still have the chocolate fondue, order it without the fruit and order ice cream. The fondue poured over the ice cream is amazing! You need to make reservations on the ship for Shanghai now. It is worth it. I am pretty picky and really enjoy their dumplings and noodle dishes. La Cucina makes a really good antipasto with good meats and cheeses that could be a meal with their delicious bread. I have not been thrilled with Ocean Blue, but without the surcharge my expectations are a bit lower so I will try it again. I did not like O'Sheehan's on the Gem at all, but have become a fan from good experiences on the Breakaway and Getaway. Keeping in mind that it seems to be a training site for young waiters, some patience is required. I really enjoy their breakfast (pastry basket, omelets, hot oatmeal) you can ask for the whole pot of coffee. The hot milk from the oatmeal is delicious in the coffee. (make them leave the little pitcher if they try to take it). The Reuben is hit or miss, the burgers are fresh and usually quite good. They also make a brownie dessert with caramel sauce and marshmallows. Served fresh, it is crave-worthy.
  12. Trip insurance varies by state. Nationwide Luxury Cruise insurance, available in MA paid $1250 for the "port change announced before boarding". I do wonder how much longer they will be willing to offer this coverage for NCL cruises with all of their recent unexplained changes.
  13. O'Sheehan's is open until 11 and serves a nice, though limited, menu. There is a main dining room open as well but someone else will have to help you with that. All open dining rooms are listed every night in your Freestyle Daily.
  14. On my last cruise a large group took over the library every day to play mah jong. They must have supplied their own sets because they let no one else in and would not share.
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