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  1. On 5/9/2024 at 7:30 PM, z111 said:



    We're in NW Montana and up until literally today, it's been pretty wintry. 🙂 
    We prefer cooler weather and don't do well in heat. (I've also wondered if the room would have some way to get cool air in but i guess with the balcony that's all good.)

    My favorite weather is sunny, dry, 40°-70F (but sunny and dry might not happen either, but that's ok.)

    The air conditioning works quite well. In Hawaii and Tahiti it was in the upper 80’s and very humid. My cabin was cool and comfortable all the time.

  2. 7 hours ago, CJANDH said:

    As I cannot see yet what the included excursions are for my cruise, I was basing my "lame" comment on WanderingBrit's description: Many included excursions will be a bus ride to local sights, with commentary by a guide and stops for photos or exploration.


    Glad that this may not be as lame as it sounds.

    The opposite is also true. As one with mobility issues (the literal definition of “lame” I suppose) if the included excursion is a walking tour, I have to hope I can book an optional tour before they sell out. 

  3. 2 hours ago, rmalbers said:

    Ya, eat, sleep, drink.  But one thing, I'm not sure about  what the loyalty rate is on the different ships/lines, but I see/hear people talk about stuff where they really picked the wrong ship/line just to be loyal.  An example I saw just the other day they were complaining about not enough indoor public space on the ship when the weather was bad.  (I think it was Iceland) VO ships are great small ships for that with the retractable roof but they were on a small ship with open upper decks. So in that way, it's best to pick the ship over being loyal to a line.  

    I canceled my last cruise on that line for exactly that reason. No way I was going to be in small crowded spaces in 2021 just to sail on a new ship. I’m a stock holder in that line and they can keep their onboard credit. I much prefer Viking’s smaller number of passengers in bigger spaces.

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  4. There were a few nights near the end of my 33 days on the Star when all I wanted was something simple. Shrimp cocktail and cheese pizza. I’m very picky about pizza and thought it was quite good. Not Regina’s in Boston’s North End good, but still done well.

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  5. 8 hours ago, Clay Clayton said:

    I wasn’t on that cruise…this was on Dawn (maybe Star?) and we played out back. 

    We also had some fun LCR play on Celebrity Millennium on our transpacific where they gave us a conference room. 

    I realized after I posted that obviously we would have met if you were there. Sorry!

    Our group was so big we were afraid we’d get shut down for competing with the casino. We did get asked to quiet down by the Mah Jong ladies across the hall in the game room.

  6. Growing up on the north shore of Boston with a father who was a lobster fisherman, I chose to skip the lobster nights and leave it for those who would likely appreciate it. I’m so picky I buy my lobsters alive and cook them myself.

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  7. 31 minutes ago, CCWineLover said:

    Just last month we had an Excursion Manager come on board in the middle of our B2B cruise.  He was easily the most informative (and understandable) speaker at Port Talk/Excursion Talks.  He really laid it out for people in detail on the amount of effort required on excursions.  Telling us roughly how many steps to get to a bus, or to downtown, how many steps in the tour, what kind of grade we'd face, estimate of total steps on the tour, total time walking, total time standing, bathroom break times, minutes for shopping and when, and so much more.  He also gave good limitation examples - for instance, if you cannot use the stairs to go from deck 4 to 5, then you shouldn't do this tour as their are no lifts, or if you cannot walk 1/4 mile on your own over cobblestones, you should consider other alternatives, or if you cannot make that first 2 foot step up into a bus, then bypass...  and more like that.  Very practical.


    Wish this was put into the Excursion descriptions when you purchase them however.

    The excursions manager on the Star in November was exceedingly thorough like that. He helped me so much. I wish they would let him train every excursion manager to do the same, or let him print out a version for every sailing.

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  8. 3 hours ago, Clay Clayton said:

    No issues so far on Viking and in fact Max, our shore excursion manager mentioned in his port talk yesterday about Dakar (where we will be tomorrow) that guests should have dollar bills if they wish to pay for souvenirs and suggested stopping by the pool bar at 3:30 today if anyone need to change larger bills. 😂


    Also have never had any issues on NCL where on one TA our pot was typically over $100!

    Was that on the Getaway where we had a conference room booked and played every afternoon? I had so much fun and met so many nice people by playing that game.

  9. I know search isn’t great here but there was a long thread about the beds because of that video last fall. You can request a mattress topper or a couple of extra duvets to help pad it.

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  10. On 3/16/2024 at 10:20 AM, jimlouisesophie said:

    Thx 4 the clarification..No, I haven't cruised with Oceania.   I wonder if any other cruise lines allow pax to bring liquor aboard...interesting.

    Viking allows you to bring anything you want, bottles of scotch? case of wine? No problem, no charge, just enjoy it. There was a small group on my last cruise that didn’t like Viking’s beer selection. They took a cab to a liquor store in Honolulu and filled a large suitcase. 

  11. 5 hours ago, millybess said:

    I think the point is, "what did they know, and when did they know it?"

    That’s true. I’ve been moved around in shady ways by another cruise line. I hope Viking doesn’t start that chaos just to save money.

  12. 2 hours ago, SantaFe1 said:

    You are missing my point.  Which is that Hilo during that time frame either has a usable port or it didn’t.   I know that things change.  But to change and then chance back without explanation is just plain not honest.  Look, I have been on a lot of VO cruises, including a WC.  I know things change,  I am good with that.  But this is just plain not honest!

    My post is below your post but not in response to it. I was commenting on the lack of busses in Alaska.

  13. Shore excursions rely on humans to drive and guide. There is a shortage of both pretty much everywhere. What a local tour company promises a year out is not necessarily what they can deliver. People move, quit, get sick. Human infrastructure is the least reliable part of planning.

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  14. 5 minutes ago, FetaCheese said:

    Birds still on Star. Have also heard ocean waves.


    Will now listen for the boar and anything else they are adding.

    There was a very confused but helpful man on the Star in November who sought out a crew member to report he had searched everywhere and could not find the source of the water leak in the men’s room.

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  15. 1 hour ago, FetaCheese said:

    Had the opportunity to chat with CD at Explorer's party.  Ask if he would be having "coffee chats" (none so far).  


    Said they will no longer be offered, along with no Captain's Q&A.  He wanted to schedule them, but was told not to anymore.  

    That’s sad. I really enjoyed the CD’s coffee chats with Kate. On the Star in November Captain Olav seemed a bit impatient and gave Kate the “wrap it up” signal a few times. Maybe he just doesn’t enjoy them.

  16. 11 hours ago, Clay Clayton said:

    Breakfast of Champions-grilled lamb chops, eggs, mushrooms, hash browns and a side of hollandaise at The Restaurant. 


    Has anyone had luck getting those lamb chops for dinner? Maybe in the World Cafe? I love them but can’t handle that much food for breakfast.

  17. I will miss the Gnocco Frito but if it doesn’t come back it will force me to make other choices. It was so good I’ve ordered it every time I’ve been to Manfredi’s.

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  18. On 2/20/2024 at 12:34 PM, LostFan#1 said:

    Someone mentioned tonic water above. If I wanted sparkling water (i.e. Perrier) stocked, would I request tonic water? Perrier by name? We're in a DV, so our minibar does not include alcohol (in case Perrier is considered "premium").


    Thank you!

    You can get a carafe of sparkling water every day along with the still water. I asked in multiple places for mineral water, happy to pay for it, but they could never find any on the Star.

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