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  1. 13 hours ago, PTC DAWG said:

    I live 20 minutes from ATL, and I fly a day early into MIA these days...too many cancellations.  Govern yourself accordingly.  

    We did a family cruise in 2006. The people flying from Boston to NYC were fogged in all morning and just barely made it to the ship, which was delayed in leaving NYC. You just never know about the weather and flight delays.

  2. 1 minute ago, julig22 said:

    I requested they put the transfer back on so they are expecting me and it's already paid for.  Guess I kinda lost it when they said something like I could take the shuttle if they had room!

    But they apparently have to override their system to do it so it sometimes takes a little patience - and per my pcc, it has to be done through the transfer people, he can't do it.

    They didn’t tell me any of that! My cruise isn’t until later in 2023 so I have time to figure it out. I have had horrible luck with transfers from Southampton so I know how to get a car service if it comes to that!

  3. 16 minutes ago, debenson0723 said:

    Lots and lots of transfer (and other info) here on the British ports board.  Are NCL transfers even available if you don't come in day of cruise? We are coming in 1 to 2 days early so are doing the National Express bus.



    I am booked to arrive a day early for my Prima cruise late next year. They booked me for a transfer and said to just go back to the airport to get the bus. I’ll book a hotel once I know which airport. Assuming Gatwick but who knows?

  4. 9 hours ago, swmichigan cruiser said:

    $8,100 for  a balcony.  Now over $16,000. Glad we booked another line for two cruises right after this including a TA back to the states.

    My balcony cabin solo was about $7400 after using a 10% off coupon from a previous cancelled cruise. I booked day one. I’m still waiting to see if a TA is added after this one. I guess I should check other lines.

  5. 3 hours ago, lepidoptera said:

    For most restaurants booking for 2 works-it doesn’t work at Teppanyaki and any restaurants where they charge per diner. Every specialty that charges a la carte you can book for 2 and there won’t be any issues. There aren’t any tables for 1 anyhow. 

    If you are using the dining plan just book those with charges first. If not, you can call to book and they will only charge you for one.

  6. Getaway was last in dry dock in 2019 (the one they dropped the last two days and two port stops a week before we sailed) so 2023 is a bit early. It seems no schedule is safe at this point. I’m booked on the last Prima cruise in September 2023 and I don’t  think I can stand one more cancellation!

  7. 3 hours ago, casofilia said:

    NCL won't arrange from/to Gatwick I wouldn't have thought.   So easy by direct train to Southampton.

    I used the NCL transfer from Southampton to Gatwick after my last transatlantic in 2019. It was simple and easy. 

  8. As long as they don’t smell like they just slopped the hogs, it’s all good with me. One of the nicest people I ever met on a ship invited me to their birthday party at Cagney’s and wore his Haven bathrobe to the event. 

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