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  1. 4 hours ago, FoggyEthan said:

    I'm on a Sixthman charter, "The Broadway Cruise", and so we're not eligible for Free at Sea. Or lots of other things. NCL is truly terrible. But I'm on a ship with ten or more Broadway singers, most with Tony awards or nominations, plus professional bands and pianists, so I just have to remember why I'm there 

    Oh! It will be worth it. The cruiseline is definitely secondary to that event. Enjoy!

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  2. 11 hours ago, FoggyEthan said:


    It's actually quite acidic, but Americans seem to like it.


    I'm currently debating whether to buy the drink package (God help me) on a Norwegian NCL cruise. You're all debating about $25/day. Their basic package is $87/day. The premium package is $122/day, and it includes your basic non-vintage Veuve. I'm trying to decide if I can drink enough Veuve to make it worthwhile. 8-) And, to see how NCL operates, the $87/day doesn't include anything from the Starbucks nor bottled water. Admittedly it also includes fairly expensive wines and liquors, too.

    Are you not eligible for the Free at Sea offer with $20 a day drink package? That is all I could barely justify on NCL. 
    After sailing on Viking Ocean I don’t think they should be anyone’s first cruise. You have to get thoroughly “nickled and dimed” on a mainstream line to really appreciate the Viking way.

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  3. On the Nov/Dec Hawaii and French Polynesia I asked for sparkling wine at lunch on the first day and received it. The next time I asked they said they would have to go and find it. I never got it. Same with bottled mineral water. They never found it I guess. 
    I did get two glasses of decent champagne with my birthday dinner at Manfredi’s.

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  4. Back on topic…I just read a post in another group from someone who went to a presentation by a Viking Rep who said independent travel agents gave access to “hidden codes” (about six right now) that are not released to the public. Another good reason to check with a good TA before booking.

  5. 46 minutes ago, CurlerRob said:

    Somehow, Viking's advanced PIF dates seem to generate much more angst than is warranted IMO. Here's an easy way to consider the effect.


    Many other cruise lines will require PIF 3 or 4 months before sailing. So, Viking wants your money ~8 months sooner than others. Pick an interest rate you feel appropriate and do the math. For example, if 3% / year makes sense and the cruise is $15K, the effect is a 'price increase' of 2% - or $300.


    So just pretend the Viking price is + $300 and factor that into your decision. I suspect it won't be a major issue for most pax. 🍺🥌

    Yes, and if you pay with a bank transfer you get 3% back. Many credit cards have at least 2-3% back in rewards, plus other travel benefits.

    The other point is that the payment due date is not the date the cancellation penalties begin like it is with other cruise lines.

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  6. 58 minutes ago, formernuke said:

    Have even recently seen from some cruise news U-tubers that some lines actually are charging MORE than 100% as a single supplement, as they are trying to make up for the potential lost revenue from what they expect the average second person would spend on board!

    Yes, they are selling out cruises now, but the tide always turns. There was a time when MSC online booking would default to “sold out” when 1 passenger was entered. Some of us haven’t forgotten and take our business where we are wanted. Celebrity has never interested me and now never will. Plus I am so pleased with Viking I’d rather cruise less often than settle for less.

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  7. 14 hours ago, ekkc10753 said:

    I’ve finally been able to sign back in.
    Thank you for all your support and helpful suggestions. I’ve followed up on them all, so far crickets chirping from Viking.


    I’m currently on the Viking World Journey from LA to London. Live TV is kaput and has been since we boarded in LA  (so no Iowa caucuses or play-off games)  Viking is “working on it” but we’re a week into the cruise and leaving American waters with no resolution.

    Several washing machines and dryers on each deck are out of order and were reported by the passengers boarding in Florida. Leaving the land of Home Depot and Lowe’s today so getting them fixed seems unlikely before our next port in 5 days in French Polynesia 

     So, bottom line, I don’t know what’s going on here. The voucher issue is not going to change it would seem.

    But things here on this journey seem to be slipping a bit ☹️ and that’s worrisome given the political situation in several of our future ports


    I was on the Star in November and we didn’t have live tv for most of the 33 days. It would appear for a few days then disappear again. Supposed to be a satellite issue. Most people didn’t care, we had news on our phones if the real world needed to intrude for a bit.

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  8. 8 hours ago, SantaFe1 said:

    Did you obtain the transfer because you had Viking air, or did you purchase it on the ship?  I ask because we did our own air, but I am hoping to purchase an airport transfer with Viking while onboard.  Our flight leaves at 2:20, so glad to hear you can stay on the ship until 10.  I am surprised the restaurant was closed.  Our disembarkation day next month falls on my birthday, and I was hoping for a decadent breakfast in the restaurant.  

    I was on the Star in November. I booked my own air but my travel agent included the transfer purchase with my booking. I was booked on a red-eye leaving at 10pm. They put me on a bus at 9:30. All good, my friend picked me up at the airport and I spent the day with him.

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  9. This is a huge change from the ship I stepped off three days ago. Important to note that 150 crew members, including the Executive Chef, disembarked on Tuesday. There has to be a learning curve as everyone gets used to working together. 
    I guess one of the benefits of being new to Viking was that Manfredi’s was my favorite restaurant, my ribeye was thick and perfectly cooked and I enjoyed the burgers at the pool grill. I also heard people raving about the tuna made there. 
    I hope your experience improves. 

  10. Just now, graphicguy said:

    Good on you.  Viking hasn't come any closer than 2X fare of my Haven cruises...and they were charges for airfare that they were still going to charge extra for.  But if you found tat fare, you're quite the shopper!

    It showed up on my fb page. I thought it was a scam until I checked with a travel agent. Yesterday I saw Antarctica for $7999!

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  11. Just now, Daruma said:




    Without wanting to be too nosy, can you say approximately how much something like that costs, please? 


    Thank you. 

    This was a ridiculous deal, no one wants 21 sea days! I got free airfare Boston/LA and a DV6 cabin which is the lowest level deluxe. It was $11,600. The price dropped twice after I booked but I was happy! Just having the thermal spa, refilled ice and still & sparking water twice a day and free laundry rooms (with soap!) all included has spoiled me for life.

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  12. Just now, kirtihk said:

    That’s correct.  Regarding Viking, free international air (especially, to far away destinations) might bring the total trip for a cruise so much down.  We did not have their cruises yet, but our friend (being flexible like you state) had a lot of them, and on many occasions he got free air and sometimes combined with a reduced price, too.  Hopefully, when we become flexible, we will follow that route (with any cruise line), too.

    I’m on the Viking Ocean Star right now. I saw an offer and grabbed it. 33 nights, solo from Los Angeles to Hawaii, French Polynesia and back to LA for $1000 more than the 15 day Prima Iceland cruise I cancelled. There is so much included and the service is beyond amazing. Breakfast in the buffet area includes at least three servers making sure water, juice and coffee are on your table within minutes. There are 830 guests and 440 crew. Twice a day room cleaning and mini bar restocking (soda, chocolate and peanuts at my cabin level). Wine, beer and soda included with lunch and dinner. One shore excursion at each port. I have onboard credit and need to go shopping to use it. Keep watching for those sales!

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  13. Just now, Azulann said:

    Never go to YouTube for any review or self promoters . 

    There are lots of reliable cruise YouTube channels. Everyone needs “clickbait” titles to be seen. I like Emma Cruises, La Lido Loca and Tips For Travelers. Just find someone who has similar tastes.

  14. 39 minutes ago, bmct said:

    I'm still waiting to hear that he's been picked up.  The patient is one of my best friends.  

    I was in the World Cafe around 8 pm when someone asked an officer who confirmed the patient had been picked up. We started moving soon after. I’m sorry for your friend, I hope they will be ok.

  15. Just now, AZ_Tim said:

    On board Viking Star, also. We don't have to be in U.S. waters, but we must be within range for the helicopter to make the trip to the ship and return. I understood the captain to say we should reach the rendezvous point around 5:45pm.

    Thanks! I was in the Wintergarden and it was hard to hear.

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