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  1. 13 minutes ago, steamboats said:


    Was he on the inaugural cruise or on the current cruise? On the inaugural cruise streaming was blocked off as everyone had free WiFi. Anyway it was pretty slow and we frequently were cut off and had to build up the connection again. Uploading Instagram reels was slow but worked. I basically did my Insta stories which sometimes was really slow. So each time we´ve been in port I switched to my much faster mobile data plan.


    Not really comparable but I´ve been on the Pride of America in May. Onboard Wifi was pretty slow so I relied on my mobile data (as I had a US sim card with 5 GB for the trip, for the Norwegian Prima I could use my German mobile data plan as all ports had EU roaming - still available in the UK).



    If it is the same review I saw, he is onboard now. He is using port stops to upload the content for his channel.

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  2. 6 hours ago, PistolPete13 said:


    From what I understand, the ship sailing in the far northern latitudes does not help with all the satellites being over the equator.  We'll see next month how it is when the Caribbean sailings begin.  

    RCL partnering with StarLink is a smart move and may force other lines to upgrade.  Internet access is too ingrained in most people's day to day now that it's almost impossible to disconnect.

    I saw a star link map on another thread and it doesn’t cover either of the poles or the arctic. No service in Iceland, Greenland etc.

  3. 1 hour ago, Karaboudjan said:

    You say that like it's a bad thing.  Companies that want to be successful are always looking at ways to streamline and cut costs.  I suspect that NCL knows the average guest eats significantly fewer than 7 MDR meals on a 7 night cruise so it's probably more realistic to compare the new menu to 20 or 25 choices.  

    To further your point, pre-shutdown I’ve been on five NCL cruises and haven’t eaten in an MDR since 2006. I also eat a late breakfast and seldom eat lunch. They’re saving $$ on me.

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  4. 16 hours ago, DCGuy64 said:

    Everyone is entitled to his opinion. For me, the one that counts most is from those who live on Bermuda. And I've heard Bermuda residents consistently say they have to protect their island from disease. If that means every passenger aboard a cruise ship that calls in Bermuda has to pay the $40, so be it. And yes, that includes passengers who don't plan to disembark, too. Why? Well, I don't make the rules and it's not my place to judge those who do. But I'd say what happens if a sick passenger who had previously not intended to disembark had to, for health reasons? I also think it'd be a logistical nightmare to try and figure out who'd paid the $40 and who hadn't, who planned to leave the ship and who didn't. BUT EVEN IF THAT'S POSSIBLE, BERMUDA MAKES THE RULES AND IT'S THEIR COUNTRY AND THEIR DECISION. If you don't like the rules, cancel. Simple as that.

    Isn’t the worst case scenario that so many people test positive that Bermuda refuses to allow the ship to dock? It doesn’t matter who is planning to go ashore. 

  5. 4 hours ago, crazycatlady82 said:

    We were on the Star in July. My husband was told no, he could not get his meal to go. He was pretty bummed as he wanted to just chill in the room.


    I talked to another person on that same cruise, they told me that they were also denied taking their carrot cake to go...so they just picked up the plate and left lol. I suggested to my husband that next time, if the food is served in those wire baskets, we should just grab some extra dinner plates from the buffet and put it on them to go. 

    Is this new? I have always asked Cagney’s to wrap my chocolate cake and they deliver it to my cabin. This was pre-shutdown. I’ll be so disappointed if they won’t do it anymore!

  6. I booked a 14 day Prima cruise on the fist day they were announced. My “one person in a balcony” has increased from around $9000 (before my credits from cancelled cruises) to about $15,000 now. Glad I booked early!

  7. These are all good ideas. I find it helpful to join the cruise critic roll call (if there is one) for each cruise. Chatting with people online, joining the meet and greet and other activities helps to break the ice before you even board the ship. My last cruise had a lively group who got together almost every day to play Left, Right, Center. I met so many nice people. 

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  8. I haven't cruised on Celebrity yet. Friends invited me to join them next April.

    The Celebrity web site states the cancellation policy may be different for solo cruisers.

    Does anyone know what the policy is now? I'd rather not spend an hour

    on hold to find out before I even decide to go.


  9. 2 minutes ago, schmoopie17 said:

    And all of the Escape cruises from October through the end of the year have disappeared, as well...including our November 1st TA. What the hell is going on??????  Spoke with NCL this morning and they swear they see nothing canceled on their end.

    They will never tell you before announcements are sent. We knew our Getaway TA had been shortened by two days long before the phone reps were told to acknowledge it.

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