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  1. Just called for dining reservations for August 2nd sailing. The earliest time i could get for main dining room was 7pm. Does that sound right this far out? I'm traveling with a 6 and 11 year old. They told me to explain that late time with young kids when I board. I just see myself wasting time dealing with something on board that should be handled now. I guess my question is if its normal 150 days out for dining room to be booked up? Thanks
  2. We were on Adventure in July last year with one ship in port. Other than the Red slide at the top of the tower the lines were actually very short with some having no wait at all. Much less than what you'd expect at a waterpark.
  3. Cruising on Oasis for the first time in August. Can anyone tell me what shows can be booked in advance on cruise planner and if anybody has experience with what shows NEED to be booked in advance? Not overly concerned with good seats, just wanna get into shows. Also if anybody can tell me the LaserTag situation. I noticed on cruise compass its in blocks of time. Fist come basis? Long lines?? How long is a game? Thank You
  4. So Oasis does offer the WOW bands??
  5. Anybody been on the island with 2 ships? I’m sailing in August with Oasis and Majesty in port at once.
  6. I’m traveling with 11 people spread over 3 cabins on Oasis of the Seas in August. Was thinking about buying a 3 device package and Splitting it 1 device per cabin So we can be in touch with each other onboard. If we all have iPhones would we be able to text through imessenger using the WiFi ? Thank You
  7. Are there outdoor movies shown by the pool? I don’t see any movies listed on the cruise compass or the app. thanks
  8. Sailing on the Adventure of the Seas July 26. Information seems a little sketchy as to what’s onboard. Some plans have bars such as Gravity Sports bar, aquarium bar, jesters and 19th hole. Some do not. Has anybody cruised recently that can tell me if these are onboard?
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