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  1. Wondering if anyone who has recovered can share how NCL handled their testing? My husband tested positive for breakthru Covid on 10/2- and yes- thankfully has recovered. we are booked on the Breakaway for 12/5. we are both fully vaccinated- but now we are nervous that he will still be showing positive in December. Has anyone been through this scenario and can share how NCL handled, what all documentation they wanted ,and if they were able to sail? Thank you in advance
  2. all of the above and then some......CDG is a tough one to navigate- even on a good day. Definitely Schipol
  3. Confusion still reigns.....Heard back from our TA....she said NCL told her that original itinerary is good to go.....which I really dont believe- I just dont think they know what is going on yet as the situation is fluid. My prediction is that we are going to see the itinerary get modified, and for that reason - I think we are going to cancel. Also- I was just researching the current state of things in South Africa- and while the borders are open , the country is still under curfew orders, restaurant capacities etc...... We had planned to spend extra time in Capetown, but I think it's our best decision to postpone....again 😩 stay safe everyone!!
  4. The Epic- did not like the layout, did not like the outdoor spaces- including Spice H20- which was billed as adults only - but constant parade of kids thru the bar area from the basketball courts one deck up. The ships we prefer are the Sun and the Spirit. we like the smaller more intimate ships
  5. Hi Steve- we are currently booked on the 12/3 sailing to Cape town as well. can you post the link to where you are finding that the islands have banned cruise ships for 2021? i have done some casual searching myself, but have not turned up anything. We will definitely be cancelling if we cant make those stops- that was our main reason for booking this. Thanks for the info!
  6. My deposit was refunded back to my credit card yesterday- which thankfully was the only $$ we had into this trip. Question- has anyone re-booked a new cruise ? I am curious about how this 10% credit is being calculated? 10% of the NEW booking- or of the cancelled Asia cruise? and just the cruise fare? (not port fees or gratuities?) letter from NCL said the 10% would "appear" in my profile after 2/14- but I dont see anything. I am assuming that it will show once we decide where we will go instead. anyone rebooked yet ? just curious to know how that is showing. Thanks
  7. love the pictures- thank you- and we were SO looking forward to our Asian cruise later this year- but got cancelled................ sigh.........
  8. just got the call from our TA - agree...very disappointed- but it is in everyone's best interest we were booked on the 12/7 sailing, so glad we did not have any $$ into it yet
  9. We were on The POA in March 2011 when the big earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. We were on our over-night in Kauai . knowing what I know about about : Tsunamis, and geography- i knew we were next ... The captain took the ship out of the harbor and we sat at sea- still in view of the island- so not that far. I stayed awake out on the balcony as I wanted to see if I would be able to detect anything- and no- nothing as our Captain told us- the safest place to be was on our ship and out at sea. Thankfully Hawaii was spared the destruction that they got in Japan, but got to hear some wild (and panicky) tales from those who were on the islands that night
  10. dogs4fun- thank you for the quick reply- this is exactly the info I was looking for Since we have an overnight on our itinerary, we will probably look into an evening option
  11. Hi all- We will be on the NCL Jade in June- stopping in St Petersburg for 2 days. My question is- regardless of whose tour we use (cruise line or independent) are we able to stay in town on our own after the tour ends? We like to do some exploring on our own outside of whatever organized tours we do- for shopping, meals or whatever we may fancy...... Will this be a problem in SPB? in regards to visas, safety, transportation back to the pier ect?? Appreciate the help!
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