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  1. on a repo cruise from Miami to Santiago- there was a parade, party and ceremony. Great fun - except that it was intended for the pool deck- but because of rain- got moved inside to Bliss- had a great time
  2. Thanks for the reply Skeeter- we had a Club Balcony on the Breakaway and loved the extra space- especially in the bathroom. we were on the Pearl in our usual deck nine balcony- and the drawer and bathroom space was the smallest we've ever seen. Wondering if you think the Club Balcony on the Jewel also has that extra room- appreciate the help!!
  3. We are considering booking a Club Balcony on the Jewel instead of a deck nine mid ship balcony. The main concern is the potential noise from deck 12 above us: the pool deck, garden cafe, teen club - you name it.... Anyone have experience on the Jewel on the deck 11 Club Balcony and the noise level? Many thanks
  4. We will be on the Pearl next week from Quebec City, and in the same boat (so to speak)....as our first US port is Portland. Just being curious...... did anyone see if CBP had any Global Entry lanes for US Citizens? I know- I'm being terribly optimistic
  5. we used them this past summer- and like everyone above has said- it was easy and stress free. I had booked the time slot for both DH and myself, and she had us do the tests simultaneously, so- 15 minutes we were done and on our way to the airport! We'll be using them again in another week- because...Canada
  6. OP- as I said- safe travels....Europe by rail is great too. You will have way more flexibility to see and enjoy what you want . Hopefully you wont run into any snags crossing boarders. I'd be interested to know how your travel insurance treats you in all of this
  7. OP- thank you for posting this info. there is an easy resolution..........get your booster! problem solved!
  8. very sorry to hear the latest- but it seems that NCL was caught off guard by the change as well. I have been watching this thread this morning, as it brought back to mind our boarding fiasco Dec. 5th on the Breakaway out of New Orleans- another situation that was out of NCL's control- but it was a terribly stressful day for those of us who had to stand outside the terminal for hours waiting to see what would happen- I don't wish to relive that ! But at least we finally got to board and sail. What are your options now...? are you able to remain in Spain? Barcelona is a wonderful city- very worth spending some time in. Safe travels
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