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  1. I'm glad I don't have anything coming up soon (after our March cruise got canceled). At this point, I'd be making choices based on how each port was handling things and that gets caught up with timing as to whether you cancel before or after final payment. That is, whether you get cash back or just cruise credits.
  2. "This strengthens the company's financial position and ensures it is well positioned to withstand well over 12 months of voyage suspensions," said the company statement.
  3. My first reaction was, don't look a gift cruise policy in the mouth.
  4. DH tried calling on Sunday when he first heard about the Peace of Mind policy. He was on hold for 36 minutes only to be told they weren't doing those cancellations until the 10th. When we look at the policy FAQ, that actually says it starts on the 11th and gives a new number to call: 1-800-327-7030 (U.S. and Canada). We figure NCL has hired a new emergency call center group to take calls at this new number.
  5. According to the governor... https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/09/us/port-authority-coronavirus-director-new-york-new-jersey/index.html
  6. We leave March 15th for our March 16th cruise from NYC. I would also like to see NCL offer a future cruise credit for those of us so close to our sail date.
  7. Would they suspend airline travel for the airlines that brought back corona passengers from China, Italy and Iran? You have to be evenhanded in this stuff, or a judge slaps your hand and says you can't do it.
  8. Folks who are traveing in May and June, no point in making adjustments just yet. You won't really know where things stand until you get closer to departure time.
  9. I believe their passports would be stamped by the country, and that would include the date they arrived in the country. Not sure if it would include the day they left the country.
  10. We found that Vibe really wasn't necessary. There's a sundeck on the opposite side of Vibe that is free, wasn't crowded, and used the same bar as Vibe.
  11. At this point - with less than 2 weeks before we leave - I'm getting less worried. The infection rates aren't exploding, at least not right now. I think we'll be good for our cruise.
  12. St Lucia turned away a ship back on Feb 3rd, a month ago. Since then, a number of NCL ships have gone there with no problem. DHs dad went to St Lucia on a Princess cruise last week and they had no problem.
  13. Hi! We're new Gold Latitude members, so on this next cruise we get to priority disembark. How does that work? Can we do it both walk-off and putting our bags out the night before?
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