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  1. When I did online check in, I was able to set a daily limit on my son's Sail and Sign account while leaving it unlimited for myself and my husband. I just went back and looked at it again and it's showing up in my cruise manager.
  2. Oh, I forgot this (I haven't ever used it) but Carnival has a "payment plan" that you can select under Manage my cruise. The balance is divided up into monthly payment amounts and can be automatically charged every month so you don't have to try to remember to make a payment.
  3. You don't have to make any payments until your final payment day-you can then pay the entire amount. I don't usually do that, I get discounted gift cards from AARP and Allstate Drivewise and use them to pay down my balance periodically before my final payment date. My mom and brother always seem to wait until it's nearly final payment and then they pay the lump sum at once. It just depends on your budgeting habits. There are no fees when you make payments. It's super easy to make the payments by logging into the Carnival website and clicking on "Manage my cruise". You can use gift cards or credit cards to make the payments right there.
  4. Are you on the March 9th sailing? We have a FB group for that sailing 🙂
  5. We're on our first in 8 years next month! No real reason for the long break, we just ended up doing more long (and I mean looooooooong) road trips every year. Now we have 2 booked for this year already-and I convinced my husband to go on one cruise a year and just one or two road trips.
  6. Thank you GTO-girl. After the cruise we were going to send 2 of the guys back on the shuttle to get the cars and then pick us up at the terminal. I am pushing for parking at the terminal since we have so many people and so much extra carry on stuff. We won't be doing self debarkation this time-we'll see how that goes. This is our first time cruising since my parents have needed all this extra equipment. 🙂 Thanks Capt. BJ-that is super helpful!
  7. I am going to be in that exact cabin on March 9th. I'll let you know when we get back!
  8. We will have 2 cars with a total of 7 people next month leaving out of Port Canaveral. 2 senior citizens, so we will have a scooter, walker and 4 tanks of oxygen as well as our luggage. We're considering parking in an offsite lot for the first time and I'm wondering if we can drop off my parents and another one of us as well as our luggage at the terminal and then the rest of us drive to the lot and take the shuttle. We've always parked at the port, so I don't have any real idea which offsite parking lot is better-any recommendations?
  9. Southbayer- you have to do things on the AARP website (quizzes and signing up for newsletters) and then redeem the points for the discounted gift card. It's called "Rewards for Good". It's really really easy to rack up a lot of points quickly! Here's the place you want to go on the AARP website :rewards for good
  10. How fortunate some people are that they haven't had to face a situation in their life where they or someone they know/love need to use a scooter for mobility. (Btw, BostwickGirl-my parents live in Bostwick!)
  11. Since I don't work outside the home, I LOVE having the opportunity to pull out all the stops on formal nights. My husband and son wear suits and ties and I'll either wear sequins or a floor length gown. My husband's job is super casual, khakis and polos so he doesn't mind wearing a suit a few times a year. The other nights in the MDR I wear "smart casual" dresses and wedges and the guys wear khakis and button down shirts. The last few cruises, we've felt a little awkward but have also gotten compliments from random other passengers. I personally like doing hair and makeup, but I get other people might not get any pleasure out of it or think it's more of a chore.
  12. Going on the Breeze in March and I'll be wearing a floor length evening dress/gown on both formal nights. My husband and son will be wearing jackets and ties, so not quite as dressed up as me, but I LOVE to dress up and don't often have an occasion for it at home.
  13. Carnival offers an excursion in Amber Cove called "Lifestyle Serenity VIP Resort Getaway", but it's not currently offered on our sailing in March. I looked at the Lifestyle Serenity website but couldn't find any information about day passes. We would just like a beach with shady hammocks and the fancy beach beds-is there any resort there that offers a day pass similar to this excursion?
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