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  1. I would agree with a lot that Chairsin has written. We recently tried Ovation for the first time, and unless it was an itinerary that we couldn't possibly miss, we will stay with the O class from now on. We had previously tried Encore, so have now tried them all! I "think" Chairsin disembarked in Singapore? For the month after that we had extremely hot weather, and the pool deck was very very busy and crowded....sun lounges were "reserved" from before breakfast. Quite a lot of "chair hogging". We had two Corporate men on board, who we have known for a long time, we remarked to them "this doesn't feel like a Seabourn cruise".... the Holiday, part of the cruise also left many of the Crew shaking their heads...although they know NOT to say the wrong thing, it was very obvious they were also having a very hard time with many of the passengers. 24 kids? teenagers seemed fine but there were quite a lot of undisciplined younger children. Running, jumping, splashing in the pool etc....just doing all the things kids do, but not what "Seabourn Guests" like to experience! For example.... I saw people reading by the pool, who had to keep wiping the splashed water from their books and glasses! LOL. Diapers in the hot tub? Used diapers wrapped in a towel and put in the towel bin? Too many examples of what is "Not Seabourn" to mention! Hopefully these problems only existed, because it was a "Holiday Cruise"...but there were enough for us not to bother again. We also only went once to the Retreat, to the same Cocktail party as Chairsin, in fact I was the one who sent out the invitations. Oh no, I did go up there one other time, just to take photos.....it was empty.... We found the Crew exceptional, and the ship in top condition...also had some of the best food we have ever had on Seabourn, although we also missed not being able to have the Fried Chicken.....seems strange that all the other ships have the chicken cooker, but not the newest ship! We certainly did feel the difference of an extra 150 Guests. We also came from the old small ships, and had to adjust to 450 people, but 600 is just too much difference for us. Chairsin also mentioned the narrowness of the suites, and in particular how it affected to bathtub! This may not be important to most people, but I am certainly a bathtub person while on the ships....first thing I ask our Stewardess for, is a selection of bubble baths. We were on board for almost 7 weeks.....I had ONE bubble bath. It was the most uncomfortable bath tub I have ever been in....so narrow.....no, I am not slim like Chairsin, so if she had trouble, its a wonder I am not still wedged in there! Another very bad design problem is that the tap is midway in the tub, so if you try to top up the hot water, you have it pouring straight onto you! You cant avoid it, well not unless you are a 2 year old child! As always though, everyone has different thoughts on what is suitable or unsuitable for them, so I suppose you really need to try it yourself to see if its is, or isn't for YOU!
  2. I have also witnessed dr Weils eating habits, and can assure everyone that on a "dr Weil Wellness Cruise"....all the food in the Colonnade that has a label saying "Recommended by dr Weil" will be given a very wide berth by said doc....and he will fill his plate with EVERYTHING else! He is also the worst dressed person on the entire ship...."slob" is a word that comes to mind. I was also "told" that when he was staying in a SPA Suite, he would have the Spa Crew say good morning to him as he came down those stairs....and he never acknowledged them....the Spa does now have his name on it.....but he cant return the staffs greetings.....maybe he is deaf?? or is he just rude?
  3. 24 kids on Ovation. Lots of running and jumping in and around the pool. Sitting at the Bar. Wouldn't do this cruise again. Many complaints but nothing changed. Heard lots from people who were unlucky enough to have rooms "next" to where kids were.
  4. Hi Norm, I certainly remember your posts and your Wedding pics etc....and of course the famous "Pirate Pics"..... I "used" to write very long blogs in here once upon a time, but no longer.I was known as Granny back then. I now prefer that other social media place....
  5. I hope you aren't referring to SS with this quote? I have searched and cant find anything like those sort of comments! Please point it out to me if I am wrong.
  6. I agree with your comments 100%. This ridiculous "first World problems" statement, which has become the excuse for everything recently, annoys the hell out of me. We are paying a premium price for a supposedly "6 star experience". If product and quality continue to fall, what price are you willing to pay for a 3 or 4 star experience? Making statements like "first World problems" for everything, that is not up to standard, only allows the Company to provide less and less, and you are giving them the ok to do it!
  7. all the decor on the ships are done by "Famous award winning designers"......most of whom have probably never set foot on a ship, and are half the age of the average passenger.
  8. how do you add a pic here without having to "Click" on the image thing?
  9. Well we finally made it to Dover yesterday, after a very very long flight. We are both feeling brain dead and exhausted, and its now about 3am....so jet lag is going to annoy me as usual. Will have tomorrow to try to recover from the travels, so hopefully will be in a bit better condition by Monday boarding time! We are staying at The Best Western Marina in Dover, and have a balcony, so yesterday were chatting to our neighbours, across the balcony. They are also joining Quest on Monday. They just arrived a few hours before us, so werent feeling very lively either! The drive from Heathrow to Dover yesterday took almost 3 hours! The traffic was horrendous. We were either crawling along, or doing 160kmh! I certainly wouldnt want to be flying in, doing that drive, then boarding all on the same day!
  10. we had a quote recently as they had a "special deal".... cant remember the forward route, but coming home from Iceland they would take us to Canada, then to the US then home, and at a cost of over $20,000. We booked ourselves with Emirates...….
  11. as an Australian, and very aware of skin cancer, we don't sit around pools to get a "trophy tan", but on a very hot Australian cruise on Encore last year, MANY Americans certainly did! The pool deck was crowded every day. The weather on the December and January cruise will be even hotter than that! I doubt very much if the very small pool on Deck 5 will cope with the amount of people who will want to swim! Many places on this cruise will be around the 38C mark. (from midway up the West Coast of Oz to Singapore) We then also continue on till Cape Town, most of that will be very hot as well.
  12. The December and January cruise is going to be a very hot cruise, with many people wanting to use the pool deck. It will be dreadful if it isn't useable by then!
  13. Good news for us today! We have been upgraded! Owners Suite! Haven't had an upgrade since our very first Seabourn cruise way back in 2006 on Seabourn Spirit!
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