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  1. The community was awesome the first time we cruised. We picked up so much on CC from both direct questions and the search feature. It's been one of the most useful resources for us for sure 🙂
  2. That sounds like a nightmare, especially if they haven't even left the country! We'll be doing our trip with a 7 and 10 year old kid and had plans of visiting the Melbourne zoo on the way across (reciprocal membership rights with Adelaide finally being put to good use 🙂). Sitting around in Station Pier for 2-3 hours with the kids would be anything but fun, and if something like that stole away our day in Melbourne, we would be fuming. I understand exactly how they would have felt and fingers crossed that doesn't happen!
  3. I am a novice at international travel. Having to finally get a passport for this cruise.
  4. Thanks. Does that mean that things like duty free are handled there or in Adelaide?
  5. We are doing one of the Princess trips to NZ that departs from Adelaide, visits Melbourne (where I imagine it offloads and picks up many more cruisers) and then sets sail to NZ. It does the reverse on the way back. Would we lodging our customs declaration in Melbourne or Adelaide?
  6. Grand Princess is scheduled for Melbourne in 2022/3. We’re already booked on Adelaide to New Zealand in Jan 2023.
  7. Y or I is a deep question. But definitely not A Parmigiana is safer
  8. Perfect. Thanks for sharing this, and I spent a fair bit of time looking at your galleries which were very impressive. Tracy Arm looks stunning! I’m pretty confident that handheld is going to be fine, and scenic cruising speed should help. I was expecting I’d have to be shooting at 1/250, so that confirmation was helpful. Having a serious look at the 100-400mm L lens now 🙂
  9. I am (well was) a pretty serious photographer prior to having kids (8 years back) and have exhibited across the world at various international exhibitions (achieved my AFIAP). We’re booked up for a great New Zealand cruise in 2023 which goes through the Fjoords, assuming the weather is A OK on the day. I want to maximise that photographic opportunity. I haven’t purchased any new pieces of kit for 10 years now, but all my weddings money went towards gear, so I have a pretty neat collection still (Canon 5D, 7D and various L series lenses). So, I’ve been contemplating buying some n
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