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  1. One other thing of note is if you have a stop in Key West at the end of your cruise. Our initial schedule had us able to get off the ship at 8:00. I had plans that included getting right off as early as possible. The time to disembark was changed to 8:30 and you had to go to the Lincoln Center Stage with your passport for immigration before you could get off the ship. It also stated in this notice that EVERYONE whether planning to go off or not had to go through this process- yes, 2666 pax had to converge on this stage at some point of the day! So I went to the stage area a little before 8:00 and there were already about 100 folks in line. Crew walked up and down the line and said that immigration officers had yet to arrive. At about 8:40 they opened to doors to the stage, I proceeded in a slow moving line and showed my passport to an officer and then received a gold star on my cruise card and told I was free to leave the ship. By this time the line behind me was huge. As I moved to find the gangway I passed a huge line of starless folks and joined another long line of starred folks waiting to get off. All I could think of was the child's Dr. Seuss book, "Stars on Thars!" Needless to say it was after 9:00 before I could get off the ship.
  2. Another thing that I found unusual was the mdr was closed on both sea days for lunch (there was a private LGBT meet on the first sea day in the mdr). Some great finds: the grilled chicken sandwich was worth the line at Dive In. It would move faster if people would read the menu posted right in front of you while you wait in line. The guy in front of me reached the order window and said, "what do you have?" And as someone mentioned above, the sushi bar was very good. The lobster tempura roll was awesome. Also, on surf and turf nite in the mdr on gala #2 I asked for surf and surf and received 2 tails. Also very good!
  3. We were in E2. The daily had 3:30 as the muster time. It said to look on your card for the station and be on time. We were. Then when we arrived at E2 which was in the MDR we were told to go to our cabin and watch the video. We did, it never came on. Then the cabin stewards knocked and said go back to E2. We did. This time our card was scanned and we watched a crew member put on a life vest and we were released.
  4. I did not receive a boarding time. By noon, they had called every category to board and the cruise was a sellout.
  5. Each happy hour was in a different bar exclusively.
  6. Just off the Neiuw Stat- daily happy hours were at 4, 6 and 9. I like Stoli, my wife likes Buffalo Trace bourbon. Happy hour consisted of doubles carefully measured for the regular price + $2.
  7. Quick synopsis- Pros- clean ship, friendly crew, food in mdr was pretty good, early room service was punctual, bands were very good- blues were excellent. Cons- muster was a clusterf***, go to your station, told to go to your room and watch a video then come back, video never played, went back to station and watched someone put on a life vest. Crew told me it was the first time with the new in room video for muster, too bad the video never came on. If you want to use the sports deck make sure there is not a pickleball group that has booked the majority of time the entire cruise. I am a pickleball enthusiast and booked this cruise because of the pickleball courts on the sports deck. Unfortunately, I could not use the courts except for very limited times and had to share with basketballers, soccer and others. The amenity was unavailable and I wish I had known before we sailed, I would have booked a different week. Disembarkment was also very strange. We like to take our own luggage off as early as possible. In order to do this I had to go to the guest services desk the eve of depart and acquire "expedite passes". Along with these passes were instructions to not put your luggage out and to go to a public area at 7:30 and wait for instructions? WHAT? Fortunately, we called the next morning and were told disembark would be deck 2 midship. So we went down there at 7:00 am and there was already a huge line. When it began moving nobody ever asked for my "expedite passes" and we didn't even have to show our passports as we moved out. Bringing booze back onboard at ports. If it's in a bag then it is up to you to go to the alcohol window after you pass security even though it has passed through the conveyor belt/scan. We just walked right past him and sipped our rum purchases in the cabin. We arrived at the port about 11:30 and went into the parking garage by pier 26. We had to go 4 flights before finding a spot on the back row. We took the back elevator down and then hoofed it across the street directly to the ship where boarding was fairly snappy. TIP- when disembarking early when you arrive at the parking garage there will be a backup line at the front elevator all the way to the sidewalk. Do your best to walk around the line and proceed to the back of the lot, we hopped on that elevator immediately and were in the car in no time.
  8. We'll be there this Monday on the Nieuw Statendam. No change notifications for us.
  9. We sailed last year during txgiving on X out of the same port. There were very few children on board. The majority of the pax we met were Europeans, Aussies and Canadians. This was an 11 day cruise so that may have affected the kids not getting out of school. We like not having to cook, plan, host etc and there are usually great deals that week.
  10. We have an aft Vista Suite. I'm sure they are gone for the second week. However, they are advertising Vista Suites (unassigned) with a bev package for a great deal.
  11. My TA is also checking current cabin availability. Booking now seems prudent but I won't be able to sell my better half on a b2b unless she loves the ship too, so if it happens it will happen while on board or contacting my TA on a port day. We are both readers and have drifted away from NCL because of the family on board attractions. Plus I'm a pickleball junkie.
  12. So we leave out of Ft. Lauderdale on Sun, 11/24 on the NS. 7 niter. I'm seeing some significant price drops for the following cruise departing 12/1 with a slightly different itinerary. This will be our first HAL cruise (lots of NCL and X). We drive to Port Everglades about 4 hours. So if we like the NS and decide to go back to back will these good deals be available on board?
  13. Hopping on the NS in two weeks. I'm now titillated and ready for more.
  14. We're on that cruise too. I'll be getting my lobster roll at DJ's Clam Shack on Duval St. I've spent alot of time in KW and you cannot beat that place. Also, pickleballing in the am at the new dedicated 6 court facility on the water.
  15. A snail went to the police claiming he was mugged. "It was a turtle, I just know it." "Can you give us a description?" "Sorry, it all happened so fast."
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