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  1. Good tip. I am hoping there is either global entry or Mobile Passport so I can get through quickly.
  2. I am carrying my luggage and have both Global Entry and Mobile Passport. Plane already booked. I pauid $56 for the flight to Myrtle Beach on Spirit. I am not too concerned about being out the money.
  3. My friend and I will be on the Escape on March 31. It is a 7 day cruise. Does anyone know which night and what time they usually have the Captain's cocktails? We want to book some specialty restaurants but don't want to do it on the same night. I spoke with NCL and they said they don't have the schedule for that. But maybe there is a "usual night" that it is held?
  4. Thanks a million. I may be able to sleep tonight. That is what i am used to seeing on other ships. But there is no accounting for the weather.
  5. Thanks. I was reading about the Gem. Nothing you can do about the weather. Just have to go with the flow. Luckily I am retired and don't have to be anyplace at anytime.
  6. Thanks. You are assuming I read that! I actually looked on the website and could not find that info. We usually cruise Princess and generally get off around 8:00. But I also seldom go out of NY and am not really familiar with La Guardia.
  7. If you buy your tickets ahead of time (taking a risk if you don't get there) you can fast pass up to 3 rides up to 60 days ahead. The lines have become so long at any of the Disney Parks- we were just there in early Feb I would not do it unless you are not going to get back there for along time and just have to see it.
  8. I will be sailing March 31 on the Escape out of Manhattan. I have booked a flight home at 11 am out of La Guardia assuming that we would get to NYC sometime in the middle of the night. Now I hear it may not be until 8:00am and then of course the ship has to clear customs. Has anyone cruised this route and can you tell me what time you got in and could get off the ship? I am not going to sweat it. If I have to , I can take a train to my mother's in Wilmington DE and then fly out of Philly in the next day or two.
  9. I was just at the Kennedy Space Center with my husband- not on a cruise. That was a great place to visit. The cruise is with a girlfriend the end of March. I live near Myrtle Beach and we have all those things here so I am not sure what we are going to do. My friend's daughter lives in Orlando so we may just visit with her.
  10. I was wondering the same thing about Coco beach. Can you get a cab or Uber from the port to the beach? This way we would be able to stay a bit longer.
  11. Can anyone give me some information as to exactly what the Thermal Suite is? Is it worth the $200 for the week? Thanks
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