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  1. We have a cruise on hold for Sept to Europe and are concerned about the Covid testing guidelines. We need to have a test between 1-3 days prior to entering the US. Where do we get that test overseas?
  2. My husband and I put a hold on a cruise in Sept out of Copenhagen to the Baltic. You can not enter Denmark without a negative COVID test within 3 days of entry. AND you cannot get back into the US without the same thing. They don't include vaccinations as an opt out. So how do we get a COVID test when we are on a cruise ship in the Baltic? I am sure that the airlines and CDC have not caught up with these rules. We called NCL and they have no information on this. I think we are going to cancel our hold.Does anyone know anything about this?
  3. we are sailing on the Koningsdam in Feb. My husband saw a picture of a pickleball court but there were no kitchen lines. Has anyone played on a HAL ship and what were the courts like? I was thinking of bringing chalk to mark the court.
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