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  1. Yeah, I tried asking for OBC but they were not able to do it. Oh well...
  2. Well, the saga is over. After speaking 5 different people over several phone calls and numerous emails, they realized their mistake and took the cruise back. I feel good about it because I sure wasn't going to fly from Texas to Germany for a two day cruise, no matter how awesome it would be. And I know that the right person will be in my place, one that can accurately report to the world how great the Encore is. Now, if they would have offered me a free balcony cabin on one of the seven day cruises...
  3. Actually, no one can book this cruise. It is only given out to the press and is free from NCL. But you are supposed to be a press member to go on it, that is the reason for this cruise. I am going to report it Monday to NCL. There was no one available over the weekend to fix it.
  4. Yes, your phone camera will work, even in airplane more. If you have it set to sync to dropbox or something like that, the sync will not occur until you turn off airplane mode. The pictures will still be stored on your camera.
  5. 🙂 I have emailed Robert. I haven't heard back from him.
  6. Ok, I want to start a poll. Who would a) be honest and tell NCL about their mistake. b) fly to Germany and share a cabin with Robert c) change the guest to my wife and show up in Germany and have a great, although undeserved, good time d) do nothing and not show up for the cruise
  7. I went to the checkin page and it is some guy from Ireland. I am in Texas.
  8. I'm on the phone right now with NCL. They really want to give this cruise! But I can't fly from Texas to Germany for a two day cruise. I have never had this type of "dilemma".
  9. Maybe if it was a Haven suite, but it's "just" a balcony cabin.
  10. Hmm. Since I am the primary on the reservation, perhaps I could change the second guest to be my wife.... No, I guess not.
  11. No such luck. Some guy named Robert. 😞
  12. I just checked on the current price of my Rome -> Greece cruise in Sept 2020. The price for my midship balcony has gone up $1600 since I booked. Darn, I was hoping for a price drop. Yeah, I feel like I am getting a really good deal. Steven
  13. Ooo. Maybe I need to find a way to get to Germany on my own.
  14. Imagine my surprise when I checked my NCL.com account, looking for shore excursions for my Sept 2020 Rome -> Greece cruise (there are none yet). I have a new cruise listed. It is on the inaugural, 2 day Encore cruise on Oct 31 from Bremerhaven to Southamptom. I am listed as the first guest, with some unknown person as the second. How nice is that... Someone bought me a cruise. Now I just have to hope that they buy me the airfare from Texas to Germany. Steven
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