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  1. Two years ago I used PortParking.com. I was very pleased with the facility. You park you own car inside an old warehouse. It may cost about $10 more than the others, but it is well worth it. While on the cruise, Galveston had a large storm with some flooding. My car did not even get wet. I will definitely use them again.
  2. @shipgeeks I am just a lowly nobody on RC and NCL (2 RC cruises and 1 NCL). I am not sure it will benefit me much, but I will check. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the info. Is there any way, short of springing $1200 pp for the Aurea experience, to get access to the thermal area of the spa? My wife loves the saunas and such but I can't see spending that much money just to sweat. Perhaps a few hundred (??!!) but not $2400.
  4. I have cruised NCL and RC, but I am considering MSC. I am looking at a 14 day out of Miami on the MSC Meraviglia for 2022. I have a few questions about the different experience levels. 1) As far as cabin choices between the Bella and Fantastica experience, it seems that with Bella the cabin is chosen for you and with Fantastica, I get to select the cabin. Is that right? 2) If I do a mock booking and choose the Fantastica Experience, I only get a choice of 2 cabins. I can only assume that either a) there are only 2 cabins remaining at this experience level or b) the
  5. @bearette Thanks for the advice. I have listened to a number of Rick Steves' stuff and it is good. I like his demeanor. Unfortunately the cruise that was going to take me to Dubrovnik is a no go. Perhaps I will get there in a few years. Either way, I appreciate the information.
  6. If is 700 days from my cruise on Allure OTS. Looks like it will be canceled now. That's cruise #2 canceled by the CV. Darn.
  7. I bought it through GetYourGuide.com and it is called the "Dubrovnik: Self-Guided Audio Tour". It's pretty good and it only cost $14. It's just a bunch of mp3 files (and a pdf map) and can play on any player.
  8. Hypothetical. I have an NCL cruise scheduled for September, so my final payment date is in May. What happens if May rolls up and, just before payment date, they decide to stop cruises into and out of Italy? If I don't pay, I lose my reservation. But can I pay for a cruise that, at the moment, is not going to occur? Just wondering. Steven
  9. Hey folks, I will be visiting Santorini on Sept 25, 2020 on the Norwegian Getaway. We arrive at 13:00 and leave at 22:00 and we will be tendering in. I have heard of the problems of long lines for the cable cars and I have a few questions. A little background. There will be three other ships in port that day Jewel OTS (~2500 pax, leaves at 19:00), AIDAmira (~1250 pax, leaves at 19:00), Oceana Riviera (~1250 pax, leaves at 20:00) and my ship, Getaway (~4000 pax, leaves at 22:00). Sunset for that night is at 19:10. I have a semi-private tour scheduled and we w
  10. Hi guys/gals, I am looking for a good (or any) audio guide for the city walls of Dubrovnik. I have already bought a few and tried a few free audio tours for the city walk but have found none for the city walls. The only audio tours for the walls I have found have been for the ones they rent there, and those have mixed reviews. I would like to find one that I can download to my phone and play through my earbuds. It works well to have a earbuds where I wear the right one and my wife wears the left one. That way we are listening to the same recording and they stay in sync.
  11. Thanks @Budget Queen and @Port Power. That's what I wanted to hear. Great.
  12. From what I read in a few other forums there is no customs control in Civitavecchia. You just walk off the ship and you are on the pier. Is that true? If so, how far from the ship is the area where they put your luggage if you let NCL take the luggage off the night before? TIA Steven
  13. Hi all, I am probably going to book a RomeCabs transfer from Civitavecchia to Rome. They say that they will pick me up at my ship and drive me into Rome. How do I handle my luggage? Do I have to do the self-assist, where I carry my own luggage off or do they actually pick me up just outside of customs and I can let NCL handle the luggage? TIA Steven
  14. Thanks, all. That's kinda what I figured.
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