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  1. Kind of wish they kept Boardwalk Donuts (like maybe next to Sugar Beach or relocated onto the Royal Promenade). Never had those donuts before, been meaning to try them!
  2. I haven't measured my Horizon ship model, but it was smaller than my Valor ship model!
  3. @Oceansaway17 Here is an analogy: There are 8 slice in a pizza pie. Let's say that each ship (4 ships total) borrows two slices. That would represent the total amount of parking available for that specific ship. Your ship will borrow two slices as well, and when it returns, the you (returning passengers) will give back those two slices they borrowed a week prior, and the new passengers will borrow those same two slices (this process repeats itself).
  4. Wow, both weeks they were out! I would assume they will restock them soon! I am just surprised at how small the model is!
  5. For those ages, I wouldn't recommend Majesty of the Seas. At minimum, I would choose a Voyager class ship (preferably refurbished) as those have flow riders, waterslides and a full-sized basketball court.
  6. Yes, but after the TA, Celebrity Summit will not return to New York, but reposition to Boston. In that 14 day period, Empress and Adventure will have made three rotations, and Oasis will have made two rotations.
  7. My concern is what about those 3000 people onboard the Celebrity Summit who leave for a 14-day transatlantic? Since those spots will not be freed up sequentially, will there be enough parking for those passengers on Oasis that returns that following Sunday (8/9/20)?
  8. Celebrity Summit will be heading on an eastbound transatlantic in early August. It will then reposition to Boston on a westbound transatlantic from Dublin, which is why for the majority of August, Celebrity summit will not appear on the port schedule.
  9. Ah, I apologize, it is late at night and I am not thinking properly. Yes, Splendor will be going in to an extensive dry dock after she departs Long Beach (and heads over to Singapore).
  10. You most likely missed searching. Carnival Panorama is scheduled to cruise out of Long Beach through April of 2022, so check again.
  11. I also share similar concerns. 12,000 passengers in less than 8 hours! Not only am I worried the Terminal could not handle that many passengers, but the parking! If parking isn't guaranteed, where else would I be able to park? I do not see any other lots in the near vicinity!
  12. They might bring Oasis down to Galveston in 2021 or 2022. Remember, Liberty was based in New York until 2015, then went into dry dock and repositioned to Galveston. Would love to see a Quantum class ship year round again in 2021 or 2022.
  13. On the subject of parking, what time should one arrive to have covered parking?
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