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  1. Some of my cruises have not had a carving statin at lunch every day. I would like to see them keep or add that to every cruise.
  2. I would book a cruise and probably will. I have one booked for June 2021 but will probably have to cancel that for non-virus reasons. The only thing keeping me from booking another one sooner than that now is uncertainty of family schedules. I am not arguing right or wrong to cruise now, just answering the OPs question.
  3. I just bought several $100 cards. Thanks for the heads up! I did notice when I was checking out that the cards used an extra 2% in points (1200 instead of 1000). I didn’t care because I’ve built up a lot as have many of you but it might matter to someone new.
  4. I agree with Sant Greg. I don’t have another one scheduled until June 2021 but if the right deal comes along when they start sailing again I will even go solo for the first time.
  5. I have never had a cove balcony but do like a regular balcony because I like to get sun on it. Also prefer deck 7 or above to be closer to pool, buffet, ice cream (for hubby),etc.
  6. On our cruise last month we departed San Diego on Saturday and didn’t reach Huatulco until Wednesday do I agree it would be too far for a 7 night cruise.
  7. Our first time to use the Platinum laundry perk was on our Journey Cruise in Feb. I tore every sack! Also after the first sack and form from the drawer I had to track down new ones the rest of the cruise. Ours were never replaced.
  8. I had that problem too. Finally had to go to Settings and clear my cookies and history.
  9. I don’t think it has changed on all sailings, maybe a trial? I’m not positive but I think late was at 7:45. I will find my Fun Times to verify and correct if I’m wrong.
  10. Ugh. Do NOT like this. Fortunately last month on the Miracle they still took dessert orders after dinner. But they moved Early seating to 5:30 which I thought was too early. We “suffered” through it and had a great cruise😉.
  11. When I had this problem I tried all kinds of things on my end. Nothing worked. I waited MONTHS. Kept trying every few weeks. Finally called and still nothing fixed it. Escalated to next level like you. Next day I got an email saying it had been assigned. Took about 3-4 more days then I got another email saying the problem was fixed. No explanation of what was wrong but it’s worked since then. Actually waiting on my first card delivery today. Now I have the “Null” problem😂.
  12. We booked this tour with Peat Taylor and had no problem getting back on time.
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