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  1. We always ask for twice a day service and it has never been a problem.
  2. We’ve never been to Costa Maya so I can’t give you a comparison but we did love the Lamanai Ruins excursion in Belize.
  3. The “official” word from Carnival on this is to put the dishes in the hall. That is because it is the room service people who pick them up not the room stewards.
  4. My FAVORITE reason for sailing from NOLA even though Galveston is slightly closer. This and it’s almost always cheaper!
  5. Did you have any problem with noise from the lido deck above? We have an extended balcony on deck 8 booked for next year. I usually try to book one deck lower to minimize noise potential.
  6. The teen club evening activities start every night during late dining. The times we have had late our sons would come to dinner but leave before dessert to go to the activity. Since we all enjoy set time dinner together we switched to early set dining.
  7. We always get early dining for the reasons above. Our sons always love Club O2. While the do usually just meet up and hang with friends there are activities. They usually go to at least one of the shows together and go to the deck parties. Maybe even one of the movies? Dodgeball tournament , water slide time.
  8. The only places I can think of are the coffee bar, MDR and possibly the atrium bar. I know the first two for sure and also know the atrium bar has coffee and hot chocolate so would assume the have hot spiked drinks available.
  9. I don’t think the OP was asking about stockholder credit but credit that was given them for compensation for changing a Cuba cruise. Probably not handled the same way as stockholder credit in my experience. I’ve had both.
  10. Since schools and colleges are out then I would expect a lot of families with all ages sailing that time of year. Have a great cruise!
  11. We’ve always been seated either with another family with similar age kids or at a table for just our family. Definitely choose early dining as the teen club activities start during late seating.
  12. We went the first week of August 2014. We were late 40s early 50s at the time and our sons were 11 and 15. There was a slightly older crowd than normal but not so much that we really noticed any difference. We aren’t party people either but so can’t comment in that but all the normal scheduled evening activities were taking place. The teen groups were smaller but especially my older son had maybe his best cruise ever. Still is in touch with some of the kids he met.
  13. My two boys (20 and 16 now) have been cruising Carnival for almost 10 years. They have LOVED every cruise. The ship size never bothered them from Fantasy to Magic. They have looked at other ships in port with us with the bells and whistles and said they would not want to cruise on them because they looked too big and crowded. They rarely if ever even go on the water slides and I don’t think either went on the ropes course because they just don’t want to wait in lines. They can do all that at home. They always make friends in the teen club and hang out with them.
  14. This makes sense to me for the bartenders. It sounds like the earlier posters are talking about servers/waiters and they keep all cash and card tips.
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