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  1. If it is from gift cards I have not heard of the rules changing and would think you can do as you ask. The official rule for non-refundable OBC seems to be you cannot get it back through the casino. Though I’ve seen some people say they have with no problem.
  2. Key West was cancelled for us but that was expected. Nothing was subbed but we already had 3 other ports. Some itineraries are subbing Bimini. I know Grand Cayman is still not open also.
  3. I think it’s a European thing. The first time I remember seeing it was at the breakfast buffet in Moscow when we were in Russia to adopt our sons.
  4. I’m so happy to see this! We have never been on the Pride but we have been on the Miracle twice and love the Spirit class. We will be on Pride in Oct 2022 for her return transatlantic (another first for us!) and I’m even more excited after seeing your pictures if that’s even possible! Bon Voyage!!
  5. We used to prefer late dining but when our kids were teens we switched to early because the teen club activities started at 8ish and they would’ve had to skip dessert or rush and they both preferred eating in the dining room. So I think most families with kids of any age eat early. That said obviously it’s not everyone! We have been seated with others but the last few cruises before the shutdown we were seated by ourselves but the tables were so close we visited with the people around us a lot. As far as dress I always find a mix a both times. I prefer to dress up for elegant night but didn’t feel out of place either way at either time. We tried Anytime once and none of us liked it, even my kids. We go out to eat a lot at home and it just felt like any other dinner while assigned always felt “special” because that’s how we treated it. For us it really just comes down to what we want it to be and we really don’t notice what others are or aren’t doing. Enjoy your cruise !
  6. We are on the Pride TA from Lisbon to Tampa Oct 30 3022. First time on Pride and first TA. And yes I am hoping Ken will be there. We were lucky enough to have John Heald as our CD and Ken as MD on the Miracle in Alaska in 2014. Awesome trip!
  7. I think this will be interesting to see this week. I think JH was speaking about the general rules on all ships while the Vista had even stricter rules based on known cases. At least that's the way I understood his responses to questions this morning about smoking in the casino. I am guessing the same is true of the mask policy.
  8. I just went back and checked and this is the email I received on June 24. My cruise is in October.
  9. I am not disagreeing with this statement, just a question I had when I heard that on the video. I have never been to the comedy club or piano bar so have no idea, but since there are less than 5% under age 12 on this cruise, how many of the additional 30% when at full capacity will be children or families that won’t be going to the comedy club and piano bar? Maybe the crowd that is there now already makes up the majority of the audience for these venues?
  10. It is the one at the beginning of this post.
  11. Our first one is in October but only because of my hubby’s work schedule. I’d go this weekend.
  12. We always bought Bubbles for our sons. When they were teens the virgin daiquiris and pina coladas were $6-$7. They had a spending budget they were allowed to use for these or arcade or whatever they chose. Anything over budget was out of their own money. Their favorite thing to get every cruise is the fruit punch. It is included on the Bubbles program. Made at the bar with actual fruit juices. I have to admit it is quite yummy (and the base for the Fun Ship Cocktail!).
  13. I ordered 1 $500 card on 5/6. It didn’t ship until 5/14. I received it on 5/19. In addition to taking much longer than normal it did not require a signature like it normally does. I also noticed it was sent from a different company than usual and the packaging was completely different. I suspect Allstate has changed card suppliers. Not sure if the delay will be the new normal org was slowed by the transition (if there was one).
  14. I tried searching and found nothing to answer my question, so I do apologize if it is there and I just didn't find it. Has any used the Carnival Fly2Fun option for airfare from the US to Lisbon? If so, what were the airline choices you were given?
  15. I always had a deal with my boys that they had to go on the first night. After that it was up to them. I rarely saw them😂. When they got to the teen club age we had to change out fining assignment to early instead of late because the teen club schedule. Anytime would work obviously but even my kids prefer assigned
  16. My PVP is on vacation this week. I know I have seen this question on the board before but I have spent almost an hour searching and have not found the answer yet. If Carnival cancels my cruise and I take the FCC/OBC option can it be applied to a cruise I already have booked before the cancelation or on new bookings only? I found an article online that was from last year that said the cruise has to be booked after the FCC was issued but I really thought I'd read that wasn't the case.
  17. Rescheduling our July cruise for February. Also going to Gatlinburg in June and returning home through Orange Beach. Then family wedding in Philly in Dec. Booked TA for Oct 2022 and discussing Alaska for June 2023. Also son will probably get married in 2022 so busy here.
  18. $100,$500 and $1000 cards are all available now. Still 12% discount.
  19. I was eventually able to get in on my laptop but still not able to on my phone. I’ve shut everything down and rebooted. Still didn’t work. I wasn’t able to sign in on my laptop at first and it is new. Didn’t have any cookies yet. Eventually it worked.
  20. Thanks. No luck so far but I’ll keep trying.
  21. And now it won’t let me log in😟. Anyone else having a problem?
  22. Am I just overlooking something? I have not seen anything about 2022? Is there more than what Saint Greg posted or is it there and I’m just blind?
  23. Our youngest graduates from high school this year so obviously kids sleeping isn’t an issue for us anymore. We are just cheap...although I prefer frugal😂!
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