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  1. We were on the Regal (2/24) and the food was very good. It was a huge step up from the CB we were on last year. The buffet had lots of options. Always had some kind of fish and shrimp almost every night. The MDR food was excellent. Lobster,, prawns and steak, shrimp dish in the dining room sometime during the week. I didn't notice a duck dish. You will have good food on the Regal!
  2. Hi We just got back from a cruise on Regal. (2/24) I had called Princess before hand to request a roll away. When we got on the ship the room steward had no knowledge of my request. She was unsure if she could get us a rollaway. I was surprised by this since we had one for three other cruises. She came back and said she can get one. At evening time she had it all set up! For us, we don't have an option since our son can't get up the ladder. The rollaway cot doesn't look every comfortable. It works for DS because he is only 130lbs and 5'2''. I full grown man would be very uncomfortable! It is hard to get to the sliding door on the balcony in the night with the cot out. But during the day it is put away in the closet area. We just have our clothes hanging over it. It works great for us. I hope this helps. Enjoy your cruise.
  3. The retreat pool on the Regal is deep. I am short (5'1") and can't touch at all. I have to hang on to the stairs or the side. My son who is short as well, can't swim in the pool at all because he can't swim. He likes to stand in the water but can't on the Regal.
  4. We are from Michigan too, and can't wait to get out of the snow! Looking forward to your review. We will be following along! We're leaving on Feb 24th on the Regal. Thanks in advance for sharing.
  5. We cruise all the time with three in a balcony. Our son is disabled and can't get up the ladder. We just ask for a roll away cot. It is tight but it works at night. It is rolled away in the morning, and put in the closet under the hanging clothes.
  6. Just booked a Feb 2020 cruise with Cyber Sale and $1 deposit. Very happy! We have been looking at this cruise but have been dragging our feet to actually book it. The $1 deposit sale was the push we needed.
  7. Thank you! The information has been helpful!
  8. Hi, We are looking of a new hotel or remodeled hotel to stay after our cruise. (in Ft. Lauderdale) I had found a list on line before but now I can't find anything when I search. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. We are thinking of doing this excursion but we have some concerns. We have a son that is disabled with us. My questions are where to we go when we are let off the bus? Down to start and walk back up to the bus? We were hoping to one of us will stay with our son and swim and the other do the falls. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks,
  10. My favorites are Alfredo fettuccine, pina colada soup and the tiramisu in little glass cups in the IC. I have a hard time stopping at one tiramisu!
  11. I Love this dessert!! I think its called pistachio chocolate something. It is Yummy!
  12. Western is fine and still a nice cruise but we like Eastern and love Southern! Kaye
  13. OH Man, so disappointed!! I have been waiting for the 3 for Free promo and it doesn't include our Caribbean Feb 2109 cruise! I thought for sure this would be for spring 2019. What promo is coming up that might include a spring 2019 cruise? I have been looking for a nice promo package but the sip and sail doesn't fit us since we are non drinkers. thanks, Kaye
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