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  1. WOW! So it begins. Excited for you. Have fun, let us know how it goes.
  2. What is a Seacation from the UK starting on July 31? I just receive an Instagram notice on this, and haven't heard about it. thanks Kaye
  3. We made the decision to book an winter 2022 caribbean cruise ourselves. We have always booked our winter cruises and are comfortable with the itinerary. But we are planning on a Alaska cruise summer of 2022 and we have never been. Since we have never been to Alaska we are going with an PVP. This is the plan for now, we'll see how it works! Thanks everyone.
  4. Thanks everyone for you input. I think I will try the PVP and see how it goes. If it doesn't work out, I will just go back to doing it myself. I was hoping that with using a PVP I might get some perks but we will see. Thanks again.
  5. Great questions! I been looking at pictures from our cruise last February, and wondering about the crew. Princess does have a wonderful crew and staff. Hope they are all safe and doing well.
  6. I recently put a cruise on hold and then I received a email from a Princess Cruise Planner. What is the benefit of using the planner person? I have always done our reservations myself and handled all changes. Am I missing out on something by doing it on my own? Thanks!
  7. Good point. I didn't know that Alaska cruise has smaller ports. We have never been to Alaska and will be taking with us our son that has cerebral palsy, along with my Dad that has Parkinson's. We don't need wall to wall people too!
  8. Thank You everyone for your replies. I appreciate the information. I know 2022 is a better choice but we are planning on taking my Dad and he has Parkinson's. Not sure he would be up to it in 2022. We don't know what the future holds. Thanks again for your info! Kaye
  9. I am considering an Alaska cruise for September 2021 or maybe 2022. The choices are between the Coral and Grand ships. We haven't been on neither. What ship do others prefer? Where can I go to see which ship had a recent refurbish? Thanks!! Kaye
  10. Ellie, Thank you for this "virtual cruise", I have enjoyed it and looked forward everyday to see where we were going next! Thanks again for all the time and devotion you put into this posting. I really appreciate it! I will be tagging along if you do another one. Kaye
  11. Greetings from Michigan! It's been a cool spring here, we even had snow last week. So I am enjoying this post!
  12. Following along with you! This makes me so happy!😃
  13. We received an upgrade as well , from a balcony to a mini! Our cruise is Feb. 8, 2021. We are exited! What a nice surprise.
  14. I was wondering what all the crew members are doing. I am sure crew would love to go home and see family since they are on the ships for a long period of time. But it would be a added expense for them for the cost of the plane ticket or would Princess cover their ticket cost? Also would their home country let them come home after being on a cruise ship. Wishing all the Princess crew members well and safety.
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