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  1. Thanks to all who have provided details of their own experiences and informed views designed to give guidance. This is an example of Cruise Critic working as it should. I have found it very useful. Balancing all information, I have been tipped by Fouremco's post, highlighting the risk of significant swells, in favour of a decision to go midship and midlevel on this cruise. My wife will feel more comfortable knowing we have done what we can to minimise the effect of any instability and with that knowledge will make the best of whatever comes.
  2. Thanks also 3rdGenCunarder. Your reply is most helpful and much appreciated.
  3. Thanks Miss G that is just the sort of factually based and helpful reply I needed to help make a decision. I enjoyed the link too.
  4. Well thanks for your help!! Different sea conditions can be expected in different locations. I was happy to have an aft cabin in the Med but thought it better to select a midship cabin for a North Pacific crossing. That proved a wise decision. Incidentally, I have never been sea sick but my wife is sensitive to motion so I would not choose an aft cabin if significant swells are likely to be experienced. Short rough seas are not likely to be a problem thanks to modern stabilisers. I do not know what conditions are likely on the US East coast North of New York in the Fall ( I am from Australia) . I would assume that the St Lawrence would be perfect for an aft cabin but would appreciate any guidance which others can give based on their experience.
  5. I am thinking of booking an aft cabin for a New York to Quebec cruise on the Zuiderdam in late September 2020 and would welcome guidance about the suitability of an aft cabin particularly having regard to sea conditions. We had a marvelous Mediterranean cruise in an aft cabin on the Noordam but never experienced much of a swell. On the other hand we did a North Pacific crossing on the Vollendam from Japan to Alaska when walking the promenade deck alternated from up to down hill as we cut through the swell. Fortunately we were in a mid ship cabin. I don't think an aft cabin would have been comfortable in those conditions. I would love to hear views of those who have done a New England Canada cruise.
  6. Is it possible that the OP has the name of the group wrong? The reference to the group being educators made me wonder if the correct name is the Rhodes Scholar Group. Cecil Rhodes was a wealthy entrepreneur who made a fortune mining gold in South Africa, became the Prime Minister of that country, built a railway to the North (intending to build from Cape town to Cairo) and had the country Rhodesia named after him. He created a scholarship available to all in the British Commonwealth who excelled academically and in sport to study post graduate degrees at Oxford University. They are Rhodes Scholars and very many eminent persons in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Canada belong to that group. Just wonder!
  7. Thanks to all who have responded to my post. The information provided has been very helpful. There is a great pool of knowledge out there amongst the CC community.
  8. We ( a group of 4) are doing a Norwegian fjord cruise in June on the Nieuw Statendam and are thinking of hiring a car in Molde to travel to Bud and the Atlantic Ocean Road. Does anyone have any tips or views for or against? How far are car hire depots from the docks? How expensive are road tolls? Any information would be a great help.
  9. Ine, No need to respond to my last posting. Having visited the website I see the Nieuw Statendam is shown to be berthing at the Passenger Terminal on our sail date 2 June 2019. Thanks again,
  10. A sincere thank you to all who have responded to my post with so much useful information. Ine, I will definitely use the link you provided to the Amsterdam terminal. Do you know when in advance of the sailing date that information will be available about where a particular ship will be berthed?
  11. We sail on the Nieuw Statendam in June, departing from Amsterdam for a 21 day Norwegian Fjords cruise. It seems the Movenpick Hotel is very close to a passenger terminal. Do HAL cruises sail from this terminal? If so, is there far to walk to the ship? Sometimes it can be more convenient to use a hotel which is further away and get a taxi right to the ship. Any guidance would be appreciated.
  12. As you come towards the end of your cruise - thank you for your entertaining and humorous reports. I have had many a laugh following your journey.
  13. A big Aussie welcome to Sydney. Hope you and Mrs Whogo enjoy your time in Sydney.
  14. Hello Mr W Have really enjoyed following your journey and your quirky humour which I sense has been a little strained today. I hope nothing that some wine and lamb chops will not put right. I recall the vibrations on the Noordam during a Mediterranean cruise in 2014. We had an aft cabin on deck 5. My She Who Must Be Obeyed (borrowed from John Mortimer) (SWMBO) was nearly bounced off the bed. The ship must have changed gear and suddenly accelerated or something. ( I know ships do not really do that) Fortunately, nothing as severe as that happened again but there was a constant slight but noticeable vibration throughout the ship. Flowers in a vase in the Crows Nest were visibly shaking. Hope its better now or that the planned upgrade in 2019 will fix it. She is a lovely ship. Be hearted that there are more sheep than people living in your destination New Zealand. You should be able to feast well on lamb chops to your heart and stomachs content. I look forward to your continued good humour - I reckon you could give Nelson Demille a run for his money. Keep it up.
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