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  1. I'm not a wine drinker for the most part, but as I recall, Carnival has a fairly limited selection of wines available by the glass. The ones that are available are mostly (if not all) under $20. They have a pretty good selection of wine available by the bottle, but that obviously isn't included in Cheers. Wine by the glass is definitely one area where RC had a lot more selection than Carnival, but a lot of those were above the $12 cutoff.
  2. You can only have 15 alcohol beverages per day with the Carnival Cheers package. There is no daily maximum with the RC deluxe beverage package. On most Carnival ships, there are very few drinks available that cost more than $20. Even top shelf liquor tends to fall well under $20 per drink on Carnival. It's been awhile now, but on my last cruise (November 2019) on Carnival I was told that there were no individual drinks available on the ship that cost more than $20. Not sure if that was true or applies to all ships, but it's what I was told by a bartender. A couple years ago Carnival dropped the maximum from $50 (I think) to $20. At the same time they removed most of the liquor options available above that cutoff. Again, that's what I was told but can't confirm as a fact. I've only sailed RC once but had no problems finding top shelf options available for $12 or less, but there were certainly more options available above the cutoff than there seems to be on Carnival.
  3. I agree. It seems to me there may be a disconnect between how the tests are supposed to be used and how they can be used in reality. Technically it is only supposed to be two tests per person meaning six tests for three people. That's why CSR says this when people call. But in reality there is no enforcement of this when the test is proctored which would mean any individual test can be used by whoever is contacting the proctor. The ordering of the tests seems to be separate from the administration/proctoring of the test even though both are included with purchase. It's possible that I might be testing this theory in a few weeks although it's looking more and more like we will only need three tests as one parent is going to stay home with unvaccinated/age < 12 son. All of the above is just my theory and should NOT be used for decision making by anyone else without further real life confirmation.
  4. Does anyone know if a newly assigned PVP can help with previously booked cruises? Or are they only allowed to help with cruises booked with them?
  5. I've read that people have called and been told this isn't correct. They were told it could be used for anyone even if their name wasn't included with the order. I cannot confirm this but multiple people have reportedly been told this.
  6. Not sure why I didn't realize before that it was THAT Maria. She's awesome. She was taking a break from Carnival at the end of my cruise on the Dream in Dec 2018/Jan 2019. At that point she made it sound like she might not be back. Good to see her back. She's a great bartender.
  7. Have you been able to figure out if they are able to transfer specialty dining payment from the pre-boarding form of payment to OBC?
  8. I've read multiple MG reviews and Live threads at this point. This is the first time I can recall seeing a shawarma place. Is that a permanent option or one of the rotating stations in the buffet? There are just so many options on that ship.
  9. Seems like the new muster drill makes it much easier to start working on the Cheers 15 limit for the day.
  10. Over the next 5 years it will probably come out somewhere around $2-3/leg. On the flip side, you will have more time to buy expensive beers at the airport with less time taking your shoes off and waiting in line. So it may end up costing you a lot more in the long run. 😀
  11. Check your credit card perks. A lot of cards, especially travel focused cards, will reimburse the $85 fee. Also that fee covers five years of precheck. If you are going to fly even a couple times per year that comes out to less than $5 per leg of all the flights. It is well worth that amount.
  12. I have FTTF purchased for October 10 Horizon and have heard nothing about it being cancelled or refunded. Still listed as an activity. It is still listed as an excursion on embarkation day but Sold Out. I fully expect that it will be cancelled as there doesn't seem to be a good way to mix priority boarding with current screening requirements, but as of now it is still listed.
  13. Several people on this thread have posted that emed CSRs have indicated you can use a 6-pack for more than 3 people. Has anyone successfully done this yet? I'm just wondering which names to include when I order or if that even matters.
  14. We are booked on the Horizon for 10/10. Final payment was made using FCC months ago. Never received any sort of communication regarding applying for exemption. I used the link posted above to apply for underage son. I guess we'll see. Not sure when they were going to communicate the requirement.
  15. I think there can be some variability by ship, but pretty sure the official policy is one free bottle per table regardless of the number of people sitting there. I'm really not sure what the official policy is on the %50 off. I've heard multiple reports of people buying several bottles at %50 off. When my wife and I were on the Valor, they did let us buy two but were VERY reluctant to do so. No way we could have purchased more than two. So your mileage may vary which isn't unusual when dealing with different cruise ships.
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