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  1. I've also seen variations with the queen bed split into 2 that makes a little better use of the space. It's a tight fit no matter how you set it up. Two parents and three teens would be a lot of bodies in a small space with only one bathroom. Make sure they at least price getting two rooms as it's often only about $100-200 more total. That's worth it just for the extra bathroom.
  2. Thanks. I did delete the app and reinstall before I tried to make a new account. Didn’t work. I even tried on a different phone. No luck.
  3. It is doing the same for me. I was able to sign up a few days ago with an email that I don't plan on using anymore. It seems there's no easy way to change your email or password. So I tried to just create a new account with a different email. It gets to the username screen and says everything I've put is already taken. What sucks is that it seems to already have associated the new email with an account even though no account is created, so I can't use the email moving forward. I guess I'll try calling.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I suspected it would be something like this.
  5. Anyone know how to change email and password if you don't have an Allstate policy? If I attempt to change anything on my Rewards account, it sends me to the main Allstate page. Since I don't have a policy, I can't login to the main Allstate account. I tried just creating a new Drivewise/Rewards account but that isn't working either.
  6. Thanks to the OP for posting this and big thanks to @rn4t5for posting. A full listing of the current 5-night menu has been really hard to find.
  7. I'm on the Valor in November and appreciate this discussion. I do know that the Alchemy Bar on the Dream had Blanton's as well. Never made it to the Steakhouse Bar.
  8. This is copied from the end of the email I received confirming a steakhouse reservation on the Valor in November: P.S. We are having a promotion in the Steakhouse on Embarkation and the first Cruise Elegant nights of the cruise! Guests booking a reservation on either night will receive a complimentary bottle of house wine or 50% off any bottle from our wine list!
  9. Off topic for this thread, but do you know if you can get HD poker chips in Progresso? My son and I stole the idea from you to get HD poker chips at the ports we visit. I see there is an HD dealership in Progresso, but I don't see a store. Just wondering since I know you've been to Progresso in the past. Thanks. And thanks for your great trip reports.
  10. Usually I'm familiar with and really appreciate your movie quotes but didn't know this one. Or at least didn't remember it.
  11. In the video, one of the guys says, "You can listen to your music with the lights on, boi!" in reference to a flashlight with AM/FM radio. Greg wrote "You can charge your phone with the lights on, boi" in reference to bedside lamps with USB ports which is a reference to the similar line in the movie.
  12. Somebody needs to teach Carnival how to make a biscuit. Those look inedible. Stark contrast with the scramble which looks really good.
  13. Yes. That's one of the reasons we booked the Valor. Previous Carnival sailing was on the Dream. And I agree with Saint Greg that the Dream really could use a Red Frog Pub. We had fun, but it always felt like there was a little something missing in regards to drinking venues. After going on an RC cruise with more defined and self contained drinking venues (e.g. a pub, a sports bar, etc), I realized how much I liked being "inside" a venue and not feeling like I'm hanging out in a hallway that happens to have a bar. Also found out that we like being in a place where I can drink and kids can play games. Red Frog Pub seems to check all these boxes nicely. Looking forward to it. My only concern is that I expect it to be crowded. Bummed to hear that Glory doesn't have a Pub as it's currently our 7-night option out of NO and decent chance we end up on her at some point. Is that when Alchemy opens on embarkation day? Hopefully they get bored looking at their shot glassed without alcohol and move on quickly. I'm assuming this is right after muster. Just make sure you head straight there. Hopefully your muster station is close.
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