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  1. Unfortunately even some Carnival reps are not aware of this. TAs are also in the dark on this. I have been told by reps and TAs that a card would be "reloaded" only to have to call back to get it cleared up and a new card issued. So if this did happen for the OP, it would be the first time that I've heard of it happening. And that would be useful information for the many, myself included, who continue to wait for gift card refunds.
  2. Did you check the cards to make sure they now have a balance? I have been repeatedly told that it isn't physically possible for a Carnival rep to "reload" cards and can only issue new ones.
  3. For credit cards, please note this unprecedented situation is delaying our processing times so calling/emailing us will not expedite the process. We appreciate your patience. For Carnival gift cards, you will be receiving a newly issued Carnival gift card as a replacement. The above is copy/paste from shore excursion cancellation email that I received.
  4. What @RumpunchGirl says is correct unless something has changed very recently. Given it is usually not discounted, no one would ever buy it if you couldn't get a refund before sailing. There don't appear to be any new rules with the discount being offered. Now if Carnival declares bankruptcy, you likely won't get your money back. But that's a whole different ball game.
  5. Now that you have to prepay for specialty dining when you reserve it, does anyone know if you can change the payment form once onboard? Specifically thinking about trying to use cruise cash that is currently discounted. I'm looking at booking the Chef's Table on Fantasy now and changing payment to use cruise cash once onboard. This would involve a refund to the pre-boarding purchase form. Just wondering if anybody has done this since the change in the reservation policy. Thanks.
  6. To be clear, the money is refunded even if YOU cancel before the sailing. It is NOT refundable if you sail and don't use all of the cruise cash.
  7. You are correct that cruise cash usually isn't discounted. There is currently a promo for 20% off $100 cruise cash that runs through today. Carnival doing new things (Cheers discount and CC discount) to increase cash flow a little. Desperate times and all.
  8. I received refunds for UBPx2, UDPx2, Waterpark cabana, and escape room x3 in 3 days. Still waiting on refund for refreshment package x1 and internet package.
  9. Anyone know if Carnival is sticking with the 30 days prior to sailing window to cancel? I'm speaking specifically about a May 30th sailing. Initial indications were that we had to decide by 3/31 whether to cancel with FCC or accept OBC. Now I've seen something on this thread about deciding 30 days prior although I've heard nothing official from Carnival. With other cruise lines allowing cancel/FCC until 48 hours before sailing, it seems unusual that Carnival would stick with the 30 days prior to sailing window.
  10. Goalpost Margarita at Playmakers with Patron and extra jalapenos.
  11. Here is a video showing the 5-night menus from the Valor a few months ago. The core of each menu is the same as the ones that I posted. There is another page each night (except formal night) with the Port of Call selections and Steakhouse Selections that is unique to that particular ship/sailing. I have not yet found one specific to the Sunshine, but I would expect the vast majority of the Sunshine 5-night menu to be the same as those posted.
  12. Those are NOT the specific Sunshine menus. They are the "generic" Carnival 5-night cruise menus. They are also lacking the Port of Call section that has items specific to that day's port. I posted them as an example and am pretty sure they are still mostly accurate based on my memory of a 5-night cruise on the Valor a couple months ago. These are the basic starting point for a Carnival 5-night cruise across the fleet as far as I know. There is certainly some variation based on ship and sailing. I don't think not having the section regarding upcharge steak/seafood immediately invalidates them. And the Sunshine does have a Steakhouse on the ship.
  13. Night 5. My wife and I love the Grilled Beef Tenderloin on the From the Grill portion of the menu. I rarely hear it mentioned as a favorite but is probably the best thing I've eaten on any cruise including specialty dining.
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