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  1. I’m not taking it as it’s a definitive they are leaving, but with the past comments of empress/majesty aren’t being sold to now we could potentially make some moves and majesty/infinity both on the way to Malta the timing is just odd. there is a bunkering ship next to majesty now so could be just getting fuel 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Meant it for majesty. And the CFO had an interview a few days ago saying they could potentially move some ships
  3. Infinity is slowly making its way towards Malta now
  4. Thought I remember reading somewhere monarch/sovereign met up with constellation to transfer the crew before heading to Aliaga...anyone else see that or know if it’s true?
  5. Cyprus has been allowing crew changes to happen there. Could be swapping some people out
  6. And already have 4 replacements lined up behind the current 5 there
  7. Sure that’s a possibility for the ships that are hanging out in the Caribbean. But for the 6 ships in Europe(all still sailing in November according to royal) it’s easier to get the crew in Europe and sail them home. Until anything is officially announced regarding majesty and empress it’s all speculation of what may or may not happen
  8. I wonder if they left the 2 in Europe to bring crew back to the states instead of just sailing them back over empty. It would be easier to get all the crew to a meeting point in Europe and then the 2 week quarantine could be taken care of on the sailing.
  9. Call back and ask for a supervisor. I’ve heard they are approving changes if you were canceled with no replacement
  10. Can grandeur or majesty get into some of the ports empress has scheduled though? Im hoping I’m wrong and all 3 stay. Haven’t gotten a chance to do empress yet so would like her to be around
  11. I think empress stays and majesty goes. Grandeur will go to New Orleans to replace majesty and empress stays on the normal sailings.
  12. Found some decently priced msc for the end of next year
  13. Majesty and symphony are being used as the 2 ships keeping those that don’t want to go home on board. Majesty i think is safe for now at least.
  14. Just got into them this year. Have freedom and majesty of the seas so far. Hopefully can find monarch and sovereign online
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