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  1. Thanks Mura. We will definitely be dressing within our comfort range. 😊 (Which falls in the range of what’s been described here).....LOL. Norma
  2. You are welcome!!! It’s been helpful to me for sure. Norma
  3. Well this has been interesting. As the OP here I was just looking for what’s “real” on Oceania… I certainly am not critical of people who overdress or underdress. We’ve done enough cruises to know that people do whatever they do, and cruise lines enforce whatever the individual maître d’ chooses to enforce. But to those of you who feel like dressing up on vacation is too much work, that’s OK for you. But you need to know that for some of us, since we are retired for several years, we actually enjoy dressing up when we have all the time in the world to do so! Seriously, DH enjoys it! That being said, we don’t want to be the only ones who dress up… We’d rather bring our “country club” clothes.…It’s not a matter of who’s right or wrong, it’s just a difference of opinion. Vive la difference in clothing choices.....
  4. Thank you all for your replies… DH has a closet full of Tori Richards shirts from all our trips to Hawaii…And he’s also OK with wearing a brooks brothers button down shirt and trousers… And I never have a problem dressing nicely. So.... I think we’re going to be fine… Now let’s see if the November cruise actually sails... 😷 Norma
  5. We will be new to Oceania if our cruise goes in November, (not counting on it) or whenever we rebook, since we will rebook if it’s cancelled. We have traveled on Celebrity, Cunard, HAL and Norwegian, and are happy to dress elegantly for dinner, and typically look more upscale than the average cruiser, except on Cunard which demands the cocktail dress and blazer at minimum. What do folks really wear to the MDR and specialty restaurants? We don’t usually go the to buffets, so we don’t need to know what we can wear there... Do men wear sport coats or blazers? Do the women wear cocktail dresses? I have looked at the pix on the Oceania website, and it looks pretty elegant, but those are models who are dressed to show what Oceania would like... what’s real? What do YOU and your spouse/partner/companion wear? thanks for your replies in advance....hope it briefly takes your mind off the darn pandemic and our cancelled cruises... Norma
  6. We used Cunard air twice. A one-way over when we TA’d back, and round trip when cruising out of Southampton and back. Both were in business class. I had some flights in mind before calling them, so I knew what the fares were. Cunard looked at several airlines and multiple flight options. All the prices were fantastic. Much lower than what I could buy the same flights for. I was able to get the exact flights I wanted. And on the airline we chose, we could pick our seats that day, and we paid for the fights with our final payment. The only caveat I could see is on a return flight from Southampton, if you fly out the same day you disembark. Cunard will not let you go out on morning flights, they make you take a mid afternoon flight or later, because they allow several hours for your trip to London, so you dont miss your flight. This is something to consider if you cruise East.
  7. We live in the US. Our July Fiords cruise was booked via a TA, and it was cancelled on April 23rd. I did the form requesting a refund myself that day. Today I decided it’s time to follow up. I called Cunard and only waited a minute or two for an agent. He told me that it had been processed on June 16 and should take 7 to 10 days to show up on our credit card as a refund. Very happy to hear!
  8. Hello All, In light of the fact that our this year b2b cruises will be cancelled, I’m looking at adding/booking a second cruise to one we already had booked for next year. Having already booked a cabin, I can’t get the same one on the second cruise. As I see it we have 2 options, change cabins on port day, or try to get a different cabin on the existing booking. This leads me to 2 questions for the Cunard cruisers who have much more experience with Cunard than we do. 1. How much of a hassle is it to change cabins on Cunard? We have done it on another Cruise line and we basically had to pack up everything, and unpack again...I would have liked to at least move the hanging clothes without packing them again but it was not an option. Is it the same on Cunard? 2. What happens if you want to change cabins in an existing booking, within the same class of cabin? Do they make you do a new booking or will they let you switch cabins within the same fare class? Maybe there are other options I haven’t considered? Appreciate any advice.....thanks . Norma
  9. Getting back to the original topic, we are Americans who love the “pomp and circumstance” that goes along with the Cunard cruises. We don’t do all of our cruises on Cunard, but we do enjoy the ones that we have taken. When we cruise on Cunard,we don’t mind dressing up, it’s part of the experience...we ship our formal clothes ahead of time so we have less luggage to lug...lol. Sorry for the bad pun. Dealing with their antiquated systems related to the website and on line check-in does require patience but I guess we are used to it now. I love the packet that they send out with the cruise info and luggage tags, it’s old fashioned but this luggage tags are sturdy compared with the computer paper printed ones that we have to laminate or otherwise protect them in plastic tag holders. We find that the Grilles dining rooms have very good food/menus/ service, but Britannia food and menus can’t compete with Celebrity Cruises MDR, which would be comparable in price for us. We like the fact that we can always find someplace to go and sit and play cards or read, the ships never seem overcrowded. We also like the fact that there are real dance floors, as so many other cruise lines have shrunk the dance floors or eliminated them altogether. The most unique experience we had that defines Cunard: Last July we were on QE2 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Queen Mary was there the same day. At the end of the day as the two ships left the port, they did a special “Sail away” and passed each other in the harbor, saluting each other with their horns. Also there were tugs shooting water/water cannons and it was wonderful to watch. It was a bit like a parade with 2 ships and a few tugboats. It’s not something you see every day on Cunard, and you certainly don’t see it with other cruise lines. So Cunard is not for everyone, but different strokes for different folks...
  10. We have received the drink package on all the PG suites we have booked for US fares for the past three years. We even received it for a 2021 booking that didn’t clearly state it when we booked it. We consider it to be “paid for” in our cruise fare. But, because we have enjoyed this benefit, we have never sought out a lower fare without the drink package. I don’t know if Cunard offers the option to book without the drink package, but other American focused mid priced cruise lines do so I can’t imagine Cunard doesn’t. However, typically the “included” drink package is worth it if you drink a couple of drinks a day, and it’s not worth the tiny discount of the fare without drinks. That’s been my observation when booking other cruise lines who all seem to have these drink packages now. An additional note, the sommeliers always help us choose by-the -glass wines based on what we like, and we have not been disappointed.
  11. We are boomers who have done at least 15 cruises, but we are now looking for a Mediterranean cruise with our millennial son and his wife. Most important is the nightlife, they like club dancing and modern Latin dancing, while we like more traditional ballroom type dancing, or at least dancing to the oldies if in a club setting. We have found cruised Celebrity, HAL, Norwegian, Princess, and Cunard, and our experience is that some lines/ships favor one or the other but not both, the big exception is Cunard, but the dressy nature of the evenings is not for the “kids”. So we are looking for advice/recommendations for any cruises lines that might offer us the dance options I’ve described above. We have noticed that sometimes the ships and the individual itinerary makes a difference, so any and all recommendations are appreciated. Thanks, Norma
  12. DH and I have done three cruises with Cunard. The first two were b2b on QE and QM, and we both had a large case just for evening wear. DH had a couple of jackets plus the tux. While on these cruises I paid attention to what others were wearing so I could maybe pack a bit more efficiently for the next Cunard cruise. Most gentlemen had one suit or tux for the gala nights and a navy blue blazer. So this year we did 3 weeks on QE and DH brought a tux and only the navy blazer. He changed up the outfits by combining the blazer with 4 shirts, two pair trousers and a handful of ties. Never wore the same combo twice. I think it’s great if folks want to bring several large cases, but we were happy to have one less large case this year and we both still dressed (per code) for dinner every evening.
  13. We are starting to book our excursions for our upcoming western Caribbean cruise and want to scuba..However one of the requirements is that you have dived in the past year and can prove it. So so we have not dived in the past year but are certified and have dived many times over the years. Do they really ask for proof or documentation? Appreciate any feed back. thanks, Norma
  14. We are new to river cruising. We are used to getting some token OBC from our travel agents when ocean cruising, in addition we to what we usually get from the cruise line.. But on this, our first river cruise, with Viking, which the TA pushed, we did not get anything from the TA or Viking. Mind you, we booked a suite, so we are thinking she got a handsome commission and would have given us something since we didn’t gat anything from the cruise line... The nice thing is that there are not so many expenses on board, but we might have used it for an optional excursion or for the gratuities. What at is considered normal for river cruising? Thanks for input.. Norma
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