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  1. We are starting to book our excursions for our upcoming western Caribbean cruise and want to scuba..However one of the requirements is that you have dived in the past year and can prove it. So so we have not dived in the past year but are certified and have dived many times over the years. Do they really ask for proof or documentation? Appreciate any feed back. thanks, Norma
  2. We are new to river cruising. We are used to getting some token OBC from our travel agents when ocean cruising, in addition we to what we usually get from the cruise line.. But on this, our first river cruise, with Viking, which the TA pushed, we did not get anything from the TA or Viking. Mind you, we booked a suite, so we are thinking she got a handsome commission and would have given us something since we didn’t gat anything from the cruise line... The nice thing is that there are not so many expenses on board, but we might have used it for an optional excursion or for the gratuities. What at is considered normal for river cruising? Thanks for input.. Norma
  3. I wanted to post my experience with my recent booking because I learned something about Cunard airfares. (We flew one way this year, next year we fly from the Florida to the UK and back.) I was definitely impressed with this past year’s business class pricing for the one way from UKto Fl. I called to get flights through Cunard, and they booked us two one-way business class fares. Not sure why they don’t do round trip, I questioned it but he just said that’s how they do it. After getting the prices, I went on the airlines website to compare. If I book a round trip, Cunard's total price of the two one-way fares is about a 13% discount from the carrier’s round trip fare, which is good but not great. However, if I booked two one-way fares with the carrier, the numbers come out as a whopping 77% discount, because the one-way fares don’t get discounted the way a round trip fare does when booking with the carrier. So in comparing the one-way fares Cunard has a great fare, and if you’re only going one way, it’s definitely worth it... In the end, we’ll take the 13% discount because it’s still a sizeable chunk of money. 😊 Clearly this is a huge discount if when you’re flying one-way internationally.
  4. I wanted to post information for anyone else who wants to have their luggage forwarded related to a Cunard cruise. Last year we used the white star luggage service from Florida to Southampton and then from New York City back to Florida. While Cunard for the most part managed it very well, I found the paperwork to be a bit cumbersome (having to list each item in each case with a value)and it seemed a bit high in price for a maximum insured value of approx $1000. But in the end I was happy to ship the larger luggage so my husband and I could travel with just carry-ons. This year we cruised home Florida to Southampton and since we live in Florida, we only needed the return luggage service from Southampton back home. I was really surprised to see that Cunard had discontinued the white star luggage service and instructed passengers to use luggage forward. They also were not very helpful, other than directing you to the website, which is a free website on the ship Wi-Fi. It was really a nice surprise to see how user-friendly Luggage Forward is. The website is very clear. I had a couple questions while I was putting together information, and I just did the online chat while I was doing the reservation, getting my questions answered right then. Furthermore, you can choose how much insurance you want, by paying a minimal amount to raise the insurance by $500 increments, and the final price was significantly cheaper than Cunard. At least 20 percent less for our luggage. And best of all, you don’t have to do the itemized list. We were able to print out all the paperwork on the computer in the ship’s library and the purser’s desk gave us the plastic envelopes used to attach them to your luggage After we collected our luggage in the Southampton terminal, we easily found the luggage forward representative with a couple of signs around him. It was easy. This was similar to the White Star service. Both services used the same carrier, although luggage forward did not tell me ahead of time who they would use. They told me they use any of these three- FedEx, UPS and DHL to the US, all of which are good. The luggage arrived home eight days after we got off the ship. Not bad. Overall I highly recommend using luggage forward. I believe it was a bit less hassle than the white star and it was less costly which was a bonus! 😀 Norma
  5. Was on QE in June. My situation may be different than yours, because I am type II and avoid sugar as much as possible. I always look for no-sugar-added, because if a dessert is made with milk there is milk sugar in it, and that is not a major issue for me. For me it’s important they are not adding table sugar. I can’t recall specifically what was sugar free and what what was no sugar added, but: If you like sweetened tea or coffee, bring your own sweetener. I think they had saccharin (which I dont like,) but no aspartame, sucralose or stevia that was readily available. I did get some candela aspartame when I begged, but I will be bringing my own sweetener tabs on my next cruise. They did have sugar free jams or jellies, I found them readily at the buffet. Regarding desserts, I think they had at least one no-sugar-added every day. I do not recall if any were sugar free. I recommend you advise Cunard and they will help you. Good Luck. Enjoy!
  6. Thanks so much. We may use this since we've a full day before our cruise next month. Norma
  7. I am finding this thread interesting. I wonder how many of the “no hose with sandals” voters wear slips? I’m in my sixties and still wear slips and occasionally wear sheer toe hose with dressy sandals. It may be old fashioned but it’s no crime worthy of the fashion police .. Lol. Live and let wear hose or not as you choose!!!
  8. A couple of years ago I found a bathing suit brand that fits me in a local store, and now I know my size and the best style for me. The brand is a bit pricey, so I learned to google that brand and can find it on sale sometimes, and buy one or two suits when they’re on sale, wherever the store is. I don’t have to return them because I know they’ll fit. Good luck.
  9. Not sure if it's called back to back, but we will be doing a Baltic cruise on QE2 and then transferring to QM the same day we finish the QE2. We understand that Cunard will move our luggage. We are looking for information regarding what happens that morning to us, I.e., if we need to fill in a few hours in Southampton or if we can move directly from one ship to the other? If we have to fill in some time, what should we do? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, Norma
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