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  1. We just had a cruise canceled after paying a large payment only 45 days ago. Since they’re telling us there’s up to 90 days until they will refund us, We are considering disputing the charge and providing the cancellation letter as our rationale. We are wondering what has been other folks’ experience when they’ve disputed the credit card charge for a canceled cruise? Is there any advice for how to handle this? Thanks for any info…
  2. We use a travel agent, but for flights I always call Cunard directly. Their prices are great, and they will look at as many airlines as you ask. We have even booked flights before and after back to backs. In that case they book one direction with each cruise. Once we book the flights, I just call the travel agent and ask them to get the update from Cunard.
  3. That’s what I thought. We always get it included, but I’m guessing it’s just part of our fare! (There’s no such thing as a free lunch!) Maybe Cunard feels the US cruisers expect it and just up the fare to capture the cost. I feel bad for the non-drinkers, they aren’t getting their money’s worth. We have no problem. 😉
  4. We like to cruise Cunard because it’s different from other cruise lines. We like to dance, and they have the best dance floors and music. Most of the American cruise lines have small nightclub-type floors nowadays. However one misconception in your original post… When we travel in Princess or Queen‘s Grille suites, we get a couple of perks, one of which is a drinks package including drinks under $12. We have no trouble finding lots of drinks in that price range, as well as very good wine. We also have bought bottles of wine that are higher priced, but it’s a generous drink package in
  5. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate ALL the comments, including the kilt ones. Since we also cruise on Cunard, we have seen quite a few kilts on the gala evenings.😊 It was also interesting for me to realize that some people consider a dressy dress different than a cocktail dress. I guess to me a cocktail dress is dressy, but knee length, compared to say a dress I would wear to church. And a gown is even dressier but floor length, and I would probably refer to that as formal. Part of it’s just semantics…🤪 Can’t wait to cruise again…
  6. Throwing a question out there about what people actually really wear on the so-called dressing nights. We haven’t been on Celebrity since 2018.(how time flies…). The last time we cruised hubby wore a blazer and trousers and I wore a nice dress on the dressy nights. Our previous cruises were all in the Caribbean with Celebrity... Now we have rebooked and have three Celebrity cruises scheduled in 2022. One is a Caribbean, and two are Australia/New Zealand/South Pacific. So I’m starting to wonder whether or not people dress up differently for Caribbean cruises versus the south pac
  7. I’m not sure if this was covered anywhere, but we had bought cruisenext certificates in 2019 that will be expiring in 2023. Obviously, due to Covid, we’ve lost at least 15 months worth of cruising… Does anyone know if Norwegian will extend the expiration on the certificates?
  8. We have been on both cruise lines in the past few years. We really like Cunard, especially the suites. The perk of a separate lounge and smaller, quieter dining rooms is truly elegant, fine dining and merits dressing up. We haven’t been on HAL ship that has a separate dining room for suites, not sure if any do, but that’s a huge drawback. The food in the grilles dining rooms is superb. If you sale HAL and pay for a suite, you get to eat the same food as everyone else, and it’s just OK. The other big difference is dancing. Cunard has two nice spaces to dance. They hav
  9. We are booked on the first currently scheduled QV out of Southampton this May. It will be interesting to see if it actually sets sail, and what the requirements are in order to cruise. Also, since we are coming from the US what will the UK entry requirements be. My husband has already had his two shots, I’m hope to get mine in the next round and keeping my fingers crossed that I will have my shots well before May. Finally, we’re hoping that having vaccinations, will make things a lot easier. We’re OK with still wearing a mask in crowded spaces, but not when we’re social distanc
  10. We have Cruised in the Princess Grilles several times and are considering trying a penthouse suite. What I’d like feedback on is the actual room layout. The rooms are larger, but the diagrams of the layout look like they were poorly designed. Is there really only one sink in the bathroom when the princess suites have two? And how well are the closets laid out? And why would they have two desks instead of a larger sitting area? I’d love to hear how past cruisers feel about the room layout. I’m aware there are several perks of the Queens, but just can’t decide about the room its
  11. Thanks Mura. We will definitely be dressing within our comfort range. 😊 (Which falls in the range of what’s been described here).....LOL. Norma
  12. You are welcome!!! It’s been helpful to me for sure. Norma
  13. Well this has been interesting. As the OP here I was just looking for what’s “real” on Oceania… I certainly am not critical of people who overdress or underdress. We’ve done enough cruises to know that people do whatever they do, and cruise lines enforce whatever the individual maître d’ chooses to enforce. But to those of you who feel like dressing up on vacation is too much work, that’s OK for you. But you need to know that for some of us, since we are retired for several years, we actually enjoy dressing up when we have all the time in the world to do so! Seriously, DH enjoys
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