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  1. Any cruise that was scheduled to be more than 7 days is showing up as not available at the moment due to the CDC directives.
  2. Although is was not Princess ( I got back our $10,000 back in July). I just got back my taxes from the flights I had booked with Points. The flights were cancelled before the end of March.
  3. As with Canada as well health coverage is not free, we pay a lot of taxes for it. We just do not have to shell out for each Dr visit.
  4. You will be lucky to get a top sheet and a blanket now. My mom does not really like a duvet, and she has to beg for a blanket.
  5. There sometimes is no understandable reason for the cabin availability. We wanted to book the 14 day version of two 7day Alaska trips. The better cabins are only available for the 7 day cruises and not the 14. You would think they would prefer to sell the longer time, but not always .
  6. I just checked mine, we submitted ours in 2016, but mine also shows an expiration date of the end of 2021....
  7. Thank you to Cruise Wonderland, it was fun to read that list (even though it did not happen).
  8. I was just able to book the excursions this morning. We are going next Sep, so it could have been a month thing, now that we are in Oct, it allowed the booking. Enough OBC so no risk to book it now.
  9. I know in the past Excursions were not listed on a cruise until a few months before the trip. I have rebooked for Alaska for next Sep. All the excursions are showing up, including prices. It lets you select a time and the Passengers, but then when you click buy, it says there are errors for certain passengers (all those selected) The cruise contract is completed. Any ideas?
  10. Last week, it is $53 CAD per person per day more. They have not corrected the exchange yet, so we are paying a much higher than the “bank” rate.
  11. Right now the issue in Canada is that due to demand it can take upto 5 days to get the results, so having a test in the past 72 hrs, we could still be waiting for results.
  12. I booked the Princess Plus, but is is not really a deal, it is costing us $1500 CAD more for two weeks. Taking into account we would only get one internet, Tips, not drink a lot (we would get two coffee cards) , even if we bought 10 bottles of wine, it is still $700 more for the extra booze and pop.
  13. Just to note, not all cabins are available on the 14 day “version” of the cruise out of Vancouver, there are lots available for the separate 7 day north/south bound. I called and they can put a “request” to have the cabins made available but it is two different Departments and no promise they will do it. You would think they would prefer people booking 14 days instead of only a 7 day, less cleaning (especially now with COVID). Also note that the ports repeat but I look at it as giving me more time to explore the area. We have booked the 14 day in early Sep on the Grand.
  14. We are looking at a 14 day round trip from Vancouver. Want to give more time for Covid concerns, so although we had booked in May this year, we are thinking to book late Aug early Sep to give more time for the virus to run its course/vaccines or something. We do know how to bundle up for cold. I have noted the comments about rain late in the season.
  15. I am asking this here as well as it gets more traffic than Alaska. I am looking to rebook our Alaska cruise. I am wondering what are the advantages and disadvantages of when during the cruise season we should go. I am especially interested in the ends of the season. We can go anytime. Also looking for suggestions on the ship, I am looking at Grand and Coral.
  16. We are looking to rebook our cancelled trip. When is the best time to go during the cruise season? What are the advantages/disadvantages of each time frame, especially the end and start of the season.
  17. Thanks for the heads up, I have sent my TA who works for this company an email
  18. A repeat of certain dishes can be a good thing, I have found a dish I really loved, and really wanted to be able to have it again during the trip. I think taking the entire world cruise is less about the cost per night and more about the “club” of being able to say that you have done it.
  19. The tags reminded me of the two weeks I spent with my Mom. It was her return to cruising after looking my Dad. She had a great time, and that was the goal of the trip.
  20. In our stateroom. I did not like that your photo showed up on the screens of the stores as you entered. It also unlocked your door when you were 6 ft plus from it. This was one of the first cruises that had it, so I expect things have gotten better. We also got a cruise card Automatically as it was so new. They had a number of extra staff onboard running around with ipads , and in the computer centre due to the issues. When we get to go back, I will be keeping it in a RFID Sleeve, only getting it out when needed.
  21. We were on the 14 day circle a couple of years ago. For me going early allowed me to get the “beach and salt water swimming” I needed going to the Caribbean. I would have really searched out the water on other stops had I not had this first. On the two week personally I would have loved a second visit. The only downside for me was the tender to get there and back to the ship
  22. This is correct, you could get fruit drinks though
  23. There are enough Australians to fill the ships they don’t need people from other places.
  24. My cruises did not drop off until the the day there were supposed to sail.
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