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  1. have you seen this? It is a link from the W.H.O click on the tab at the lower left where it says Cumulative Cases. https://experience.arcgis.com/experience/685d0ace521648f8a5beeeee1b9125cd
  2. They said no flights to China but when I went to a couple websites I was able to book round trip flights. From SFO to various cities in China, futhermore if you go to FlightAware you can see several flights in and out of Wuhan. Is this all some kind of hoax? What is REALLY going on?
  3. I think it was nice before when it was a perk for those in the know don't you agree?
  4. Agree, I did not see may "Cool Kids" up there nor on this ship nonetheless. I think NCL and Carnival are either for the very frugal or new cruisers. My mom, who would save Christmas paper and tin foil loved NCL. I saw most passenger with the peached colored badges meaning they are new cruisers to NCL. Although we enjoyed our cruise and the crew was excellent, NCL creates this little irritants that piss me of so much I will not go back. A FREE drink package is really $175 for 2 on a 7 day Cruise, does not include bottled water, specialty juices or specialty coffee? If you grab a beer or soda from the Mini bar that is charged! If you order a drink with room service, that too is charged and not on your drink package? - Why would they do this, Was this irritant worth the 2 or 3 coffees or juices I may might have ordered? The ropes course, open just a few hours per day unless at sea, several bars in popular areas close early, just makes no sense. They spend so much on advertising only to put a fly in the ointment for their passengers once on board it just makes no sense. They could have raised my fare $50 to avoid the irritants. Yeah no rush to get a vibe ticket, maybe soon the airlines will follow by making coach and economy passengers stand on the pole so first class has room for a dance floor?
  5. This is the Vibe on the Getaway March 4, 2019 after price increase on a sea day 8:30 am. No need to hoard a recliner.
  6. At $400 for two people? You might just have the place to yourself, be sure to get your drinks lined up early as the bar closes at 7, never heard of a bar closing at 7PM before. Also bring a weighted cup holder and cover to keep your drink from tipping from the wind. I had to hold my hand over my Mudslide to keep the contents from being blown out of the cup from the wind all over the deck. Yeah, it is that windy up there. And if you would like a snack it is a long walk down a flight of stars and a long walk to the opposite end of the ship to get to the buffet. No, its a major inconvenience, a long walk to get there and was not worth it to IMO. The bartender(s) up there were great and was fun when we all did group shots but to be honest I think it is better to go on an upscale cruiseline than paying extra for an oasis away from the heard. For the added fee of the Vibe, I think the cabanas should be included, not one was rented, there should be some Hors d'oeuvre's, and a wait staff or something. We had to get up and go to the bar to get a drink at the Vibe everytime were were there except for the first day. At the main pool someone came and brought us a drink no problem.
  7. It is because of Chair Hoarder.
  8. I have Ooma Voip service at home, if you don't have it check it out only $5/mo. So I installed the NCL app and the Ooma app on my phone and on my first day was able to upgrade my 250 free minutes to unlimited Premium internet service for I think it was about $200. Kept my phone in Airplane mode and was able to make and receive calls and my wife would use Facebook messenger to video chat with her mom. I tested the speed and was able to do a live Youtube webcast on the first day. During the Glow party I tried to do it again but had problems. Other than that all I can say is to try and get a voip app and the premium Internet unlimited service if you need to stay in touch. I heard the Internet is slow on the ship but I had no issues with it.
  9. Ship - NCL Getaway Deck - 10 Stateroom # - 10802 Stateroom Category – Mini Suite Starboard or Port Side - Starboard Nice room, nice bathroom wide double sink, multi-jet full sized shower and our Steward "Asep" was very responsive and helpful. No bites, no bugs, no problems
  10. No, did not sell out, and the most I saw people there were on the first day. about 1/4 of the recliners were taken and about 4 seats at the bar in use. Sea Day was too windy to enjoy, on the way back sea day had so many activities we did not make it to the vibe at all.
  11. Yes 7 day, i wonder if my badge still works? 200 for a lifetime membership would be good 😁
  12. I agree, that is why we choose to spend our vacation money elsewhere in the future. Sorry to offend the brand loyalists out there.
  13. Personally I feel that when you spend good money for a cruise you shouldn't have to spend more for a recliner and access to a bar.
  14. Doesn't really matter to us what they charge. My wife and I have discussed the good and bad with NCL and have decided that that this is our last cruise with them. Too many better options.
  15. We have 2 days left I got tkt 17 and 18 and boarded Group 2, went straight to Headliners when they broke the news of the new pricing. Half the people left without buying. It is not crowded at all but had I known they close the bar at 7 I would not have.spent the money. I think they said day spa pass was $59 we are on the NCL Getaway
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