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  1. Unfortunately, we've had to make claims on our insurance numerous times in the past ten years. My husband had a stroke which resulted in us having to cancel a three month vacation rental. My mom fell and broke her hip while we were on vacation, so we had to go home two weeks earlier than anticipated. Our insurance reimbursed us the two weeks rental as well as the expenses for driving home to Canada. Two years ago a family member passed away so our vacation was postponed a week. Our insurance company covered the cost of cancelling and rebooking our flights. In addition, we've had several medica
  2. I just found out my travel insurance will not cover us for any cruise booked during the time cruise travel is banned by the Canadian govt. I was recently on the Volendam, and booked two grand cruises in 2021 and 2022. It looks like both of these cruises will not be covered by our insurance, hence I am going to request HAL give us back our deposits. (Note, even if the cruise travel ban is lifted prior to the cruise departure date, the insurance will not cover us because we made the purchase while the travel ban was on.) I suggest you look into your travel insurance carefully and fi
  3. I recently contacted HAL regarding fridges in oceanview cabins on the Volendam since there seemed to be conflicting information on what I read on Cruise Critic and what was stated on HAL's website. After a few back-and-forth discussions, I was told there were no fridges, but they can be purchased for $2 per day. When they wanted to charge me the $2 per day for our upcoming South America cruise, I told them it was too bad that HAL does not stand by what is obviously quite clearly stated on their web page -- that there is no need to rent a fridge because it's already provided. I was then told th
  4. Thanks Homassa. The technicalities of why internet on ships isn't reliable is definitely beyond my limited understanding. I just know that from experience I can't expect the same dependability or speed that I am accustomed to at home. And at home, I know that there's always a possibility in bad weather our internet service will be disrupted -- usually just at the time I really really think I need to use it!
  5. Thanks, Denise. That at least gives me an idea. That is crazy expensive.
  6. We are booked on the 77 day Grand South America cruise in January 2020. Does anyone have any idea what the price might be for the surf and premium package? I noticed that the above chart does not include prices for longer cruises. Does HAL charge by segment then, even though we booked the whole 77 days as one cruise? Thanks for any insight you can provide.
  7. Thanks for starting such a positive thread. I love many things about HAL, almost all of them have been mentioned. One thing that comes to mind that I don't think has been discussed --- the towel animals! They just make me smile! My husband and I try to preserve them and make a little zoo, until at some point they fall apart or our cabin steward decides it's time for them to be removed. The little things can make a pleasant difference.
  8. That's great news! I sent an email to Oceania and it took them more than two months to reply. They said they didn't have table tennis. I know sometimes that head office doesn't always get things right, so I thought I'd find out from previous passengers. Many thanks for answering my concern.
  9. My husband loves playing table tennis. We are wondering if table tennis is available on the Insignia. Thanks for your help.
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