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  1. The train is no problem at all for us. We have taken trains all over Europe without issue. Grandkids really like the train more than a car. Our AirBnB is near the train station in Venice so that makes it easy also. I looked at getting a couple of vans and drivers (13 of us) and that might be an option but have plenty of time to decide.
  2. We have the whole family booked on the Brilliance in June 2022 out of Ravenna. We will spend a few days in Venice pre-cruise. Rather than the hassle of getting to the airport from Venice and then waiting for a bus, we will take a train. It is less than $20 per person and transfers at Ferrara. We will take taxis from the train station to the port or I will arrange for a driver.
  3. My wife and I just received our first vaccines two days ago in Dare County, NC. Unbelievably well organized and efficient. In and out in 20 minutes including the 15 sitting after the shots. Every county vaccine site should be run as well.
  4. We had our 1st Moderna injection yesterday. No soreness, feeling great. Next one schedule for Feb 18th. Can't wait!!!
  5. We are booked on the April 2021 Papeete to San Francisco cruise. Waiting to see how long it takes for Oceania to cancel it.
  6. Thanks for the information. I just downloaded the entire document.
  7. Cancelled a cruise on March 19th. CC was refunded this morning.
  8. I only filed a dispute on the refund amount. If I don't get the FCC I will file against my cancel for any reason insurance or dispute the charges with the credit card company.
  9. Today is my 61st day since cancelling. I called HAL and spoke with a very nice rep. She confirmed that they had my cancellation but she could not tell me when I would be reimbursed or when I would receive FCC. She said they were working from home and doing the refunds and FCC by hand. Needless to say, a refund might be months in the future, or never, so I disputed charges with the CC company today.
  10. The level of stupidity never surprises me. I would have like to be at the checkpoint when the found the car on the tow truck with the people hidden in it.
  11. Hello, I live on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It is a very popular tourist site and the vast minority of the people here during the spring/summer season are full time residents. There are only four ways onto our island; two bridges, driving down the beach from Virginia in a 4 wheel drive vehicle, and by boat. A couple of weeks ago, the county government closed all accesses to all but full time residents. This is to save the very limited medical support for locals. As soon as this happened, some "corvi-idiots" tried innovative ways to beat the rules and bring v
  12. Definitely get the aft corner suite. We had one on the Reflection recently and it was the best suite we have ever had.
  13. We are also going on this cruise. Two from Virginia and two from NYC.
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