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  1. As nice as having a mini suite is, I wouldn't be happy either. I get seasick and it wouldn't help being at the back. We go for the middle and stay there. We were offered an incredible deal for a mini back in April on the Grand to Hawaii but it was at the front so we reluctantly declined.
  2. So the medallion comes with all the bells and whistles set up and its up to the individual to turn them off?
  3. We booked a flight to Berlin on EZAir and booked seats at the time. After reading this, I went to the airline website and we have those assigned seats for a flight in May/June. Thanks to all for the suggestion to do that!! ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. Yes we are using a TA so it has to go thru them. However, I have been doing some research and we can get a bus much cheaper - doing it ourselves its under $100CDN vs $514CDN using the Princess transfer. We also have a choice of time, leaving as early as 6:45am. So we are going to cancel the Princess transfer and go DIY. Problem solved. ๐ŸšŒ๐Ÿ›ณ๏ธ
  5. Read the cruise contract; they can change the itinerary at ANY time. Pull up your big girl panties, suck it up and go on the cruise.
  6. I finally had a chance to check Flixbus and I like what I see. Thanks to you both for your information.
  7. I know it sounds odd, our TA said it was odd but that's what she was told. I've started looking at other ways from Berlin to Warnemunde and we can take a bus independently for a lot less and a lot earlier. The whole situation is odd which is why I wanted opinions from anyone else who may have done this. ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. We are looking for reviews from anyone who has done this. Could you please share your experience? We had originally planned to take the Princess transfers but they are being weird about it. We have booked with EZAir and are coming in a few days precruise and staying a few days postcruise and Princess is saying we aren't eligible for the transfers so in case they flip flop again, I'm looking at other options.
  9. Looking for some help. We are using EZAir to fly into Berlin a few days before our cruise and we are also staying a few days post cruise. When our TA booked our transfers she got push back from Princess saying we arenโ€™t eligible because we arenโ€™t flying in and out on the date of sailing. She has managed to get the transfers but I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. Getting from Berlin to Warnemunde is best done using the transfer.
  10. I booked our Baltic cruise flights last week. The thing I like the most about EZAir is that you can check daily (if you are that obsessed!) on the price and you will benefit if there is a price drop and you rebook. The process was explained to me thusly: I check my flights every day by clicking on the green 'add or modify flights' button, then select 'change flights' and seeing what the prices are for the results. It's not going to change your booking until the very end where you click a button to confirm the changes. After you select the 'new' flights it will show you the old total and the new total, then you click the green 'continue' button, where you confirm the changes. It's not like you're going to accidentally make these changes just by looking up current prices. If I don't want to make the changes, I just click the 'home' button to exit. I always do this while signed in so if the airfare is a good/lower price, I can lock it in immediately. I've seen some really great deals and wouldn't want to miss them by not being signed in. We all know how flaky the Princess website can be at times. The green Modify button is your friend. The red Cancel button, not so much. Avoid this one, unless you really mean it, and youโ€™ll be fine.
  11. They are Clorox and in Canada the only place they are available is Staples. Not sure in the US but they are out there!!
  12. We were never given this. ๐Ÿ˜ž And yes you were right about it being tied into the Platinum Studio. Believe me, if that video had been $200 we would have bought it on the spot. Thanks for posting.
  13. On our last cruise we brought wipes with hydrogen peroxide and wiped down everything in the cabin as soon as we arrived. They are recommended for noro as they actually kill the virus.
  14. We just did a private Renewal on the Grand in April. It was lovely, amazing and very memorable and we are both so glad we did it. My only complaint has nothing to do with the actual ceremony but with the cost of the pictures and video. We had expected to purchase some pictures but when we went to review the pictures and video the cost was $4,000.00 USD, approx. $5,300.00 CDN. Yes you read that right, $4,000.00. They did drop the price to $1,200.00 but that was still out of the ballpark for us. We managed to negotiate down quite a bit further and got some lovely pictures but we could not get them to drop the price of the video below $700.00.
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