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  1. Can anyone give me an idea when the Baltics 2022 cruises will be posted. Princess is opening theirs up for booking on December 2 but if Holland America uses the same itinerary as they have been using for the Baltics, we definitely want to book.
  2. Won't they upload the 2022 cruises to the Princess website a few days before we can book them (December 1 or 2) so we can take a better look?
  3. Found this on the We Do Not Speak Its Name website. The thread has since disappeared. 2022Europe.pdf
  4. We have cancelled our August Baltics 2021 and are hoping for a September 2022 Baltics.
  5. We are booked on the November 2021 Transatlantic but at this point we doubt Discovery will be ready in time. My hope is that they will put the Enchanted in for Discovery. It was the only ship that didn't have a Westbound transatlantic before all the shifting started. It was in Europe in October and early November and then in the Caribbean in December, so there is a gap. We booked a back up on the Crown Princess out of Southampton in October 2021 and that got replaced by the Regal Princess.
  6. Oh man, I hope not. Before all the kerfuffle of the recent changes, Enchanted was the only new ship without a transatlantic scheduled. I really hope they redeploy the Enchanted for the Discovery. 😞
  7. Susancruzs, can you please send that info to wandatp at outlook dot com? We were on the Crown and now we're on the Sky and my TA hasn't any info. TIA
  8. I heard a rumour that Enchanted Princess will be deployed for Discovery Princess's transatlantic in November-December 2021 since Discovery won't be ready in time. Can anyone confirm that or have additional information?
  9. We have a Baltics cruise booked with Celebrity. I understand completely why the cruise line is saying that people have to take the ship's tours and I agree with it. That being said, this is a Bucket List cruise for us and we want the full experience; of all the ports, one is a private tour and the others are all DIY. Knowing the cruise line's plans in advance means we have the choice to postpone our Baltics cruise to 2022.
  10. The back up cruise is a Baltics cruise on Celebrity. We have one independent tour with Alla and all other ports are DIY which is why the ports are such a big deal for us. Our problem is my husband's work vacation rules so we need to make a decision by mid-January. I doubt we'll have all the answers we need by then. 😞
  11. We are booked on the Discovery Transatlantic. Its so iffy that we booked a back up. We now have a problem with the back up because the cruise line - not Princess - made an announcement which states they will only allow ship's tours for shore excursions. If that is true, we will cancel the back up and book another back up to the back up. Its getting confusing. LOL There was also some talk, can't remember if it was here on or FB, that they might substitute the Enchanted for Discovery. So many ifs!!! 😞
  12. Someone posted to the Discovery Princess FB page that Jan said that Discovery MAY be delayed. Does anyone have more information than that?
  13. Thanks for the information. We are cruising out of Amsterdam but want to precruise in Berlin so we'll need a few days for that.
  14. Is there any problems with Celebrity Air if you want to fly in a few days earlier. I don't mind if we have to pay a deviation fee.
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