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  1. Interesting that they include Discovery. Does anyone have any information on the build?
  2. Must be a cultural thing, in Canada its the length of a hockey stick!! 😄
  3. Our problem is that my husband's company is totally anal about vacations. If the Discovery transatlantic doesn't go out or if it changes the dates, he can't move his vacation. We had booked three weeks for a Baltics cruise for this September which Princess cancelled. When my husband tried to cancel one week of the three weeks, he was told, too bad, so sad, you booked it you take it. Everyone he works with is having the same issue. We'd rather bail on the Discovery Transatlantic and take our chances on another cruise that we are reasonably sure is going to go.
  4. We are booked on the 24Nov21 Transatlantic but I'm doubting it will happen.
  5. I was expecting an increase because of the Canadian dollar but the increase was more than $2000 for each of us. And wouldn't you know it, the Canadian dollar has staged a comeback recently. LOL
  6. What a great idea. Princess doesn't have anything like this. Our September 2020 Baltics was cancelled and when we moved it to September 2021, the cost had gone up 60%, no that's not a joke. So, I guess we are Lifting and Shifting to Celebrity. Their prices are where they should be. Thank you Celebrity!!!
  7. Another vote for Ricky's Tours in Hilo. We had a great day with him.
  8. We had booked a Baltics for September 2020 and because of the cancellation, we moved it to September 2021. When we did, we were in for a shock. The cost of the 2021 cruise price has gone up 60% over the 2020 cruise price. I was so shocked that I had my husband check my numbers and he got the same result. That is a ridiculous increase and totally not warranted. I am so glad that we asked for our cruise fare back and didn't take the FCC. If we had we'd be stuck with these marked up prices and that's probably what Princess had in mind. So I came here to let people know and I'm doing about the only thing that means anything to any company. I am voting with my wallet and going elsewhere. I checked out Celebrity and saw that their prices for the same cruise are far more reasonable. I guess that's where we are headed. So sorry to not be cruising Princess but that is just too much of a jump for us.
  9. If we chose Anytime Dining, we build the delay in. We know we are going to have to wait, we go down, get a beeper and head for the nearest bar. Sometimes we have actually been beeped before we got our drinks, sometimes we wait a bit longer. I don't recall ever having to wait a long time. There have been times when we have walked right it. Every night is an adventure!! 🙂
  10. We are booked on the Discovery transatlantic. I just hope the ship is built in time. But with the delay on the Enchanted, I'm not counting on it. 😞
  11. We are booked to the Baltics next September on the Grand. Its going to be a great cruise. 🙂
  12. I recall booking our now cancelled May 2020 Baltics in early November 2018. I'll be keeping an eye out for the 2022 Baltics starting in November 2020! I am an optimist!! 😉
  13. The information that I've been able to find says the keel was laid in October 2019. But like I said, information is hard to come by. 😞
  14. Does anyone have any news about the progress of the Discovery? I have Googled it but found nothing beyond that its being built at Fincantieri and that Fincantieri has reopened. We are booked on the Transatlantic in November 2021 and while I'm not to worried about Coronavirus at that point, I am worried about the ship being done in time.
  15. Oh Bollycats, I feel your pain but you have to keep trying. Due to Covid, we have had to cancel two Baltics cruises. We had booked May 31, 2020, cancelled that and booked September 5, 2020, which Princess has just cancelled. In addition to those two, we had an additional two previous tries, both cancelled for different reasons. We are DETERMINED to get to the Baltics and have decided to go for Attempt #5. We will be booking the Baltics for September 2022 as soon as they come open. Don't give up!!! LOL
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