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  1. azbirdmom

    My TA just went above and beyond the call of duty

    My deepest sympathy on the loss of your son. The act of kindness of your TA is wonderful and gives you one less thing to deal with during this time.
  2. azbirdmom

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    The latest water levels make me sad, notamermaid. Your reports for October 8th were right on as that is the day that we successfully (luckily) sailed through the Rhine River Gorge. Here's a picture of the water gauge in Kaub which registers exactly what you reported. My thoughts go out to those whose trips are being upended, and more importantly to those living in the area whose livelihoods have been damaged by low water. Still hoping for rain for the Rhine and other rivers.
  3. azbirdmom

    Logout issue

    This happened to me a couple times yesterday and happened to me again when I navigated to this page. I was logged in then when I opened the bug thread it logged me out and I had to log in again.
  4. While in my profile, I noticed an envelope in the upper right corner. When I click on it and then compose new, I get the attached message. Thinking this might be future functionality that isn't ready yet but just in case the intent was to have this working, I thought I'd let you know it isn't!
  5. Laura's welcome posts lists signatures as an item not changing. However, when I went to try to fix all of the blank lines added to mine, I noted a restriction of 6 lines maximum. Was this supposed to be implemented? If so, please modify the welcome post.
  6. At the top of the Princess board there is a list of ships which would enable someone to quickly find their roll call. However, the list is old. The Ocean Princess should be removed and the Majestic and Sky Princess should be added.