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  1. The Captain's Circle Host/ess on board should be able to add the extra credit for you too. We will be doing that ourselves in a couple of days đŸ™‚ . Enjoy!
  2. The upsell offer that I received a little over two weeks ago still required a phone call to confirm. This was an offer to upgrade from a mini suite to a full suite. I hadn't checked emails much the day I got the offer so I called a bit late and missed out which was fine as we are happy with what we have, but it's hard to pass up a heavily discounted suite upgrade. This offer by the way came before the final payment date which I mentioned was unusual. I was told that this was something new they were trying. And maybe using the email approach for upsells to the other categories is something new as well?
  3. We usually don't care one way or another who the Cruise Director is. That totally changed when we cruised with Matt O on the Royal this summer, He's hilarious, energetic, friendly, and I could go on. Sad that he's going to a smaller ship!
  4. Keep checking. I've rebooked our flights to Berlin for our Baltic cruise three times this week alone and our price wasn't that bad to begin with. If you have the time, it's always worthwhile to check.
  5. Thank you Sandra! I saw the Travel Agent desk and thought that may be the case but thanks for confirming.
  6. We will be on the Majestic Princess this month and I noticed that the location of the Captain's Circle and Future Cruise areas aren't shown on the deck plans. I know that this ship was geared to the Chinese market and is different than other Royal class ships, but I've also read that they change the purpose of some of the venues when she is sailing from Australia. I will need to make a visit to both on this cruise and was just curious where these desks may be.
  7. My experience is that flights appear on EZAir 5 to 10 days after the round trip flights appear on an airlines website. So this tends to be 320 to 325 days prior to the end date of the cruise. And the costs and / or flight parameters will change quite a bit after booking so check frequently and rebook if it is more advantageous to you.
  8. Read the fine print on the upsell offer re: Canadian $$ quotes. I suspect you will pay even less - here's what mine said last week: *CAD pricing is an estimate only as exchange rates vary. Actual CAD pricing is based on the exchange rate used at the time the booking was originally made. Speak to an Upgrade agent at the number listed above for actual pricing. Edited to add that if you're interested in taking the offer, call right away because they usually have a limited number of upsells available and they send out more offers than they have cabins available.
  9. We got an upsell offer forwarded by our TA for our January 5th sailing on the Coral Princess last week. It was for an upgrade from our club class mini suite to a full suite for $1299 (16 day cruise). I didn't check email until a few hours after it was sent but left a message and by the time I heard back all of the full suites had been sold. I did mention that it was unusual to get an upsell offer before final payment date and was told that they were trying something new. The agent did put us on a waitlist in case one opens up but we will be happy to be in our club class mini (which we got for a great price) for this cruise.
  10. I've heard a vm message like that when they have enough takers for moveover offers (or alternately if they are still needing folks to take those offers) but haven't heard a similar message for upsells.
  11. I have a TA who forwards the offer to me and I call directly immediately. She would handle it if I asked but I just take care of it myself. They have generally called back within a couple of hours but if I don't hear back it's generally a sign that they have had enough folks accepting the upsell offers. By the way, when we've succeeded in getting the upsell, our TA will settle up with us for the difference in discount later on. We've never had a problem.
  12. Our "wishbook" arrived today too. Now to see if I've missed any cruises!
  13. I realized that the last two weeks I've only left that dropdown at economy which is why I probably hadn't noticed it. And I saw the stopover option too which can be a handy feature. I'm very happy about the improvements - and still happy about the prices and flexibility!
  14. Well isn't that interesting! How long has that been there? I know you can change destination cities and that has been there for a while but I had not noticed "choose by direction" before. Thank you!
  15. I have had some luck getting EZAir to list more flights by using the filters upfront. For example, one of my upcoming cruises does not list any United flights except for ones with 2 or more connections if I don't use the filters. But when I choose United and 1 connection upfront, it will display my desired flights. I think it only displays a preset number of flights and it seems like they are the least expensive ones. As for calling Princess for unique arrangements, I have called Princess when I want a quote for departure business / return economy and the CSR had a form and took down they details so they could contact the air department on my behalf. However, the last time I tried this, the air department told the CSR that they will do longer booked round trips in different classes. Not sure what else they won't do these days but just thought I would pass that along.
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