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  1. See post 638 on prior page. There shouldn't be two Vista lounges on the ship which is why I wanted to clarify.
  2. On our past Alaska cruises lobster has been served on the final formal night. We'll see if it's still in the budget!
  3. I read that too but there is already a Vista lounge aft on the Promenade deck. So I'm hoping someone onboard can clarify.
  4. Another question for someone aboard. What are they calling the "VIP Gaming" area on the Alaska cruises? This is the lounge that is next to the casino. It functioned as a Crooners when we were on the Majestic in 2019 but I just wanted to know if there is an official name for it. I'm preparing the officer invitations for our Meet & Greet on the August 8th sailing and was hoping to use the venue name rather than just say VIP Gaming area (lounge next to casino). Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer!
  5. Actually when we were on the Majestic when it was sailing out of Sydney, they had Australian, European and US outlets at the desk. I had saved a picture that I downloaded before our last trip on the Majestic and I copied it below. Folks on the ship are reporting EU and US and if that is the case they've changed the outlets. I was going to take along Aus and EU adapters just in case.
  6. Posting a question for my hubby. Are they still putting bars of soap in the staterooms or have they gone to all liquid soap as they had on the Sky? Just trying to figure out if we should add bars of soap to our packing list. Thanks in advance!
  7. I'll second that! We are all living vicariously through those of you who have been kind enough to share information with the rest of us. Thank you for all of the great info and I hope you all have a wonderful cruise.
  8. Lower left corner view shows ship leaving http://www.elliottbaymarina.co/live/
  9. You're welcome. They will want a full description of the issues you are experiencing along with the following info: Full Name on Reservation: Booking Number: Device Type being used when accessing the MedallionClass app: Operating System on Device:
  10. This was just put out on the Princess FB page https://www.facebook.com/PrincessCruises/videos/539369457262623
  11. Is the giant Yao Min wine bottle on deck 5 dressed for the occasion? Here it is on Halloween.
  12. Sorry you are still having trouble with the app. They have been able to fix all of the issues I was having for our cruise in two weeks. I've sent every issue to them via email and they've replied back after things have been fixed. It's been quite a process but I'm glad I'm past it. Or at least I think I am. I can't remember if I gave it to you but their official email address is askoceanmedallion@carnival.com but the one that I've replied to is this: A360ad7@carnival.com . I haven't even tried to do anything to fix my later cruises in the app, I am hoping that things have settled down
  13. Thank you for sharing. I've been quite interested in this process because my hubby was in an AstraZeneca vaccine trial and I'm hoping they don't give him any grief about his CDC card. He's requested vaccine records from the state too so we should have that as back-up. Were the folks scrutinizing the cards from the medical team, just regular security, or could you tell? Have a wonderful cruise and I'm looking forward to hearing more about the maiden voyage!
  14. Would suggest that you take down the screen shot that shows your confirmation number for your flights. There are a lot of good people out there but someone could create mischief for you with that info and other data you've already shared.
  15. I didn't even think that they were boarding that early. Mine has the earliest boarding at 11:30 but it's great you got onboard even earlier. How was embarkation? And how thorough was the checking of vaccination proof?
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