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  1. Christmas Day on Azura in 2018 was a very poor show - the MDR food was average at best. Xmas eve food and Xmas lunch was much better.
  2. Cabin L224 inside had awful vibrations - we had to move cabins before we even left the dock.....
  3. Maybe someone who has actual booked one of these cruise can ask P&O if there current UK/Europe cover is enough.
  4. i guess we will need to see what is and what isn't allowed on/off the ship before we decide to go
  5. damn - that means we are currently due to be on IONA maiden voyage - 26th June 2021
  6. Oceana name is currently appearing but greyed out on the P&O website
  7. if Barbados has a LNG depot then it would make sense for it to take over from azura
  8. But GPs are saying they WILL get the jab - continue to do as their told and they will be ok.
  9. The media are making too much of people over 80 not having yet ben jabbed. If it is Feb 10th and you have had no contact about the jab, that is the time to complain. Until then, be patient!! If all the people had done as they were told and also used their brains, we wouldn't be in this position in the first place!!!!
  10. Very true - they stopped reporting on this as it over 90% of people dying had underlying conditions
  11. Actually, the decision for who gets the vaccine is NOTHING to do with the govt
  12. Maybe the UK have got it all wrong and the 'workers' should be done first https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/1/13/young-people-first-indonesias-covid-vaccine-strategy-questioned
  13. As i wrote on the other thread - P&O are 'saving' themselves a lot of money by doing this. If you have only paid £200 deposit for a £4k holiday then instead of getting an extra £1k to spend on another cruise, you will only get £50. Yes i know you have the money in your account but you are not getting 25% interest. This will 'bite' when people go to rebook the following year or 2 and the 'new' holiday is £750 dearer, this would have been covered by the FCC for the full amount paid but under the new scheme it wont. If you know you are going to go on 'new' cruise in the coming years, th
  14. Interesting move by P&O. They will certainly save the the extra FCC being given away by people not paying the full balance. In terms of 'paperwork' it is the same amount of work
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