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  1. Still cannot book any SPA treatments on app/internet, ie 10/11 or ipad - useless!!
  2. Fried bread is even worse - just breaks up to nothing
  3. Just off ventura - why oh why is the HOT breakfast items put out before 7am with no utensils? If they dont want people to have the full breakfast before 7 then dont put the food out. Saw lots of people using fingers to pick up bacon/sausages/potato. Also the food is cold - on 3 different mornings the fried eggs were stone cold at 7am The buffet food area is just not big enough in terms of 'personal space' & not enough tables for 2
  4. We got on Ventura on Sat 1st July at Ocean Terminal - onboard time was 13.15. We dropped car of with CPS at 12.15, was onboard having first drink from our free deluxe drinks package at 12.30. No one queing, no wait at checkin and straight on. Cabins available at about 14.00ish
  5. We was dock here when in on Harmony of the Seas - took us about 1 hour to walk to cathedral. Tui and Norweigan were in on the 'Red' docks as they had boarding
  6. UK passport took 2 weeks to be renewed online - £76
  7. But this wasn't the scheduled 'maiden'.........
  8. on explorer over xmas the lines for pizza at promenade from 3.45pm were crazy - sometimes 40 people waiting
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