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  1. Things are fine with us. We continue to have great adventures and meet wonderful people while cruising. I love coming across people I know on these forums. In December we finished a 30 day b2b cruise on Azamara from Singapore to Dubai that was unbelievable. You have many years of adventures ahead of you! Maybe we will meet again someday!
  2. We were on that cruise with you, Chris! As I remember, you put together a couple great excursions that we joined. You're right it was a wonderful cruise on the Constellation. Here you are in Catania on our walking food tour. Remember Susie and her mom? And there's one of Dave and me on the boat ride out to Our Lady of the Rocks with Perast in the background. It remains one of our favorites.
  3. Thanks for taking us along on your trip. We sailed out of Venice 3 years ago on the Connie, one of our favorite trips. The sail-away is magnificent, unlike anywhere else. We can identify with that special feeling of getting on a Celebrity ship. It feels like home! Can't wait to take this voyage with you!
  4. Thanks for the heads up on the Excursion Sale. I just booked several for our 3 week cruise on the Summit in February 2020. Definitely a savings since I'm familiar with the pricing because we do these islands most years to get out of the cold. Wondering why Celebrity doesn't notify its passengers of these sales via email. I've been fortunate to have found out a few times by monitoring these boards. What a great community of cruisers.
  5. I think it was a typo. "walking around for the 2 days."
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