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  1. I saw that Royal Palms is closing too. 😞
  2. I was on the Glory about a year ago and had early dining. We were in the platinum dining room (aft).
  3. It can be a variety but it should be no more than 12.
  4. Yes, I loved that! Was it called root vegetable pot pie or something? This was from 2016, the first time I had it, it was delicious!
  5. The ice cream and peanut butter each come in little side dishes, like the one in the picture of the buttered popcorn pot de creme with the sauce. I thought I had a picture of the chocolate melting cake with a dish of peanut butter and two of ice cream (my DH claims this is the best ratio) but I can’t find it.
  6. This is what it looks like. My DH ordered it and liked it but I didn’t try it so I’m not sure what was all in it.
  7. I haven’t been on an Alaskan cruise but on my Caribbean cruises I’ve had breakfast in the MDR on port days but the MDR is not open for lunch. On sea days they have the sea day brunch in the MDR so theoretically you could do both breakfast and lunch on those days as there are breakfasty items and things like burgers and pasta on the brunch menu. You can find the menu for the cruise on the Hub app. I don’t think they are listed anywhere else, besides outside the dining room and that is usually just the menu for that evening.
  8. Maybe a dumb question but I’ll ask it anyways. I’m not a big drinker but love the fruity drinks. In the past (as I have never purchased cheers) I have gotten two of the same drink, like Kiss on the Lips, and had them make one zero proof and one with alcohol, and I dumped them both into a Yeti and mixed them together when I got to my lounger. This cut down the time I spent waiting at the bar and I was able to enjoy my larger, less alcoholic beverage while watching my kids at the water slides. If I got the cheers package would they allow me to get a zero proof drink and one with alcohol at the same time or would I have to wait the five minutes in between drinks? Also can I get a cocktail and a can of soda at the same time or would I have to wait?
  9. Getting back on topic here... I love to order room service coffee and a croissant and enjoy a peaceful early morning out on the balcony with a book while the rest of my family is still sleeping. Sometimes I’ll get an OJ instead and make a mimosa with some of my white wine. I will use about a half a cup of the OJ and put the rest in the fridge so I can make another one later on and bring to the dining room for breakfast or for a mimosa the next morning. It can sometimes be chilly in the early morning or at night when I sit out there so I do request a robe from the steward. My family can’t all fit in one room so I book balcony rooms next to each other. I have to put DH and I in separate rooms because they won’t let the kids have their own balcony room for the booking but then we just get an extra key made and he and I share a room and the four kids share a room. We have the balcony divider removed/unlocked so the kids have access to our room and vise versa.
  10. When I was in Grand Turk this past November we stopped at Governor’s Beach. We rented a golf cart for $100 and drove around the island for a while—up to the lighthouse and around other streets. On our way back we stopped at Governor’s Beach for about an hour and swam/snorkeled. There were vendors set up selling snacks and drinks but we didn’t purchase anything as we headed to Jack’s Shack for lunch before returning our golf cart and doing some shopping before we went back on the ship. Both times when I’ve been to Grand Turk the beach right at the port has been busy (once with one ship, another time with two ships) and both times the beach at Jack’s Shack has not been crowded. When I was there a year ago we were situated near the industrial pier that sits between Jack’s Shack and Governor’s Beach and didn’t see anyone at Governor’s Beach the whole time. When we went in November there were probably 20 people at Governor’s Beach when we were there.
  11. I’m not a pastrami expert 😉 so it tasted good to me. Service was good and fast and it filled me up without making me too full for our Damajuaga waterfalls excursion shortly after we finished breakfast. 🙂
  12. No, it wasn’t dried out at all—it was good! Just not a great picture I guess.
  13. It’s pastrami. It was really good. The sourdough toast was also excellent—DH tried a bite and liked it so much that he had the waiter bring him a couple of pieces as well.
  14. The dining room is open longer on the brunch days and offers different items. The hours are more limited on the port days and the dishes listed seem to be less time consuming to make.
  15. I had a spa pedi on the ship once and I was not impressed, especially considering how expensive it was. I also didn’t like having to fill out several pages of paperwork beforehand, presumably so they could try to upsell products to me based on my answers. I’d get it done beforehand and have more money in my pocket.
  16. I have a January 2021 cruise booked and there are no excursion options available right now other than airport transfers and the like. I’m guessing that it is just too early—I just keep checking every now and then.
  17. I had the breakfast board and it was delicious!
  18. Do they have avocado toast on port days for regular breakfast in the MDR? I feel like I saw someone eating it but did not order it myself. I should’ve taken pictures of the menu.
  19. The french toast our table ordered was not mushy like that. It was cooked all the way through--it reminded me of the overnight egg bake I make. There were only a couple of peach slices on it but as my DH isn't a huge fan of peaches he was okay with that. I ate them. 😉
  20. It appears as though they don’t. I was looking forward to trying it as I had seen old menus but it wasn’t on this one.
  21. I ate there both sea days and had the eggs Benedict once and the pancetta scrambled once. They were both very good. My DH has the 12 hour French toast and the skillet cake and they were both good as well. My friend had the omelet one day and the frittata the next time and her DH had the steak and eggs and the skillet cake and they thought all was delicious as well. This was their first cruise and really enjoyed the breakfast/brunch in the MDR every morning. This was my fourth cruise but really the first time doing breakfast/brunch in the MDR and I will never go back to the buffet style breakfast. If my kids want to subject themselves to that they are old enough to wander around on their own. I quite enjoyed the more relaxed pace and not standing in line. I never tried the old sea day brunch menu so I can’t compare the new menu to it but we were all satisfied with our selections.
  22. This is the sea day brunch menu I had on the Elation in November (I didn’t take this picture but found it online).
  23. Yeah, it was weird. I’m just glad they didn’t make me sit through it again. 😉
  24. I also hate waiting and head to my muster station when the drill is announced. On my last cruise in November I went to the muster station. They scanned my card, asked if my DH was with me (he was standing right behind me) and let us through. They did not scan his card. After about 15 minutes they started calling out names of people and if your name was called you were supposed to wave your arms and get their attention. Mine was called and I waved. When we got back to our room after dinner there was a sheet on our bed with muster instructions since it said I skipped the muster drill. Um, no I didn’t! They even scanned my card! Nothing for DH, who did not get his card scanned. It was weird.
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