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  1. Lufthansa on the way there and Air Canada on the way back. These are true business class with lie flat seats and real silverware and glassware. It was around $2150 each.
  2. I don't think you have to have the air booked during the sale. There are people on another thread reporting that they got the air credit and flights aren't available for their cruise yet.
  3. So you don't think the 17 year old took the credit card and booked a family holiday? My kid doesn't have access to a credit card with a high enough limit to do this and doesn't know our birthdays so no surprise family vacations for us.
  4. I have a reservation for my in laws and both of our bookings are linked. I didn't book them at the same time but the TA linked them when I booked the second cabin. It's notated on my in laws confirmation.
  5. Any suggestions on where I can find a travel router? And what to look for or a suggested brand?
  6. We are doing Charlotte to Copenhagen. I super love this air thing and think I've been converted to Princess from Celebrity. There's a whole bar dedicated to my favorite drink, Bellini's.
  7. I booked Air Canada with no problems today.
  8. The air I refared was for a Baltic cruise. I didn't use the sale because we have sip and sail which is a better value.
  9. I was also able to get my in law economy tickets for both of them for what they were going to pay for one and use miles for the other so they are saving the miles for when they come to DS's graduation.
  10. When I first started planning my cruise and reading about EZ Air it seemed too good to be true but I was able to book business class seats for what my husband had budgeted for economy if we bought through the airlines. I've been checking my fare every day and the prices kept going up. Today I saw my first price drop. We saved $750 total and we are getting home at a decent hour when previously we didn't get in until 10pm. You guy rock!
  11. There is a drop down menu where you can choose different classes. We were able to get business class seats for what we would have paid the airline directly for economy.
  12. Getting closer but still not enough to get us to drop sip and sail. Maybe if there is a price drop.
  13. I used a TA for my next trip because they gave me a pretty good OBC. I've refared a couple of times. The only downside is I have to call them and wait on hold for a while because they don't staff a lot of agents and then hold while they call Princess. I usually save those calls for while I'm doing the school run.
  14. Have you contacted Princess?
  15. We are doing the same cruise in June. Someone on here recommended Hotel Tiffany for us and we booked directly through their website to get the welcome goodies. Everyone in my party seems to agree the hotel looks nice and the price is good. We had a little difficulty finding a hotel that slept 3 at a decent price. Breakfast is included in the price.
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