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  1. We were able to get a FCC extended to the end of 2022. Our TA called and it took them around a month to get it done.
  2. You shouldn't. I just rebooked 2 cabins around 2 weeks ago and I was able to get the same cabins back. Normally they just adjust the fare but sometimes they need to cancel and rebook if the lower fare is only good for new bookings.
  3. Just wanted to report back that we were able to get the FCC extended until the end of 2022.
  4. I'm booked on her for June 2022.
  5. We had the Sky booked for June 2020 Baltic and now have the same itinerary booked for June 2022 on the Enchanted and the price is very close to what was for 2020. Same exact room and perks,
  6. We always book a balcony. Usually we book the biggest balcony we can find. We have an aft facing Baja deck balcony on the Enchanted booked and those are a little bit bigger than some of the other decks. We've tried interiors and found we need natural light. We've done oceanviews but once we splurged on a balcony there was no going back. This is the reason I won't book a suite because I'll never get my husband back into a balcony if he get a taste of suite life.
  7. I have a sky suite booked on a Blue Chip offer. The email I got listed the always included perks. What got booked was no perks. When I called to get it corrected they said my email was a mistake but they honored it. I decided to upgrade to a sky suite for $20 more a day and got the suite perks. So it really depends.
  8. Celebrity pricing is currently out of whack and through the roof so I'd leave it as is for now until cruising restarts and we know what procedures will be.
  9. My in laws have a little bit of FCC that was issued due to an air penalty that we won't be able to use because the sailing we want doesn't take place until 2022 and we can't sail until June of 22. With the new cancellations that leaves less than a year for everyone to use their FCC. Does anyone think they'll extend the expiration date?
  10. I booked mine the beginning of December.
  11. I had a free balcony offer that included perks and Apex. By the time I called there weren't any cabins left on the sailing I wanted. I'm not even sure how we qualified for a free cruise because my husband only gambles a couple of hundred dollars a cruise.
  12. We also tried Carnival once and didn't like it because of the party atmosphere and the food was trash. Dessert was Oreos on a plate and mousse was actually jello. We were very sophisticated 20 somethings. My husband usually compares cruising to chain restaurants and Carnival is the Applebee's of the bunch. We are more like Ruth's Chris people.
  13. Disney is kind of a specialty product. They've only got a couple of ships and charge a butt ton for their name and some character meet and greets. We tried them once and found there to be too many free range children in the dining room. Our child had been cruising since he was 5 months old so he knew how to behave in a dining room.
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