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  1. What are ice tea infusions? I love fresh brewed iced tea. I have the drinks package so none of it costs extra for me.
  2. I'm seconding this because I don't drink grocery store tea. I mainly drink stuff I buy from Canadian tea companies and never bags. I'm actually currently banned from buying any more tea until I drink what I have. My birthday is soon and I asked my in laws for cash so I can buy some more of a tea that I love but have run out of and I was thinking about adding on some bagged tea for traveling.
  3. So you'd have to specify you want the name brand?
  4. There's amaretto on the list but no brand.
  5. I'm placing an order for some tea soon and am wondering if I should place an order for some tea bags too since I tend to like high end tea. What brand and types of teas are served in the IC? I'll be on the Enchanted next June but I know no one has sailed her yet but what is usually served on her sister ships?
  6. For some weird reason I have an account and my husband has an account both using the same email address. If I put it in in all caps it's my account and if I put it in in lower case it's my husband's account. I'm just assuming Princess' tech department is probably as inept as Disney's because Disney's app and websites regularly don't work.
  7. I noticed this change a couple of days ago where they added the obstructed category.
  8. You should drop a dime because they are knowingly endangering other people. It's no big deal if they get sick but if they get someone else sick and that person spreads it to other people it is a big deal. Also buying a fake card will get you 5 years in prison.
  9. SCOTUS has ruled prior that employers can mandate vaccination. I believe it was due to small pox.
  10. They're taking our word that we're vaccinated. I'm not too sure about this.
  11. I think 11am. You can do it online too.
  12. I think the burden would be on you and you should probably cancel before final payment.
  13. My news station just did a report on fake vaccine cards. They cost around 100 bucks. For an extra 50 the seller has a doctor who will input your info into the vaccine system so it seems like you've actually gotten the vaccine. Buying and selling one can get you 5 years in prison.
  14. I vaguely remember that a ship had freestyle Coke machines and that new ones were supposed to have them too. As long as they service them frequently they'd be a good idea. I've been to a Moe's that hardly ever services their machines and they are usually out of most drinks.
  15. Has the last 18 months taught you nothing? Most people are decent but I wouldn't put it past a segment of the population to travel with false documents and endanger everyone. They're usually the ones going on about their freedoms being in fringed upon.
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