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  1. I just went into the system to see about drink packages for a December cruise and the drink packages were 20% off.
  2. Problem is I had requested a quote for a 3rd passenger. They only booked for my husband and me. Now I'm stuck on hold so I can figure out how much the fare is for our son so we can decide if we actually want to book the cruise. They did book a room that has a sofa bed so I guess that helps.
  3. I got the email offer and there's no phone number to call. You have to submit a form and they'll call you. I read somewhere they laid off the majority of the staff so that's probably why you can't call.
  4. I got the email yesterday. I also got one in April. Maybe my husband is gambling more than I'm aware of. I still think we've come out ahead because my son has won bingo on our last 2 cruises.
  5. My husband gambles a couple of hundred dollars per cruise. It's probably been 3 years since our last Celebrity cruise. We've gotten a couple of Blue Chip offers for free veranda rooms on select sailings. Some of the sailing are holiday sailings. Are these legit? With almost all of our planned travel for this year canceled we do have some vacation time available and we have been wanting to go away for Christmas for a while so this kind of fits our needs. TIA
  6. This morning Princess told my TA that the penalty we were assessed last month for cancelling our restricted air would be refunded and that it would take 60 days. I'm not holding my breath but will take an air credit.
  7. It might take a little longer but old cards are connected to new cards.
  8. Is the cost of the EZAir credited back to your credit card or is that part of the future cruise credit?
  9. I've been on hold for an hour and a half.
  10. We are leaning towards canceling our 6/8 sailing of the Sky because we could get back all of the money if we did it by Tuesday. This gives us another 30 days for my husband to stress and obsessively check outbreak maps but we'll take it.
  11. Australia is scamming you. If you don't go into a port you are not charged port fees so they are pocketing that money. My aunt decided to not go on a cruise one day because she didn't like the smoking policy. They refunded port charges for her.
  12. This is my son's graduation present. My husband is worried about being stuck away from our dogs for longer than planned and he's worried that if he gets stuck somewhere that work will decide they don't need him after a few weeks of working remotely and calling into meetings. I said they'd probably be like look how much he got done while being stranded in the Baltic Sea. This was the longest trip we ever would have done. It's only possible for him to get 2 solid weeks off because it was a special occasion and he just celebrated 25 years at his company and now gets a bonus week of vacation. If we miss this moment it will never happen again. His parents have travel all over the world and have never managed to make it to St Petersburg which is why they are going with us. So basically the global pandemic is just because the fluffy bunnies aren't meant to do the Baltic. Sorry to all who I've caused chaos to.
  13. My husband is having a very hard conversation with his parents tonight. My FIL does not think they are high risk. They are in their 70's. We have until the 10th to only lose a little bit of money. It may be that we just aren't destined to cruise the Baltics because we've tried to take this cruise before and had to cancel.
  14. I called when they opened this morning about reservations I made last night in case our cruise gets cancelled we can do it next year. Took a while but I finally got someone and they linked my bookings and marked them no upgrade and answered a couple of hypothetical questions. They don't expect to have entire ships quarantined again like the Diamond.
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