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  1. Thank you. I will call them tomorrow. There is no longer a dedicated site for Sweden (.se). When you go to Celebritycruises.com you are automatically re-directed to Celebritycruises.com/se All prices were quoted in SEK.
  2. I'm in Sweden and tried two times now to book a cruise on Equinox Nov 7, 2021. I start at the offer for Summer Double Savings and then go through the entire process. I can select a Sky Suite and I am given the correct summary and can enter passanger details, credit card no, etc. After the final step of booking I get a page saying that a confirmation has now been sent to my e-mail address. But I never get one. I see the correct summary for my booking on screen but also a red text: 'E-price/promotion not eligible'. Anyone familiar with this? If the promotion is not eligible, then why do they let me go through the whole process for both reservation and payment before telling me? And why is the promotion not eligible? Do I have a booking or not? (Can''t call Celebrity until tomorrow, so trying here first...maybe someone have a clue to what is wrong?)
  3. Vitamin Water was available at the bar in Oceanview Cafe on Equinox.
  4. Can´t say there is much of a difference in the number of passengers between Edge and S-class. Equinox has 2 850 passengers, Reflection 3 046 and Edge is in the middle with 2 918 passengers. With a difference of only 68 passengers (Equinox vs Edge), surley that can't be noticed in a total of almost 3 000?
  5. On Edge now, dining in one of the main dining roms. The sommelier is way too stressed. We specifically told him, when he poured us Prosecco to start the dinner, that we want one wine for the starter and another for the main course. He said he would be back. But he hadn’t turned up yet, as we finished the starters. The second night was just as bad. Why have a sommelier if they can’t get to do their job? I think of a sommelier as someone with knowledge. Not someone to simply pour the wine. I want someone to suggest the best wine for the food I want. Last night, after we complained by the manager, the sommelier was prepared. He said he had now gone through the menu (don’t they always?) and had a suggestion for a wine that would ’go with everything’. Why can’t the waiter just take food AND wine order? What are your experience with sommeliers in main dining room?
  6. Doing Celebrity Edge to Key West. Is it easy to get around town? Is it walkable as you get off the ship or need of bus or taxi to get to town? And also - would love help on how to take is to Hemmingway house. Thank you!
  7. Thank you for your quick replies. Not really fake e-mails then. Just annoying. But a bit strange that the person at Celebrity had no idea and wanted to take it further to their security department.
  8. We’re on Edge on Jan 5. One of our friends going with us got an e-mail today that looked to be from Celebrity. It had her complete name, ship and departure date. The e-mail said that ”your ship leaves soon and you’re not on it” and a button to click: ”Complete booking”. When clicking, you got to a page to select the number of staterooms you want. But they have a booking, and they have checked in and they have printed their x-press passes. Called Celebrity and they confirmed everything OK with their booking. Celebrity did not understand the e-mail our friend had got and asked for it to be forwarded to them so they could take it with the security departement. Anyone else experienced this?
  9. Thank you, Crewsweeper. But what is the tram?And it will go from inside the actual port 'village'? Easy to find it?
  10. We´re doing a B2B on Edge in January and will have the same stateroom for the entire duration. I have read somewhere that we will get a letter in our stateroom the last night, telling us where to meet (everyone doing B2B) and be escorted off the ship to then re-enter. Just a question about this - will Celebrity automatically know that we will be on for one week and than go for the next week too? Or do we have to give notice to someone? (I know to tell the stateroom attendant that we will be staying for another week, but was more asking in regards to the actual re-boarding process).
  11. Wanting to go to Yaya Beach (or just the beach in Mahahual in general). Is it easy to find a taxi at the port in Costa Maya? And most important - will it be easy to find a taxi to get back from the beach to the ship?
  12. Arriving at MIA and need to get a transport from airport to our hotel in Fort Lauderdale. We are a party of 6 and all will have 1 large suitcase each. Any way we can pre-book transport?
  13. Thank you! We clearly missed something when we did the check in. Gone through it again now, and was able to obtain the Xpress passes now.
  14. Did the check in last week for our two upcoming cruises (Jan 5 and Jan 12). Signed in today to see (and print) our boarding passes but they don´t seem to be available. I click on link "View boarding pass" but is only sent to check in (edit check in).
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