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  1. Thank you, Pennst66. I Googled to try find pictures and reviews of that stateroom, that’s when I found this page: https://*****/ship/celebrity-edge/cabin/9185 But I’m sure our TA should be aware if it being an accessible stateroom. Edit: Not aloud to post links? Sorry, didn’t realise that.
  2. Our TA has booked us in stateroom 9185 on dock 9. Is that an accessible stateroom? It is stated as such on one website I found. (Not the Celebrity web site) We have no need for that, and if it is, I’m worried Celebrity will deny us and we’ll end up without any stateroom!
  3. Also doing b2b for the first time this coming January (Edge - Fort Lauderdale). Have I got this right: 1. All passengers doing b2b will be gathered at specified place on the ship and then led off as a group? 2. Stateroom attendant will move our things to the new cabin 3. We are led off the ship and can then re-enter straight away? Or at a set time (involving long wait at terminal)?
  4. Going on Edge in January. We normally want to have early dinner in MDR, but for this trip there were no availability for that time. Instead, we got assigned 8.30 PM. We are a party of 6. Is it likely that we will be able to change to the early seating instead? Anyone else had any success in doing that? Or is it more likely that we just have to accept eating late this time?
  5. Going on Equinox in November and saw this ”Veuve Clicquot champagne dinner” on day 5. Not much information in the Celebrity app. Anyone been to this? Cost? Worth it? Is the dinner itself any different or just ’normal’ dinner with a glass of champagne? Any information on this event are most welcome.
  6. We have previously cruised with Celebrity, but is now thinking of going with MSC for our next cruise. Have been looking at some alternatives with both MSC Meraviglia as well as with MSC Divina. Any recommendations to which one is the best ship? Also, if anyone has been on both Celebrity and MSC - are there any big differences? You think we will enjoy MSC? (We did love Celebrity but their prices are very high at the moment, MSC have better deals).
  7. Planning a cruise from Miami, but flying in from Sweden to FLL (since Norwegian is flying that route direct). Will it be easy to get from FLL to Miami? (2 nights at a not yet booked hotel prior to the cruise). There will be either 4 or 6 of us. Cost? Thanks!
  8. I really can't believe the room steward would take out a revenge by charging you 8.50 for whatever from the mini bar. What would he ever win on that? On our last cruise we were charged for some Pringles on the first day. Just that there were no Pringles in the cabin when we arrived. So maybe that was the case for you too - the room steward only on the last day realised that one thing (or more) was missing from the mini bar and so assumed you had taken it. But it might never have been there in the first place. Or he just simply mixed the cabin numbers up and you got charged for someone elses mini bar.
  9. Not due yet, but how do we make the final payment for our cruise? We booked our cruise online at Celebrity and payment of the deposit was part of the booking process. But how do we make the final payment?
  10. Thank you all. Just logged in to Cruise Planner on the Celebrity web site and all is available to book. But nothing available through the app. I had just assumed they would be the same, so therefore I didn’t checked the web site.
  11. Going on Equinox in November. When I open the Celebrity app, it only say ”More cruising details coming” and ”We’re putting the finishing touches on your cruise. Check back for updated information”. Anyone know how far ahead of the cruise that we will be able to see excursions and dining options in the Celebrity app?
  12. Can you not just order what you want at the bar and they'll get it for you? Or have they actually said 'No'? If they don't know how to make it, I'm sure you can just explain it to them…?
  13. Oh, I have no problem to actually see the .com site. Just wanted to know if I am aloud to book through any site I want, or if I must book through the site in my country (the .se site). As I understand all the answers, you can only book via you national site if booking directly on the Celebrity site, but you might be able to book otherwise if you use a travel agent instead (for example use a US travel agent).
  14. Living i Sweden - do I have to book my cruise through the Swedish web site (celebritycruises.se) or am I free to book my cruise on any of the Celebrity web sites around the world? There seem to be very different promotions in different countries - can one take advantage of any of them or stuck with what they offer in my country?
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